Together for 19 years - we figure out what kind of wedding and what is customary to give

Few people know what kind of wedding is celebrated after 19 years of marriage and what to give to the heroes of the occasion. This article tells what practical and original gifts can be presented to spouses. Given 5 options for presentations, which one way or another symbolize this memorable date. If you want to give your husband and wife positive emotions instead of things or items needed in the household, then the article has 13 ideas from which you can choose the best option.

19 years what kind of wedding what to give 9 years what kind of wedding what to give

On this day, it is customary to give gifts with the symbols of the anniversary itself.

Why 19 years of marriage has several names

Traditionally, 19 years of marriage is called a pomegranate wedding, and both the red mineral and the fruit are symbols of the celebration. The stone symbolizes romance and passion, which can fade somewhat in almost two decades. The fruit of the pomegranate tree is a symbol of resurrection and renewal, and for the ancient goddesses it was also the source of immortality. The family will celebrate the first significant anniversary in a year, but for now, it is important for the spouses not to forget about their love, to support it and constantly work on their relationship so that peace and harmony do not leave the lovers.

Another name for the holiday is the hyacinth wedding. This beautiful flower symbolizes rebirth and blooms for a very long time. It is often compared to the love of two people who were able to maintain and increase their feelings for a long time.

A little-known name for the 19th wedding anniversary is a krypton wedding. It is borrowed from an element that is able to emit a bright and continuous light, like two people who have lived with each other for almost 20 years.

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Knowing all the above values, friends and acquaintances will not have to think for a long time what to give for 19 years from the wedding day and what presents will look most appropriate at the celebration.

19 years what kind of wedding what to give 9 years what kind of wedding what to give

Jewelry made of precious metals with garnet is a wonderful gift for a charming bride.

Symbolic gifts

In this case, the fantasy is practically unlimited, and the budget does not have to be large. The heroes of the occasion can be presented with:

  1. hyacinth flowers. A beautiful flowering plant in an elegant pot will decorate not only the window sill in the apartment, but will also look good on the lawn of the backyard.
  2. Lamps и fixtures any shapes and sizes. Since krypton is one of the symbols of the holiday, the spouses need to shamelessly give all kinds of sources of bright light. It can be either a cheerful little night light or an elegant floor lamp in the living room.
  3. Jewelry with garnet stone. It can be rings, pendants, pendants, bracelets. If there is not enough money to purchase the original gem, then you should limit yourself to buying high-quality jewelry with stones that most resemble garnets.
  4. Accessories in the form of pomegranates. These are great decor items for an apartment. Spouses can be presented with vases in the form of a pomegranate, figurines, paintings depicting a fetus.
  5. Wine. A win-win option, a noble dark red drink is always welcome. Preference should be given to expensive brands and collectibles.

19 years what kind of wedding what to give 9 years what kind of wedding what to give

Be sure to present flowers to the hero of the occasion.

If for some reason the options described above cannot be purchased, then you can give any present by wrapping it in maroon gift paper and providing it with an original greeting card. The symbolism of the pomegranate wedding will be observed, the heroes of the occasion will receive a valuable gift, and the guests will not have to puzzle over what to give to the spouses for a long time.

Gifts for spending time together

Recently, gifts have become increasingly popular, the main purpose of which is to evoke emotions in people and thereby be remembered for a long time. The choice of such a presentation should be approached carefully and first carefully find out the opinion of the spouses themselves.

Interesting options for such presentations are:

  • light show tickets;
  • attending a concert or a performance with your favorite performers;
  • joint cooking course;
  • horseback riding;
  • Skydiving;
  • trip to the spa for a romantic session for two;
  • drawing lessons or sculpting;
  • dance training;
  • thematic PHOTOSESSION.

When choosing activities, it is important to take into account the physical condition of both spouses. It will be very disappointing if both of them like the idea, but only one can participate.

19 years what kind of wedding what to give 9 years what kind of wedding what to give

A trip ticket for two will be a wonderful and unforgettable gift.

Inexpensive and practical gifts

This is a kind of lifesaver in case there are no ideas of what to give friends for a pomegranate wedding. You can congratulate the heroes of the occasion with the help of the most ordinary things, but they must be made in red. In extreme cases, you need to take care only of the festive packaging of a suitable shade.

Spouses will certainly be pleased with the following gifts:

  1. Small household appliances. These products are needed in any family, they include kettles, toasters, waffle irons, an egg cooker, a hair dryer, electric toothbrushes, hand-held vacuum cleaners.
  2. Home textiles. All kinds of curtains and tablecloths, napkins and towels for any occasion. Such gifts should be decorated with a family monogram or neat embroidery with wishes.
  3. Leather goods. An elegant purse, a leather belt will not leave anyone indifferent. These items often require updating, so they will come in handy in any family.
  4. red cake. A sweet made by a professional confectioner and decorated in accordance with the theme of the celebration will be remembered for a long time and will cause a lot of positive emotions.

19 years what kind of wedding what to give 9 years what kind of wedding what to give

A soft and delicate burgundy terry towel will be a useful and necessary present.

Despite the fact in favor of which presentation the choice will be made in the end, the hostess of the house must definitely be presented with a neat bouquet of flowers rich burgundy or dark red.

Due to the large number of values, choosing the right present for the 19th wedding anniversary is not difficult. It is important to choose not only an original, but also a practical gift that will not only evoke positive emotions, but will also be used by the heroes of the occasion many years after the holiday.


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