23 years old - what kind of wedding and what is customary to give: we understand gifts

23 years of marriage together is not a round, not an anniversary date, and therefore the thought may arise that it should not be celebrated in any special way. It's a delusion. After all, few people know when 23 years have passed in a joint marriage: what kind of wedding, what to give to each of the spouses or spouses together. Therefore, this article will be devoted to this topic.

23 years what kind of wedding what to give

Unusually beautiful and endowed with magical powers, according to the ancestors, beryl gave the name to the 23rd wedding anniversary for a reason.

Holiday Symbols

The time spent in a joint marriage, equal to 23 years, is called a beryl wedding. Anniversary named after mineral beryl for good reason. By itself, beryl is not an expensive mineral, but there are also varieties of this stone that are classified as precious and are highly valued. There are also such specimens of stone that are in the best world museums. For example, one of the well-known varieties of beryl is aquamarine, emerald. They are always a worthy decoration of any jewelry collection.

In connection with the above information, we can draw an analogy with what takes place in ordinary marital, everyday life. After living so much time next to each other, people can conclude what their union really is: a value or a meaningless event. There are different interpretations.

We will adhere to this article within the framework of this article: to live 23 years together, it took patience, effort, mutual understanding throughout all these years. It must have taken a lot of effort.

Beryl wedding: what to give is really not an easy task. With a gift for a beryl wedding, there may be some difficulties associated with the symbol of the holiday. If you follow the tradition, it is necessary to give such a present, which at least in some way was associated with this mineral.

23 years what kind of wedding what to give

Most often, jewelry with this stone or decor items are given on such an anniversary.

It is better for spouses to present paired gifts, and in this regard, the task becomes even more complicated. You need to buy something that both spouses will like.

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A gift for a spouse

Let's start with what to give for a beryl wedding to her husband. When looking for a gift for a spouse on the 23rd anniversary of marriage, it is worth taking into account the type of his professional activity. This is both practical and at the same time a sign of respect for his occupation.

You can give:

  • precious metal cufflinks - a great gift option for every business man: elegant, elegant, tasteful;
  • trinket, made either completely or partially from beryl or derivatives of this metal - an original gift, which may take time to find;
  • interesting option - oil rig souvenir - is also no less relevant for a business person, being a symbol of prosperity and profit.

Can be donated photo framemade by hand in whole or in part, decorated with beryl.

23 years what kind of wedding what to give

For a spouse, an unusual beryl ring will be a wonderful gift.

Gift for spouse

Beryl wedding: what to give a wife seems to be no less an easy task than with regard to a present for a husband. In nature, the mineral is found in several color variations, which allows you to expand the range of gift color choices. Most likely, among the options presented, there is a color especially beloved by the wife.

So here are a few options:

  • gemstone jewelry - perhaps the best gift, because it is no secret that most women simply love jewelry and there is not much in the box for storing them;
  • Wrist Watch - also a worthy option, the choice is huge, for any financial possibilities (the original version is a watch in the "vintage" style);
  • mug with original inscriptiondecorated with precious metal.

As a basis for choosing a gift, you can take the wife's hobby.

What to give friends for a beryl wedding

Your friends have a 23rd wedding anniversary - Beryl wedding, what to give in this case? It should be said right away that in order to facilitate the search for an option, one should not be limited only to the framework of traditions. For example, to give products from beryl and only from it, or something similar in that spirit. Especially when the heroes of the occasion are modern people, you can expand your search horizons.

Friends can be presented with a "delicious" gift. For example, cake, at the very top of which are the figures of the spouses. You can give exquisite tea couple.

23 years what kind of wedding what to give

If your friends love coffee, then a gift set of different varieties of this drink will be a great gift.

For practical people, a set of high-quality bed linen. A good option pair of lamps for the bedside table. Continuing the search in this direction, you can find many worthy gifts.

Attention! When choosing what to give, it is necessary to take into account one of the important conditions that gifts are preferable to pairs. For example, when you present a ring to a woman and a bracelet to a man. This is important, because by this act you emphasize the importance of unity in the family.

And last but not least, flowers...

On this memorable date, it is worth focusing on the number of flowers - 23, the symbolism is simple. Flowers are always appropriate. This is the most “classic” option and the answer to questions that arise: 23 years old: what kind of wedding and what to give to a married couple who have lived together for so many years and passed many trials? You can never go wrong with flowers. The gift will be at the same time tasteful, elegant and one might even say practical, as it will decorate the interior.

23 years what kind of wedding what to give

Lovely pair of soft pillows will perfectly complement the interior of any home

So, we have learned what 23 years of marriage means: a beryl wedding. What to give spouses to each other, as well as friends - a married couple. We considered separately options for presents for a husband, for a wife. We talked about some ideas for joint gifts from friends.

It is important to remember that you should present a gift with respect, sincerely, from the bottom of your heart. Tokens of attention are also no less valuable gifts.

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