30 years: what is the wedding anniversary and what is given

To the wedding

Each couple is confident that their marriage is forever. After all, no one gets married and does not marry, considering that this is for a couple of years. Such an event is usually approached consciously, with a firm conviction that it is with this person that one wants to build a joint future, raise children and improve everyday life. But life sometimes develops in different ways, and it is not so often that you can meet people who have been married for three decades.

30 years of marriage together is called a "pearl" wedding. What is the symbolism of this name? If a couple has not parted for three decades, then their love is really time-tested. Over the past years, they have learned and accepted with all the disadvantages and advantages, learned to live in harmony and understand the feelings and desires of the second half. A thirty-year marriage is like a pearl necklace, where each bead represents years spent together. Their whiteness and beauty speaks of the brightest moments of marriage. And all together they constitute a jewel of natural purity and beauty.

But why pearl? And everything is explained very simply. You know how to appear pearls? A grain of sand accidentally gets into the shell of a mollusk. So two meet by chance, and a spark of feelings flares up between them. Over the years, a grain of sand very slowly overgrows with mother-of-pearl inside the shell, forming the very jewel that we then see on the shelves of jewelry stores. The cost of pearls depends on the purity of color and shade, size and shape. The size depends on how long the pearl has been inside the shell. So is the relationship between husband and wife: the longer they are together, the longer they polish and cover their feelings with precious mother-of-pearl, the more valuable the result.

What to give parents for a 30 year wedding

For such a wedding anniversary, the "young" usually already have children and, more often than not, are quite old. And of course, the pressing question arises: what can you give your parents for a pearl wedding anniversary?

There are gifts that are relevant for any occasion. Including the anniversary. These are household or other modern appliances:

  • Coffee maker or coffee grinder,
  • Multicooker,
  • Dryer for vegetables and fruits,
  • Microwave,
  • Grill,
  • Sandwich maker,
  • Bread maker,
  • Television,
  • Media player,
  • Smartphones.

In general, you probably know what kitchen or household gadgets your loved ones may lack. But it is better not to tie the gift to some kind of breakdown, but simply to please the parents with a useful and convenient technique. Although, of course, it is better to clarify in advance what exactly is needed.

Another great present is a honeymoon.

Tourist voucher abroad or to a recreation center will give your parents the opportunity to take a break from everyday life and devote a few days to each other, without hassle and worries. Here, too, it is important to guess so that the parents are free and able to go on such a journey.

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A beautiful and pleasant gift - portrait, taken from the photo of the spouses. Such a present will perfectly fit into the interior of the bedroom. And to keep with the tradition of the anniversary, you can add a seashell themed cake with a pearl in the center.

The best gifts for a wife for 30 years of marriage: a list of options

When you have lived with a person for 30 years, it says a lot. For such a period of time, you "grow together" with a person so that it is already difficult to imagine a separate existence. Having walked side by side for almost half of your life, you know him as well as you know yourself. How can you please your beloved woman on such a wedding anniversary?

You can start in the morning in the best tradition of romantic films. While she sleeps, buy a bouquet of her favorite flowers, bring some fresh baked goods, or make her favorite breakfast. You probably already know what your spouse loves in the morning: black coffee with a croissant, black tea with honey and scrambled eggs or custard cakes with a cup of cocoa. What woman would refuse breakfast in bed served by her beloved husband?

But this is all a romantic introduction. What should be the gift itself? As the name of the anniversary suggests, it is worth picking up something with pearls, or in the appropriate color.

An excellent choice is jewelry with natural pearls. Earrings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, rings or whole headsets.

The modern jewelry industry offers such a wide range of pearl jewelry and accessories that you can choose for the most finicky taste - from inlaid mirrors to classic chandelier earrings. By the way, if your mistress wears watch - what is not a gift? And to get into the theme, choose the appropriate color scheme - a light dial or a pearl strap.

If you are confused and cannot choose how to please your beloved woman, give Gift certificates - you can't go wrong with them:

  • Underwear,
  • Bookstores,
  • Hobby and handicraft shops,
  • Perfumes and cosmetics,
  • Clothing boutiques.

You know better what your significant other prefers and what hobbies are. You can also give service certificates - make-up artist, hairdresser, masseur, spa treatments, etc.

Joint leisure for a couple is also very important. What about romantic dinner in your favorite establishment or even on a rooftop with a view? The latter is organized today in many cities, it is enough to contact - and everything will be prepared for you, you just have to come and enjoy the evening with your soul mate.

30 years from the date of the wedding is a serious reason to be a magician for a beloved woman.

Or maybe your wife has long wanted to theater or concert? Spend a weekend together away from the city and the problems? Go for a walk on yachts? You may have passed the candy-bouquet period for a long time, but you should not deprive romance Your relationship. Think about what dreams and desires your spouse mentioned, and make them come true.

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What to give your husband for a pearl anniversary

The longer you live with a person, the harder it is to come up with something to please and surprise him for a holiday. What gift can you think of for the 30th anniversary of marriage to your beloved spouse? If you want to live up to tradition, you should choose a present with pearls. If your husband likes a classic style of dress, you can donate cufflinks and safety pin for a pearl tie, for example. Besides, pearls are not only for the fair sex. There are options for designer models of a strict masculine style - suspensions, signet rings, bracelets.

But you don't have to focus on strictly adhering to the subject matter. Buy what will please your husband. Only you can know what he would prefer to see in the gift box. By the way, the latter can be chosen in mother-of-pearl to perfectly fit into the theme.

  • Active man, a hunter, a fisherman or a tourist, you can give something from clothes or equipment - thermal underwear, specialized socks, camping utensils, a multitool, a folding knife, a lantern, a thermos or a flask, a good backpack or sleeping bag.
  • Motorist useful accessories in the car will not interfere - a set of tools, seat covers, heated car mugs, organizers, etc.
  • If your husband is motorcyclistDepending on the style of the motorcycle, donate the appropriate equipment, belt or hip bags, handlebar phone holders, themed T-shirts and other items of clothing.
  • If the husband loves sport and he does it himself, you can donate a new set of training clothes, a subscription to the gym, something from sports equipment.

The main thing is to choose a gift with love and care. The main motive is to please your loved one on such an important day for both of you.

Also a good choice would be Certificates... For example, a travel, gun or sports store. For a connoisseur of high-quality elite alcohol or tobacco you can present a bottle of your favorite drink, good cigars or pipe tobacco (along with a new pipe). If your spouse has an interesting hobby, give him something suitable, depending on the hobby. For example, prefabricated models, wood burning kits, collectible figurines.

A good gift for close relatives for 30 years of marriage

When close people celebrate serious dates in their lives, I want to share the joy with them and celebrate the holiday with a memorable gift. What can you pick up for relatives who celebrate 30 years from the date of marriage?

  • Portrait... A family portrait is a good idea for a memorable gift. To do this, you should choose a wedding photo or one of the most successful photos of family life.
  • Textile... For example, blankets or blankets (especially if the anniversary falls on the cold season), bed linen, dressing gowns or bathrobes, bath towels, pillows. Ideal if they are kept in a festive color scheme.
  • Small Appliances and useful gadgets (from coffee grinders to tablets and toasters),
  • Gifts for common hobbies and joint leisure.
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In the end, it will always be appropriate cash gift, which the spouses can spend at their own discretion. Or maybe they have a common dream, for the realization of which they are saving money. The main thing is to pack beautifully. Pearl-colored envelopes, pearl-decorated boxes and stylish boxes will fit into the theme of the holiday.

What are usually given to friends and acquaintances for a pearl wedding

Have your close friends invited you to share your wedding anniversary with them? Or do you know that good friends are approaching a serious date and want to please them? Then you should think about the gift in advance. And first, decide on the possible budget for the present. Usually for a pearl wedding they give:

  • Home textiles in light colors (towels, bed linen, bathrobes, tablecloths),
  • Photo with white or pearlescent cover,
  • Decor items interior (vases, paintings with a marine theme, figurines and boxes, lamps and floor lamps),
  • Tableware (glasses, coffee and tea sets),
  • Tree of happiness, but only with pearls (natural or artificial).

By the way, if you want to add a sweet gift, you don't have to order a big cake. Today, private pastry shops will prepare and decorate small sets for every taste. cupcakes - it is original, tasty and beautiful.

Always stay in trend funny presentsif the spouses have a good sense of humor. For example, paired T-shirts with comic inscriptions (common or understandable to both "young" and their friends), certificates and medals, cups, wall newspapers. In the latter, you can write good wishes for family life and pick up funny photos that have accumulated over the years of friendship.

30 years of marriage is a solid date. By this time, the family has time to establish itself, build a house and raise their own children.

Adult offspring fly out of the parental nest, and now the couple often has to learn to live together again. This is an important step. Years-pearls gathered in a beautiful, but fragile necklace, and the spouses will have to preserve all that beautiful that they have managed to accumulate in their life together. The thirty-year anniversary of marriage is an indicator of sincere feelings and tender affection of a husband and wife, their desire to share maturity with each other and spend each new day in harmony and love.