35 years old: what kind of wedding, what to give parents - a piggy bank of interesting ideas

To the wedding

When entering into marriage, many people, at first, do not realize how hard it is to maintain a relationship. But years go by, someone gets divorced, someone diverges, and someone keeps love and fidelity. Living together for decades is hard work. When the wedding anniversary is approaching, people begin to remember what anniversary, what they usually give for such a wedding. In this article, we will consider the case when you need to congratulate a couple on the 35th anniversary of their marriage.

Wedding anniversary 35 years. What wedding? What to gift? As you know, wedding anniversaries have their own names. Many people know that 25 years is a silver wedding, and 50 is a golden one. But, as for the rest of the dates, most people find it difficult to answer. Without melting, let's say that 35 years is a coral or linen wedding.

35th Anniversary Gift Ideas

What to give for a coral wedding? On such a day, it is customary to give items that are somehow connected with the sea or the color red. These can be decor items, clothes, a drink, flowers, and so on, so on, so on ... Let's give detailed examples of possible gifts for an anniversary, so that after reading you can easily answer the question of what to give for 35 wedding years.

Coral wedding, what to give a spouse?

If you are the head of the family and want to adequately congratulate your wife on the thirty-fifth anniversary of marriage, we suggest doing it as follows:

  • Start your morning with a bouquet her favorite colors, preferably in red (coral) color, it is symbolic if it consists of 35 stems;
  • Then you can go to a jewelry store and pick her decoration with coral stone. However, for so many years of living together, you probably learned the taste and size of your wife, so you can buy a ring or earrings without her presence;
  • If the decoration option does not suit you, perhaps give her beautiful red dress. Ignite the spark in her eyes and have a memorable day;
  • How long have you been taking your wife to theater? And in Philharmonic? Enjoy the performance of artists or the sounds of classical music, walk around the city. Fill the day with your favorite magic and romance;
  • in the evening go to a restaurant or have dinner at home by candlelight. Turn off the lights, turn on your favorite song and enjoy the moments spent together.
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Anatomic pillow - give your loved one a good sleep

genuine leather accessoriesGenuine leather accessories - for him. What man does not like a quality purse

bouquet of flowersBouquet of flowers - for her. Charmingly smelling buds will speak for you about the great love that you have kept all these years.

If you are a spouse who takes care of the hearth, but is numb at the thought of “a coral wedding is approaching, what to give”, then it is in your power to fill the day of your beloved husband with joy, surrounding him with warmth and care. Remind him how much you love him:

  • Bring him breakfast in bed. Wake up early to make pancakes or whatever he likes. Or maybe on the contrary, you should come up with imagination and bake something new that you have never done before.
  • The main gift can be cufflinks, decorated with coral stone, tie clip or myself tie Red.
  • If a man is not a fan of formality, give him any practical thing (phone, e-book etc.), but be sure to wrap it in coral paper.
  • Then take him to your favorite place. It can be a cafe, a restaurant, a cinema or a hippodrome. Remember everything you loved before and fill your day with such things.
  • A wife, like a husband, can end the congratulatory evening with a homemade dinnerhomemade or ordered from your favorite restaurant.

family calendar

Long years of living together is definitely a sign of a strong family, which means that an unusual calendar with photos of loved ones will be a good gift, wrapped in warmth and care

Anniversaries from children

Parents' anniversary is approaching and caring children are looking for answers to the questions: "35 years old - what kind of wedding, what to give parents?". It's easy enough to answer. Below are gift options at different prices:

  • Perhaps the most expensive gift for parents will be travel by sea. If parents do not tolerate swimming well, then give tickets for a plane that will take them to the shores of the coral sea. Choose a hotel and excursions. Give a complete package so that parents do not have to worry about anything.
  • The most budgetary gift will be song from family and loved ones. Come up with rhymes yourself that will remind your parents about their life together, about how it all began, how children and grandchildren were born, about funny situations that happened in your family. Whatever the song turns out to be (folding or not), it will be the most pleasant and sincere gift that will surely make parents shed tears.
  • Arranging a holiday for parents at home, take care of decorating the room. hang up congratulations posters and joint photos. cook cake or order from a pastry chef. Following the traditions, ask the master to decorate the cake with “corals” or sea waves. Teach your grandchildren congratulatory poems and explain what an important holiday is approaching grandparents.

Now you can easily answer the question: “What to give parents for a coral wedding?”

star projector alarm clockAlarm clock with a starry sky projector - make waking up your parents more enjoyable

Massage mat and pillowMassage mat and pillow - modern technologies that help reduce pain and improve overall well-being

smart gardenSmart garden - allows you to spread a small vegetable garden at home on the windowsill

Anniversary friends

A friendly couple is planning a holiday and you ask yourself: “What kind of wedding is 35 years old, what to give?” The date is truly exciting and significant. On such a day, I want to share the joy of friends and worthy of congratulations:

  • Give a gift aquarium with fish and corals at the bottom. Let it be a symbol of the anniversary. By jointly supporting life in it, the couple will fuel not only the fish, but also their marriage along with them.
  • More practical thing would be linens (preferably red). It will every time remind the couple of the anniversary and the friends who gave it.
  • Just like children, friends can give a couple the song or poems. Each guest can read a small rhyme.
  • Would be a great gift photo albummade to order. Photos can be printed directly on the pages or enclosed in special frames. Such an album can be ordered at a photo studio or from a scrapbooking master.
  • In addition to things you can give a bottle of good red wine.
  • In addition to bed linen or individually, you can give warm blanket, which will warm the couple in cold winter.

Whatever gift you decide to give, the main thing is that it be given with a soul. 35 years of marriage is a good occasion to get together and share the joy. Let the anniversaries celebrate more than one anniversary!