Valentine gift ideas for wife: the most interesting and original ideas

For wife

Valentine's Day is one of the most romantic holidays, on which it is customary to congratulate the most beloved women. And often men cannot even imagine what it is to give to their wife so that the present becomes a real unexpected surprise for his chosen one. After all, I want the sweetheart not only to be delighted with the gift, but to be very, very happy. Let us today think about this issue together and help the stronger sex.

Romantic present to beloved wife

Can be used as a romantic gift dinner for two in a good restaurant... Even if this is not a novelty, an evening spent in a calm, beautiful environment, with a delicious dinner and an expensive bottle of red wine will not leave anyone indifferent. Especially if you don't have enough time and energy to get out to a restaurant on weekdays.

Also a delicious dinner can be cook yourself... Especially your spouse will appreciate it if you really have the rudiments of culinary talent. Buy candles, a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, and a bottle of expensive champagne. Send the children to their grandmothers or nannies for one evening - let them change the situation a little.

In Russia, there was a belief: if a beautiful wife sees a robin bird on Valentine's Day, then she will give birth to a girl, if a sparrow, then a boy, and the goldfinch promised twins.

You can also spend Valentine's Day, going on a journey to a distant land... In our latitudes, the holiday falls in the winter, and the weather is usually very cold, so you won't be able to “walk” a beautiful evening dress. Therefore, if you choose where to fly, pay attention to warm countries, where you can take a break not only from the familiar environment, but also from down jackets. Somewhere on the islands you can enjoy good weather, clear sea, beautiful shells, pleasant evenings and, of course, each other.

And if your wife is not one of those who prefers to wallow on the beach, then you can go where there is an opportunity, for example, scuba diving and enjoy the beauty of the underwater world. There will be more than enough impressions and you will be able to relax. There you will buy a bunch of souvenirs for your family, colleagues and friends, you will be able to change the usual environment, gain adrenaline and bring home an exceptionally good mood.

As a romantic gift, you can also a set of beautiful underwear... However, here you have to be very careful not to be mistaken with the size. You can do the following. Look at which bodice your beloved wife prefers most, and quietly take it with you to the store. And the difficult question of the saleswoman "What do you want?" proudly demonstrate your spouse's preferences and size. So you will kill two birds with one stone: and guess with the size / volume, without overshooting with the convenience of the thing, and buy a really good gift.

You can buy more underwear beautiful negligeeif your wife wears them. Even if you have ten different robes hanging in your closet, the eleventh in your arsenal will never hurt. You will see, they will be very happy with the gift. It is better to choose a present from a soft and pleasant to the touch fabric. It is rather difficult to give advice on colors. Take a closer look at those colors and patterns of clothes that your beloved prefers, and give something similar.

Did you know that according to statistics, about 50 million roses are sold on Valentine's Day.

In the ladies' arsenal always not enough pantyhose and stockings, therefore, no one will refuse such a gift either. In terms of density, stockings should be selected in accordance with the season. Yes, someone will say that this is obvious, but for men such things are not always straightforward. Therefore, we write:

  • from 20 to 40 den - these tights are good for the off-season at temperatures of 15 ... 20 degrees;
  • from 50 to 80 den - stockings for cold weather up to 5 ... 10 degrees;
  • from 120 to 250 den and above - the warmest tights for a cold winter.

Maybe some will say that such a gift is not romantic, but if you present your lady with warm tights or funny socks, it will show nothing more than your concern, which will be appreciated.

A day for myself

A modern woman is a combination of several persons at the same time: a hardworking worker, a wonderful mother, a loving wife, an obedient daughter, etc. And often, combining all these features, our beloved women get very tired, and they simply lack the strength to at least sometimes remember their desires and needs.

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In this case, you can give your wife a holiday called: "A day for yourself." Send her to beauty salon, for example, with a gift certificate. Let her do her hair, manicure and pedicure and not fly anywhere that day, rush or think about the rest. Let her relax and rest.

You can also send spouse for shopping... Yes, most likely, this will require significant expenses, but what cannot be done for your loved one. Let the beloved buy herself the dress and shoes that she has wanted for so long. Or buy another handbag.

Jewelry for your beloved wife

If you can't organize a trip or outing for at least a couple of days on vacation, then the salvation of any man will, of course, become jewelry. Any girl, even the most capricious, is unlikely to refuse such a gift. Let's find out which products are considered the most fashionable and preferred today.

One of the most trending styles in jewelry today it is considered minimalism or, as it is also called, business style. These jewelry are made so that a woman can wear them every day to work, and they competently complement the office look.

In Denmark, young people send unsigned valentines to their ladies of the heart. If the beauty guesses who the postcard is from, then she must send a chocolate egg to the addressee in return for Easter.

In minimalism, a simple form of accessories in the form of ordinary geometric shapes, minimally decorated with inserts, is welcomed. For example, you can give your beloved gold ring simple shape with a diamond insert. If the budget is modest, choose an inexpensive piece of jewelry with a small pebble, it will be inexpensive, about 20 thousand rubles. And an expensive massive ring with a scattering of stones, of course, will pull an impressive amount.

The spouse can also choose earrings that she will wear, for example, to work. For this occasion, inexpensive stud earrings will do. Even if they are small, the accessories will not get tangled in the hair, they will be convenient to wear for almost any outfit and for any occasion. And if you have already presented such a gift or it seems small to you, then pick up chic large earrings for an evening dress. Any girl will be delighted with such a gift. Today, products called Cuffs... These are earrings that are not worn on the earlobe, but on its cartilage. This piece of jewelry will suit almost any evening outfit and will be a great gift for your beloved.

Ladies have a brand in fashion today Swarovski... You've probably heard a lot about him. The company produces a huge range of jewelry. If there is not much money for a gift, then you can buy excellent high-quality jewelry, and if you have collected a decent amount for a present, then the brand has excellent options for jewelry made of precious metals.

An excellent gift for your beloved wife will be bracelet on the arm... Moreover, the gift can be made with meaning. Read, for example, which stones are suitable for her according to the horoscope and choose jewelry with the same inserts. Many of our ladies are fond of astrology, so a gift to match your interests will be more than appropriate.

A gift for a spouse can be amulet... For example, a talisman in the form of horseshoes, clover flower, capitalize her name, zodiac sign symbol etc. You will definitely like such a present, since it will bring not only aesthetic pleasure, but also good luck. The talisman can be found in the form of a pendant, and in addition, you can also purchase a chain.

And in Japan on Valentine's Day, it is customary to congratulate only men.

A woman with taste can be purchased pearl beads of good jewelry quality... Such beauty, of course, will not be cheap, since beautiful pearls of an ideal shape cost a lot, but this luxury will definitely be appreciated. Moreover, it is better to buy not one thread, but several at once, so that the beads can be worn not only under a business suit, but also under a dress for a party.

Electronic devices for the modern lady

Now let's talk about expensive gift ideas for my wife on February 14th. Business lady will not give up on a new one phone or tablet with wide functionality and powerful battery. Modern ladies do half of the work on their computer, and the other half directly on the phone. Therefore, an excellent gadget will be a good helper for such a businesswoman. And to give it a beautiful appearance, buy also a fashionable case.

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You can give your wife for Valentine's Day wireless headphones... Such a thing will help free your hands from the phone, and you will not have to constantly get confused in the wires. Your lady will be able to quickly answer calls and at the same moment continue to do her business ...

A successful and busy woman who always drives on business trips and is rarely at home can be presented small lightweight laptop... Such a thing is an indispensable assistant, especially if you have to work during flights.

From more inexpensive - fitness bracelet... Today this gadget has become an important one. The accessory does an excellent job of monitoring health and training success. It records activity while running, cycling, swimming, exercising and even walking. There are also separate bracelets with a very convenient sleep monitoring and smart alarm functions. Such a gadget will be very useful, since it itself determines the phases of sleep and wakes you up in a given interval of time so that the awakening will pass easily and as quickly as possible.

To help the hostess

An excellent present for your beloved will be and Appliances... However, with such a gift you need to be very, very careful. The fact is that not every woman will be happy if she is presented with a powerful food processor... She may also be offended by saying that you only see her as a housewife. However, some women who dream that, in addition to a heap of responsibilities, they have a quick assistant at home, not requiring special attention, will be very pleased with the combine.

A good gift for a spouse will be Dishwasher... She will especially help out if you have three children in your house, a grandparents, a couple of cats, a dog with a hamster and, of course, a husband. And when the hostess is still working, she will be glad to receive any help in the kitchen.

Interesting customs about Valentine's Day exist in Canada. According to the stories in this country, before a girl could make an offer to her beloved only on February 14, while if he refused, then he could be fined or sent to prison.

It will be a good present for your mistress robot vacuum cleaner... This miracle of technology perfectly removes any dirt in your apartment and will greatly simplify the process of cleaning the house.

For a lover of cooking, you can give multifunctional oven with a variety of modes and the ability to fix the temperature, cooking methods, heating and blowing. Just keep in mind that if your lady likes to cook in the stove, then the whole family may well recover from the abundance of cakes, pies, pies and pastries. Although ... "there is never too much good person."

Bring her also a set of excellent quality cookware. Beautiful saucepans have never left a housewife indifferent. Also suitable:

  • a set of plates;
  • silver forks with knives;
  • tea or coffee set;
  • crystal set of glasses for different types of wine;
  • tablecloth with napkins;
  • set of professional knives.

Spouse watch

An expensive and valuable gift for your beloved will be high-quality design Wrist Watch... Perhaps someone will say that you cannot give a watch. Ok, you can't argue with that, but you can “pay” for a gift, for example, “whole” 1 ruble - and any power of superstition will dissipate.

In the United States, on Valentine's Day, it is customary to delight with gifts not only their beloved ones, but also all relatives and closest friends.

And the functionality of the watch can be selected specifically for the hobbies of your lady. For example, if she goes to practice in the pool, then it is better to choose a waterproof watch in which she can safely dive under the water. And ladies who work a lot with papers will love a watch with a calendar. If your wife is a real business woman, she will definitely need a chronograph watch. So she can make the most of her time and not waste a minute.

And they will also become excellent helpers in business smart watchthat monitor human health, help with exercise, send notifications, monitor smartphones, regulate sleep, count calories, etc. The functionality of such a gadget is simply endless.

Unusual gifts for the second half

If the entire proposed list does not suit you, and you are looking for some unusual idea, then we have prepared the following options for you.

To make Valentine's Day memorable, give your beloved wife balloon flight... And there will be a lot of impressions, and the holiday will be remembered for a lifetime, and you will take a bunch of photos. Just do not forget to grab a bottle of good champagne with you, so that everything goes like a fairy tale.

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In Saudi Arabia, the holiday of lovers is prohibited, and those celebrating are fined.

As winter attractions you can offer:

  • sledging;
  • sleigh ride with horses;
  • tubing (inflatable sleds);
  • snowmobiling;
  • ski trip;
  • snowboarding;
  • aeroboard (an inflatable sleigh into which you can go down the snow-covered slope).

And if winter attractions do not appeal to you, you can go with your beloved, for example, to the sauna or bath... Invite a couple more good friends with you, then the evening will become noisy, sincere and fun.

An original gift for his wife on Valentine's Day is barbecue outdoors. No, don't think this is a simple picnic. On February 14, it is usually very cold in our country, and barbecue at such a time will be a truly original present. However, if you take mulled wine with you in a thermos, a sled and your beloved godfather with friends, then the holiday will be not only romantic, but also very active and fun.

A gift for a creative person

If your wife can rightfully call herself a creative person, then it is worth choosing a gift for her soul for her. Here are some ideas.

A present in the form of an original personality decor item... It can be a vase, candlestick, bright dishes, statue, unusual flower vase, etc.

Did you know that "Valentines" take the 2nd place in sales in the world among other postcards, second only to New Year and Christmas? Most of the hearts are bought by women, men are more “specialized” in sweets.

A good present will be records with music her favorite band. Originality guaranteed. However, you need to listen to such a thing somewhere, so find a player in advance so that the gift does not just gather dust on the shelf, but is used for its intended purpose.

For a lady who loves to sing, you can give a guitar... And if she doesn't know how to play, buy a good one too self-tutorial or a few lessons from a specialist. Believe me, a few weeks will pass, and she will already be happy to perform her favorite songs for you.

Does your wife love to paint, but is she still not a professional artist? Give her pictureto be painted by numbers. This activity captivates, calms the nerves, and a good memory of the holiday will remain in the house. The main thing is that she chooses the picture herself, otherwise you can buy something that the creative person does not like, and the gift will go to the closet gathering dust.

A lover of photography can buy a good camera... And at the same time, take an interest in the nearest courses of photography. It is even possible that a hobby will turn out to be a lifelong business, which will subsequently bring considerable income. However, the first camera you come across in the store is not worth taking. It is better to consult with professionals about the functionality of the device so as not to waste a lot of money for a cool, but unnecessary camera.

More creative personality can be organized training certificate some cunning skill. For example, invite her to an embroidery or sewing course. You can buy a real hostess certificate for culinary courses... Moreover, these should not be ordinary borscht cooking lessons, but something original, for example, something from healthy food courses.

And also a truly creative person always lacks ideas and inspiration. Therefore, send your wife as a gift, for example, to the fashion show... Why not? There she will have a look at beautiful people, new and interesting models of clothes and accessories, and gain invaluable experience of communication in an interesting circle. Believe me, there will be a lot of emotions!

As a gift, such a madam can be presented and trip в famous museum... For example, the Louvre in Paris. Yes, such a trip will not be cheap, but there will be even more impressions than photos.

Can act as a creative gift bouquet of sweets, stuffed animals, buns, stationery, etc. This idea may seem ridiculous at first glance, but it is more than creative.

So, we hope that today you have received a lot of ideas that can be implemented not only for the next Valentine's Day, but also for several holidays in advance. Remember only one thing: the gift should be presented with a bouquet of flowers, otherwise your lady will be upset. Let the flowers fade, only a couple of memories and photos will remain from them, but lovely ladies still want to be pleased with a beautiful bouquet, even if it is trite.