What to give your wife on March 8: how to please your beloved spouse

For wife

A rare woman does not like the spring holiday - March 8. Indeed, on International Women's Day, she receives an additional portion of attention and warmth. Even if the husband is attentive, and pleases the spouse with gifts and pleasant things on other days, still on this date you want to receive not only flowers and coffee in bed, but also a heart-warming present. What to give your wife on March 8? Such a question comes to men's married heads either after February 23, or right before the holiday itself. We will consider options for both pre-preparing husbands, and for those who remembered about the holiday only on the evening of the 6th.

A spouse is not an outside work colleague. Here you can get off with a simple postcard and a box of chocolates, of course, but it will look offensive. Therefore, let's think together what such unusual and interesting can be given to a wife. The easiest way, of course, is to directly ask the faithful what she would like. But if you want to surprise us, let's think together.

Give emotions and memories

Not everyone needs material gifts. Some people value vivid memories much more. If your wife is one of those, it is better to give her an event. Here are some ideas for a presentation:

  • Romantic Rooftop Dinner... Today there are companies that will arrange "turnkey" romance. You just have to bring your spouse to the right place and enjoy dinner in an unusual setting. But it will have to be postponed, because in March the weather is rarely warm enough for such gatherings. But you can buy a certificate and look forward to the coming evening together.
  • Joint dance lesson... In case you both love to dance and just wanted to learn something new. Especially if it is pair dances with close contact - why not the opportunity to revive the relationship, add sparkle to them?
  • Paragliding or hot air balloon flight... This is also summer fun, but why not give a ticket to it now? Just consider whether the spouse is afraid of heights. And in general, are such extreme hobbies in her spirit. And if so - go ahead, together to conquer the heavenly spaces.
  • Spa treatments... For example, chocolate massage or body wrap, hammam followed by a relaxation massage, Thai massage, phyto barrel. Every modern woman needs time to relax. Give her an hour or two of pleasure that won't require any effort from her. And after the session you will be rewarded with the eyes of your beloved burning with delight.
  • PHOTOSESSION... If your wife has long wanted a thematic photoset, but still could not allocate the necessary amount for it, give her these emotions. And then you can admire the resulting professional pictures together.
  • Nostalgic date... If you have been married for a long time, for sure, everyday life has firmly entered your life. So give your wife the already somewhat forgotten romance of your acquaintance. Perhaps this is a particular cafe or coffee shop where you spent time at the very beginning. Arrange a surprise and invite your beloved out on a date, remind you of how your relationship began. By the way, you can end the evening with a hotel room to change the usual atmosphere.
  • Rose in a flask... This gift should still be attributed to emotions, because it has no practical purpose. But if the spouse is an incorrigible romantic, loves tales of eternal love, then feel free to give such a flower. Thanks to special technology, the rose will stand in its original form for more than one year, pleasing the eye with grace and beauty.
  • Билеты... A concert of her favorite group or performer, theater tickets for a show that interests her spouse or for an unusual exhibition. In general, where she really wants, and you know about it.

This will be an original gift for his wife on March 8, which she will definitely not forget. Become a wizard who makes dreams come true for one day.

Jewelry, watches and other accessories

There is a list of gifts with which you can almost always get into the top ten. If, of course, you know the tastes of the address of the gift. But this is your wife, and you probably know what style, color of metal she prefers? Among the ideas for a gift to a spouse on International Women's Day, jewelry, all kinds of accessories and wristwatches are firmly in the top positions.

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Wrist watch... Some signs claim that giving them is not a very good sign. But here is the question of how superstitious you and your wife are. If you pay attention only to good omens, then feel free to pick up a gift. It should be noted here that, unlike men, women perceive watches not only for their functionality, but also as a stylish accessory. Therefore, even if the wife already has one watch, this does not mean that the second or third will be superfluous.

  • Sports (fitness bracelet or smart watch). If your wife leads an active lifestyle, goes in for sports, such a watch will be indispensable. Moreover, you can watch notifications on them without taking your smartphone out of your purse.
  • Neat watch with a metal strap. Timeless classics that can be worn at work, and at school, and at a gala event.
  • Original watch in the form of a wide bracelet or in the form of several thin bracelets made of leather and textiles - an interesting addition to the look.

Decoration... Here, first, decide on your wife's favorite metal (silver, gold), with your favorite style (minimalism, large jewelry with stones, or even an ethnic or Gothic style). Before you buy earrings, pendants, rings or bracelets, take a close look at what is in your wife's box. This will make it easier to choose according to her taste. If you don't know the exact size, you can take rings with you to a jewelry store.

  • Earrings... From miniature studs to long chains or large rings. Here you need to understand what the spouse likes and what she usually wears. Try to imagine her in the model of your choice.
  • Bangle... Leather bracelets, multi-bracelets (of several thin ones), metal wide or thin chains. In addition, in recent years, silver Pandora has been popular, for which pendants are then collected to your taste and imagination.
  • Pendants... It can be a pendant with a zodiac sign, a beautifully designed natural stone, a figurine according to her hobbies and interests. For example, a treble clef for a musician, a palette or brush for an artist, a ball of needles for a needlewoman, etc.
  • Rings... But remember to begin with, whether the spouse wears rings at all, except for the engagement ring. And which ones - thin simple headbands, rings made of natural stones, rings or rings with large inserts. Thin rings are more suitable for girls with thin fingers, and for ladies with large fingers it is better to give wide rims.

Accessories... This paragraph contains a rather impressive list of all sorts of little things, without which almost no girl can do. For example:

  • TST Wallet... A compact sports model, a lady's wallet with a dozen compartments or a strict and compact wallet. It all depends on the preferences of the wife. But do not forget that, according to the signs, it is important to give a wallet with a bill inside.
  • Scarf, shawl, stole... You can choose some classic color option or choose something fun if you are sure that your wife will appreciate it. For example, a light spring scarf with kittens or a cozy warm shawl with scarlet roses on the edge. It is not necessary to give an accessory according to the season, but in view of the coming spring and warmth, you can safely choose a light version made of silk or chiffon.
  • Belt... If the wife prefers to wear trousers and jeans with a belt or likes to wear a belt under her dress, this accessory will also be a good gift. See what your beloved usually wears - wide leather belts with buckles, braided models, thin chains, textile belts.

Sculptures, figurines and other "dust collectors" are best avoided. Unless you are planning to replenish your spouse's existing collection.

Delicious gifts - to the delight of the receptors

Delights will delight any woman. But it is important to choose them correctly and present them beautifully. In fact, the concept of "tasty" can include a whole list of products:

  • Dried fruits and nuts... If your wife is an opponent of sweets or adheres to an exceptionally correct diet, please her with your favorite dried fruits and nuts. Moreover, you can collect assorted and pack it beautifully. Some companies now offer this service themselves. Both tasty and healthy.
  • Coffee and tea... Of course, we do not mean a pack of one or the other from the nearest store. Order several coffee varieties or several interesting teas and put them in a beautiful bag. By the way, you can add a Turk, a teapot or an original cup to it.
  • Chocolate... If your spouse loves chocolate, get a few high-quality bars, it is possible with unusual tastes and additives. Also, for many ladies, the packaging of kinder surprises will be a real treat. For many, it is associated with childhood, and in adulthood it is already a rarity to receive one as a gift.
  • Fitness sweets... Yes, there is such a category. For example, if a spouse is on a diet, you can put together a box for her with natural marshmallows without additives, marshmallows, dried fruit and carob sweets (cocoa substitute).
  • Fruit... But not a bunch of bananas from the supermarket, of course. Today you can order a whole box of exotic fruits in stylish packaging.
  • Sweets on request... Many private pastry chefs and small pastry shops offer cakes, cupcakes, pastries and other custom-made products. To create them, they take quality products, and you can also offer your design or inscription, replace or remove certain ingredients. This is much tastier and more enjoyable than a store-bought cake.
  • Edible bouquets... There are a lot of variations - from sweets and chocolate to cheese platter. It all depends on the tastes of your wife. But it will not be superfluous to attach a bunch of ordinary flowers to it.
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As you can see, even food can make a gift that is creative and pleasing to the eyes and tongue. The main thing is to spend a little time, attention and effort. All the gifts we have listed can be an addition for each other.

Fun gifts with personality

In a separate category of presentations, you can make those where you can apply an image or an inscription as you wish. This will make your present as personal as possible. It can be either the main or an additional souvenir:

  • A cup... An inexpensive option. Perfect as a supplement or for those on a tight budget. Choose the best photo of your wife, or a funny caption picture that you two can understand. Or something that depicts her hobbies, hobbies.
  • T-shirt, undershirt, sweatshirt... Her zodiac sign, favorite animal, movie, book character, interests - whatever.
  • other accessories and souvenirs - phone cases, bags, wallets, even mouse pads.
  • Socks... But not ordinary, but with cool prints. Today you can find models of different lengths - from short sports to high leggings. Drawings for every taste - cats and paws, movie characters, cartoons, popular memes, inscriptions, professions, animals. In general, there is room for imagination. Some companies even offer themed boxes for several pairs in stylish packaging.

In the case of such presents, it is important to order in advance, since on the pre-holiday days the workload of printing companies increases by an order of magnitude. And you may not have time to receive your order on time.

Practical gifts

Modern gadgets are a good choice. It's hard to imagine our life without all kinds of portable equipment. Maybe my wife just needs something from this category of goods:

  • Smartphone... Isn't it time for your spouse to upgrade your mobile phone? If the existing one is already performing its functions poorly, or the wife loves new items in the world of electronics, this gift will definitely be to your taste.
  • EBook... Does your wife adore books and does not go a day without a couple of pages read? The reader is the best choice for the book lover. While e-pages may not replace the smell of paper pages, they will save tons of space and money down the road.
  • Player... In a world where a mobile phone replaces almost all devices, the demand for mp3 players has dropped significantly. But if the spouse walks a lot and loves to constantly listen to music, audiobooks, this is a more practical option than discharging the smartphone.
  • The tablet... Although their popularity has partially decreased in recent years, this gadget is convenient for watching movies, surfing the net and for drawing (in the latter case, it is important to select the brand and model specifically for these purposes).

Maybe it's time for her to replace the headphones, or the spouse wanted some kind of gadget in the car? But it is important that this is a personal gift that she will use, and not the whole family in turn.

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Certificates as a panacea for the world of gifts

If you understand the direction, but are not sure that you can choose the right present exactly, you can donate a certificate. A small envelope with a cherished card inside will surely delight your spouse. Certificates for which goods and services are most often in demand:

  • Massage classic or relaxing. In our active rhythm of life, women take a lot on themselves and often get tired. Especially if the family has small children. A massage course or at least a couple of sessions will be extremely beneficial for the health of the spouse and her moral well-being. And also sessions in spa-salons.
  • Lingerie store... It's great when a beloved man knows how to choose lingerie, but it is better to entrust this process to the woman herself. To guess with size, style, and color.
  • Perfumery... Here, too, the most reliable way is to entrust the process of choosing the right scent to the wife herself. And you can keep her company on a trip to the store in order to together appreciate the delights of a particular perfume bouquet.
  • Jewelry... Yes, yes, if you could not think of what exactly is better to choose from a huge assortment of jewelry, present a certificate for a nice amount. And your spouse will be able to buy herself what she will definitely like and suit her style.
  • Hobby... Any store that meets her interests - there is always something to buy. Book shop, handicraft, sports tourism or cycling shop, stationery shop. In general, you know better than your beloved is fond of.
  • Hairdresser-colorist... If your spouse has long wanted to make a complex and interesting coloring, but still could not allocate money for the procedure, give her the fulfillment of her little dream.

What gifts are not worth giving

Of course, if you really love your wife, you will avoid presents that might upset or offend her. Each person has their own sore or sensitive places. But we will try to summarize the most obvious ones.

  • Set of pots... On a day when everyone wants to be as feminine and airy as possible, there is no need to remind of the everyday side of family life. The only exception is that the wife herself asked to make just such a gift.
  • Subscription to the fitness room or anti-cellulite massage if the wife did not say that this is what she wants. Almost every second girl is worried about her own weight and figure. And even if your wife really does not bother to lose a few extra pounds, you should not remind about this on a holiday. Especially if this is a sore subject for the wife.
  • A banal set of soap and shower gel... This can be presented to a distant acquaintance or colleague, but not to your beloved wife. If the budget is very limited, it is better to choose one quality gel or handmade cosmetics from a good master.
  • Not an individual gift... That is, something that the whole family or both spouses will use. For example, a set of dishes, a picture, bed linen, a kettle, an ordinary lamp, a wall clock.
  • Standard household appliances such as vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, iron. This is all a vital necessity, not a gift for the soul.
  • Decorative cosmetics... A rare man understands her, and giving an expensive lipstick that does not suit your wife at all is an insulting and waste of money.
  • Gifts from the joke store... Even if your wife appreciates humor, you should choose something more romantic for the spring holiday.

In fact, it's not that hard to avoid the pitfalls when choosing the right gift. It is enough to listen to your soul mate more often, notice her tastes and preferences, be interested in her life.

We hope that our list will help you and come across some really cool gift ideas for March 8th for your beloved wife. And besides a gift, do not forget to pamper your beloved with breakfast in bed or a romantic dinner, the pleasure of a massage with the hands of your beloved man. Remind her of how desirable and loved she is, and what you see in her, above all - a beautiful woman!