Gifts for your girlfriend or wife just like that, for no reason

For wife

Women are very fond of signs of attention from their men. Moreover, the most appreciated are not those gifts that are given on occasion, for example, for a birthday or March 8, but those gifts that are presented on the occasion, without any events. So a man shows that he has feelings for a woman, just wants to please her in order to raise the mood, and that he is not indifferent to their relationship.
What is allowed present for no reason to your beloved? In order to please her on the one hand, and on the other not to spoil her with attention and presents. Let's think about this issue together today.

Choosing a gift for your girlfriend / woman for no reason, just like that

If you have just entered into a relationship with a girl or woman, then you still do not fully know the tastes, preferences and dreams of your beloved. Therefore, it is recommended to give gifts in this case, not very pretentious or original. It is better to choose something from the ordinary list.

Decoration... This is the first thing that can be advised. Usually for the first months of a relationship they give:

  • earrings;
  • brooches;
  • pendants;
  • rings;
  • bracelets;
  • clock.

Let's take a look at what's trendy today.

What earrings to choose for a loved one for a gift

In the first place classic earrings with english lock... Let's immediately figure out what this accessory is. The earrings made on this base of the lock are fixed in such a way that the bow on one side is inserted into the ear and attached to the other side of the product using a spring clip. It sounds very reliable, but in fact, even more so. It is noteworthy that such accessories usually look very elegant, attractive and can be worn under any clothes. Products with stones look best. In vogue today grenades, topaz, emeralds, cubic zirconia and diamonds.

Impressions are an excellent alternative to a material gift, so if there is no money for a ring, then give attention and care.

Cuffs - This is a type of earrings that can be worn even on non-pierced ears. This type of product has a crescent shape and is attached to the upper part of the ear. Classic cuffs in the form of flowers, pointed lace elf ears, dragons and other unprecedented living creatures are in fashion. It is noteworthy that such jewelry can be worn not only for an evening style, but also for business meetings in suits.

Long earrings Not everyone loves. Such accessories are well suited for a spring or summer outfit. But in winter, long accessories usually cling to hair, hats and scarves.

If you have difficulties with money, but still want to please your beloved with a beautiful decoration, then you can choose stud earrings... These accessories consist of a pin that fits into the hole in the earlobe, a clip and a decorative piece. The clamp can be either spring-loaded or in the form of a simple plug (silicone or metal), which clings to the tightness. Such products are inexpensive and look very fashionable by modern standards.

Fashionable brooches for a gift

Despite the fact that brooches seem to have faded into the background today, avid women of fashion know that a cute jewelry beautiful addition to the image in the form of a fancy hair clip will make the look richer and more interesting.

You can choose almost any brooch... The most revered among ladies today are considered pins made of gold with graceful pendants in the form of angels, hearts, all kinds of insects, butterflies.

It is better to give brooches to middle-aged young ladies with taste, manners and habits.

More expensive and weighty brooches usually worn on the collar of a jacket or shirt. As a symbolic gift, you can present a product with a large number of inserts, in the form of a flower bud, a butterfly. Brooches in the shape of beetles are in fashion.

If your young lady loves vintage things, then look at the market for excellent Soviet brooches. Today they are highly valued and not sold very often. This exclusive will appeal to a lady who appreciates culture, history and art. But this is a matter of taste. If your chosen one is more spoiled, then it is better to buy an ordinary piece of jewelry for the first time so that there are no questions.

What pendant to choose as a gift for a woman

The most important thing to consider when choosing such a decoration is fashion stylewhich your girlfriend or woman prefers. For any occasion, you can pick up the usual classic options that are combined with both casual wear and evening looks.

However, you can be more creative about the choice. If lady frequent restaurants and parties, she will love the retro style pendant. Representatives of a bright flashy style choose pendants with large stones, for example, rubies... Thus, ladies can attract the attention of others.

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Best option for a business lady - this is a pendant that does not have a hint of belonging to any direction of clothing, style of music or culture. Otherwise, such a tandem will look ridiculous. Choose something modest in terms of design and expensive in terms of insertion. Let it be a small pendant, but with a diamond - both expensive and modest.

Another important factor when choosing jewelry for a woman is her age... Usually young girls choose jewelry made of gold and silver, simple in design and even without a stone. Older women prefer massive pendants with a precious stone, often pearls.

Price - an equally important factor when choosing a decoration. An inexpensive and modest product is not an indicator of greed and economy, because many models that girls fall in love with are miniature and delicate options. At the same time, expensive products do not always correspond to the spent budget.
If a guy is just starting a relationship with a girl without fully studying her addictions, he should buy a pendant neutral no-frills option... It is important that a girl can wear such a gift every day and for any reason, combining the product with various looks.

Rings as a gift

Men, remember that ring for lady - this is very symbolic gift! By presenting such a gift, you seem to be hinting at the seriousness of your relationship and the sincerity of your feelings. Especially if you decide to buy a ring made of a precious gold alloy. This is how women perceive such a man's step. Therefore, there is only one piece of advice: if you are still in doubt about your relationship, then it is better to avoid giving gifts in the form of golden rings.

But if you still have a serious interception plan, then we can advise you on the following options for fashionable jewelry.

  • Today, products with stones or scattering pebbles... It can be jewelry with one large insert in the form of a garnet, emerald, topaz, cubic zirconia, or with many diamonds.
  • If your girl wears more soft, delicate products, it is better to take a ring with a fine scattering of stones. Such a thing will be worn constantly and will not bring discomfort during use. The scattering looks original, gentle and very feminine.
  • Your lady loves intricateheavy jewelry? Look at the products of openwork weaving from several types of gold, differing in color. Such creative accessories have become very popular and are considered the most fashionable and worthy of attention today.

Jewelry is one of the best gift options for any woman with or without reason.

Also fashionistas love rings. with engraving in the form of hearts, infinity signs or simply with a beautiful inscription. Take a closer look at these options, you may like something.

Choosing a bracelet as a gift for your beloved

When choosing such an accessory it is important to know the girth of the wrist... Your jewelry should be no more than 1 cm longer than the volume of your arm. If you cannot measure it, then it is better to choose bracelets consisting of small links that can be adjusted to fit.

And now more about design. A universal accessory is considered chain braceletthat suits absolutely everyone. Moreover, it is also noteworthy that an interesting pendant can be easily matched to such a chain.

A more expensive gift will be silver or gold bracelet of large massive links... This thing will be expensive, but it looks just gorgeous.

If a woman loves pearl, you can safely choose a refined thread from pearls on your hand.

You can also choose stylish charms as a gift: they are very popular and in demand among women of all ages.

What stones in jewelry to choose? Everyone knows that a girl's best friend is diamonds. However, it is not always possible for money and appropriate for the occasion to be limited only to them when choosing jewelry. Today you can choose a worthy gift with precious and even semi-precious stones, as well as crystals "Swarovski" - the present will look very presentable and solemn. This also applies to metals. Not only gold, but silver and even jewelry steel from leading brands have firmly taken their place and won the hearts of many fashionistas. They are used by leading fashion houses to create their jewelry unsurpassed in design and style.

Is it possible to give a watch to a girl

There is no logical explanation why don’t give a watch... But the conviction is firmly rooted in the ideas of suspicious people. To argue with something and talk about gifts, you need to understand with what. Let's find out what superstitions say and why people attributed magical properties to walkers.

Sign prohibiting the gift of watches, first appeared among the Chinese. The inhabitants of this country were sure that the arrows would count the time left for a person to live. This is not surprising: new discoveries have always been overgrown with signs and superstitions. And the first mechanical walkers were just assembled in China 1300 years ago, in 725. From there, the invention reached the Arabs and the rest of the world.

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A watch is a great gift that will show your seriousness towards a girl not only from the point of view of the fair sex, but also towards her personality, from the point of view of a successful independent confident winner.

In the Middle Age and a little later they did not even think about giving a watch, since such a gift was considered creepy and unthinkable. It was believed that with the help of ordinary walkers, all sorts of sorcerers and magicians sent damage to people and summoned evil spirits. After spiritualism became popular at this time, mediums used watches to communicate with the souls of the departed. It was a powerful weapon. The times of mediums have passed, but the reputation of the watch has been badly damaged. But if a modern man were transferred to those years, he would have thrown up his hands and said something like: “What is stupidity? A watch is just a piece of technology with a battery, a bunch of gears and springs, nothing more. What kind of damage? People, what are you talking about? "

A watch is an incredible invention... It laid the foundation for mechanics, made it possible for astronomy and other sciences to develop. The work of the mechanism was incomprehensible to ordinary people. Therefore, the mechanism was associated with a number of beliefs, rituals and beliefs. It all started not even with a mechanical clock, but with a solar clock. At one time, they were inextricably linked with magic.

Therefore, if you are going to give a watch, then go ahead. A smart girl will definitely appreciate your present with dignity and think that a man has taste and wealth. After all, an expensive watch is not a thing for one year.

Today girls wear watches for different purposes and designs. There are two trends in fashion: classics and sports.
Fitness lovers, pools and beauty will not refuse if they are presented with a watch with which you can go "both into fire and into water." Sports cars with a bunch of bells and whistles have a lot of useful features. For example,

  • temperature measurement;
  • determination of height above sea level;
  • GPS navigation;
  • measurement of atmospheric pressure;
  • orientation on the ground using a compass;
  • determination of the depth of immersion in water;
  • heart rate counting;
  • measuring calories burned.

Business lady you should choose a watch that directly interacts with your smartphone. Convenient functions of receiving notifications from mail, chats, calendar, diary.

А simple beauty you can give a watch with a gold or silver strap, which she will admire, as well as exhibited in front of her girlfriends.

We make an original surprise for our beloved girl just like that

As original gifts, you can present something of the unforgettable impressions и emotions.
Have a party at homethat your beloved will not know about. Invite all your friends, cook something delicious and have a movie night, board games, or just play cards together. It will not be superfluous to bring also a guitar so that everyone can emotionally relax and sing songs.
If you want to organize a romantic dinner, then you can arrange a surprise in an unusual place. This could be:

  • roof of the house;
  • out-of-town departure;
  • a park in your city, along with sushi or barbecue, where you can put a table, chairs and serve an extraordinary dinner;
  • football field;
  • coast of the sea or river.

It is better to choose an original gift depending on the character of the chosen one. Give something active to a cheerful one, something beautiful to a romantic lady, and something glamorous to a pretentious one.

Do you want something super unusual? Then you can buy a certificate for:

  • riding on an airplane;
  • hot air balloon ride;
  • skydiving;
  • riding a quad bike;
  • a trip on a tank;
  • a trip to the attractions, where you can ride a huge wheel, visit a shooting gallery or a panic room;
  • go to an unusual museum for an exhibition of wax figures, the latest models of interesting technology, robots, etc.;
  • buy tickets to the girl's favorite group, to the theater or to an event of interest to her;
  • Take the girl to a disco in a club where you can dance and meet her favorite singer or actor.

Another original present is serenade under the window... To do this, you will have to prepare well and, perhaps, learn even some kind of romantic song. However, there will be a lot of impressions. And remember that no serenade will go down at night, it is best to make a present in the evening, otherwise all the neighbors will complain and it is possible that they will even call the law enforcement agencies.

Leave the girl a little love note or a postcard that she unexpectedly finds, along with a packet of delicious cookies or a chocolate bar. Such a surprise is inexpensive and will cause a lot of emotions.
Write your own poem to the girl.

Watch the sunset with your girlfriend, wrapped in a blanket and warmed up with a bottle of wine somewhere in a romantic place. You can even rent a country house for a few days.

Give the girl a beautiful bouquet of her favorite flowers, and hide a beautiful piece of jewelry or at least just her favorite candy in one of the buds.

There are very original gifts that girls like terribly for some reason - these are Tilda. Tilda is a special style of soft textile dolls, cute creatures with small eyes, in a vintage old spirit. The Tilda doll is a great souvenir for a young person for a holiday without a reason. This doll is always exclusive, they are not made on conveyors, factory-made, but are sewn by hand, so their value is especially great. If you want to express your tenderness, then give Tilda as a gift - it will cause a lot of joyful and warm feelings.

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What to give your wife just like that, for no reason

A wife is a serious matter. Here you can't get by with the usual ideas. However, it all depends on the nature and preferences of your spouse. Let's take a little more detail.

If your beloved is a good housewife, then to make her life easier, you can donate something for the kitchen and home. It could be miracle technique... For example, a robot vacuum cleaner that will run around the apartment and clean even the most inaccessible places, without any help.

Not in the house yet multicookers - then quickly run after her. This thing will significantly reduce the cooking time of many dishes. Such an assistant in the kitchen is especially important if there are many children in the family.
As a surprise, you can also buy:

  • food processor;
  • juicer;
  • mixer;
  • deep fryer;
  • microwave.

If your spouse is still the lady, then it is better to buy her something for the soul. For example, find the certificate in:

  • beauty saloon;
  • spa;
  • hairdressing salon;
  • massage parlor.

All of these gifts will show how you care for your spouse and how much you want to please her.
What else can you think of. Take your loved one to a clothing store to find a new look for her work or special occasion. But, and if you hate in the literal sense of the word wandering around boutiques, then it is better to hand her a card with a certain amount on it and send your lady for a walk with her friends. Let them have fun. You can also buy a certificate for purchases at a specific clothing or cosmetics store.

The wife needs to make gifts that would not be ashamed to give to her mistress.

A beautiful and original present for his wife is cute, funny, inexpensive pajamas... Unusual pajamas are great gifts for any beauty, because young ladies love to walk at home in soft, beautiful and funny clothes. As it is cozy, comfortable and pleasant. Getting pajamas from a loved one is especially joyful. Choose the best quality, natural material, funny and unusual cut, and most importantly - don't be mistaken with the size. Pajamas can be purchased with:

  • slippers;
  • soft socks;
  • bathrobe;
  • warm cozy underwear;
  • plaid;
  • soft pillow;
  • fluffy towel;
  • a set of bed linen with a beautiful cool pattern.

If your wife is not ok with a sense of humor, then it is better to buy not pajamas, but peignoir... Such a thing will definitely please any lady. It is better to choose a product from a fabric that is pleasant to the touch, not in a cheap boutique at a stop. A suspicious cheap fabric will come apart after two washes, and your wife may be offended that you bought a substandard item

A good gift for his wife just like that is photography... There is no such representative of the fair sex who would not like to be photographed, admire beautiful pictures and upload photos to social networks. Girls love it, so why not please them? Present her a certificate for a professional photo shoot, and your spouse will be absolutely delighted.

If you don't know what to give your wife, then you are spending little time together. Put off work and go for a walk or to the theater together, where you can find out that your spouse has looked after herself for a new one, but hesitates to buy.

Surprise your beloved wife for no reason and not spend a lot of money simple enough, but you have to physically strain a little. It is enough to show your imagination and apply a little handmade work. For example, you can decorate the bedroom with balloons and present a miniature original bouquet of flowers that you beg or buy inexpensively from your nearest grandmother from her precious front garden. You can do something nice just by making breakfast in bed. In fact, there are an unlimited number of ideas. To please your beloved, you do not need to strain too much, the main thing is to do it from the heart, and then the feedback will not be long in coming.

So, we hope that you are now full of interesting ideas that will come in handy when choosing a gift for your beloved. And remember only one thing, a good, normal, not spoiled life and it is better to please a lady with parents often. In response, the woman will try to do something nice for you, for example, she will cook a delicious dinner more often, call your mom once again, or sew up your torn pockets without persuasion. After all, it is very important for women that from time to time a man showed his feelings for her, paid attention to her, regardless of anything, and pampered like a little girl with small presents for no reason.