What to give a wife for 30 years: TOP 30 gift ideas for the most beloved

For wife

Many men are worried about what to give their wife for 30 years. This is an anniversary date and the gift should be nice and memorable. A woman at this age is still young and beautiful, but already a rather mature self-sufficient person with her own developed tastes and hobbies. And who, if not a loving husband, knows how to please his beloved?

What to give a wife for 30 years

Start this day with a beautiful bouquet for your beloved.

The main rules when choosing a gift

In order for the surprise to please the birthday girl and to please and bring positive emotions for a long time, his choice should be taken responsibly:

  1. The gift should be chosen based on the interests and tastes of the woman.
  2. 30 years is an anniversary, which means that the gift must be serious and respectable. It is better to buy one but expensive present than several cheap ones.
  3. If you find it difficult to choose a gift, try to remember, maybe your wife told you what she needs or what she would like to receive. If nothing comes to mind, ask a close friend or your lover's parents.
  4. The gift needs to be beautifully wrapped. Be sure to present your spouse with a bouquet of flowers or chocolate together with a surprise.
  5. Don’t give money. As a last resort, present a gift certificate or ask the woman to choose what she wants and pay for the purchase.

All women are different. Depending on the character and hobbies of the wife, what the anniversary gift will be depends on.

What to give a wife for 30 years

Show your imagination and make your wife a little present with your own hands.

Romantic Gifts

If your chosen one is romantic, then the gift should be emotional and memorable. Options for ideas of what to give your wife for 30 years for her birthday can be:

  • Journey... It can be both a vacation in foreign countries, and a weekend trip to the sea or a vacation in the mountains.
  • PHOTOSESSION... It is desirable if it will be professional shooting in nature or in a specialized studio. Beautiful high-quality photos will give positive emotions for a long time.
  • Tour... A romantic tour of historic sites, a hot air balloon ride or a helicopter flight over the city at night. Unforgettable emotions are guaranteed.
  • Song or poem in honor of the birthday girl. An unexpected and surprising gift to his wife for 30 years is a serenade under the window or a poem read with feeling. Desirable own composition.
  • Romantic dinner... Candles, soft music, flowers and a fragrant dish prepared by your beloved husband. The dream of many women.
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Original gifts

An original gift to his wife for her 30th birthday is a personalized item. It can be stylish calendar, a pen, Cup, wineglass, box for jewelry or t-shirt.

What to give a wife for 30 years

Your wife will be very pleased if she discovers a ring or earrings that she has liked for a long time in the casket you donated.

Recently, as a present, a cozy blanket with sleeves... In such a place it is very warm and comfortable to spend cold evenings with your favorite book or TV show. An alternative to a blanket can be warm terry bathrobe with a declaration of love, congratulations or other interesting inscription.

Creative people will appreciate such a surprise as a portrait. It might be normal рисунок, poster on canvas or photo mosaic... And so that the beloved until the day of X could not guess about the surprise, the portrait is drawn not from a living nature, but from a photograph.

Hobby gifts

If your wife has any hobby, then the gift associated with her hobby will be not only pleasant, but also useful. What can you give your wife for 30 years depends on her hobby:

  • For sports lovers, a good gift will be: pool pass or gym, new bike, roller Skates or climbing equipment.
  • Go to the concert, exhibition, to the theater. If your wife has long dreamed of visiting a dog show or getting to a concert of her favorite artist, then here it is, it's time to fulfill her beloved's dream.
  • For those who are keen on creativity, you can buy a palette of decorative paints for painting, set for decoupage or scrapbooking.

What to give a wife for 30 years

If your spouse has a lot of hobbies, then a certificate for a creative store will be an excellent gift.

  • For those who like to while away the evening reading, a good book... It could be a novel or non-fiction. From the more expensive options, you can choose a collector's edition of your favorite author. And you can give e-book with a selection of literary works.
  • For needlewomen and lovers of hand made, it will not be superfluous creator's Kit the chosen direction (soap making, embroidery, knitting).
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Practical gifts

Practical gifts can be divided into 2 broad categories:

  1. Household items.
  2. Items for personal use.

The first category includes all those things that simplify housework or are common to all household members. It is advisable to give such gifts only when the item is really really needed. And it is advisable to discuss the purchase with your spouse in advance. These gifts include:

  • a vacuum cleaner;
  • multivariate or microwave oven;
  • bread maker;
  • coffee maker;
  • set plates or mugs;
  • frying pans, saucepans;
  • iron, steamer;

Items for personal use include:

  • a laptop;
  • board, smartphone;
  • series of care products behind the face, body, hair;
  • wardrobe items and accessories (the bag, zoнT);
  • hairdryer, curling iron, irons;
  • massagers.

What to give a wife for 30 years

Pamper your beloved - give her heavenly delight: a certificate to the spa salon.

Expensive gifts

Always and at all times, jewelry and furs have been an actual gift for women. Fur coat or any other product made of natural fur, or earrings with diamonds, emeralds, rubies - an expensive and desired gift for a self-sufficient woman.

Not every woman can buy herself an elite cosmetics и perfumery... Therefore, this option can be considered as a presentation. However, if there is no 100% certainty that this or that brand will suit your beloved wife, you can go an easier way and give certificate a specialized store of luxury cosmetics.

Household appliances can also be attributed to expensive gifts that will delight any hostess: Washer, plasma TV, fridge, food processor.

There are many options and ideas for what to give your wife for her 30th birthday. Depending on the preferences of the other half, the gift can be practical, original or romantic. And in order for the present to bring only positive emotions, its choice and design should be approached competently and responsibly.