Funny birthday gifts for a woman: emotions are provided

Everyone wants to have a fun holiday with relatives and friends, so that there is a lot of laughter, jokes and gifts in it. But, before deciding to give a comic present, you need to think about the original idea of ​​what cool birthday gifts a woman can prepare, this is described in this article.


The fantasy of some inventors is discouraging, for example, this is an aquarium with a shower, a clock and a stand for pens and pencils. The birthday girl definitely does not expect to receive such a gift.

When are joke gifts appropriate?

People close to the woman usually have the right to give such gifts. First you need to make sure that the hero of the occasion has a sense of humor, because not everyone has this feeling going wild. A serious business lady may not appreciate the unusual approach to a gift. Not everyone understands jokes and perceives them adequately.

The main rule for choosing non-standard funny gifts is that you can’t offend a woman on her name day. There are concepts that it is not customary to joke about, for example, over problems in personal life, career.

It must be remembered that a frivolous joke can spoil not only the celebration, but also lead to a break in relations with the birthday girl.

Gifts and little surprises

Supermarkets have a large number of interesting things that look unusual.

Here are comic gifts for the anniversary of a woman:

  1. A funny toy made in the form speaking hamster repeats sounds and words in a funny voice. When he says the words, he makes funny movements.
  2. Pouch of laughter - a present with fun content for the holiday. When a person is in a bad mood or has problems, the bag can cheer him up, because when pressed, he emits an infectious cheerful laugh, which gives a charge of positive emotions.

    liquid ironLiquid iron - quickly and effortlessly smooth out creases in clothes

    postcard "You were born in 1943"Postcard "You were born in 1943" - a video postcard with events that took place in the country and the world in the year the birthday girl was born

    antistress toy "Set of stones"Antistress toy "Set of stones" - designed to squeeze with all your might or gently hug, will fit perfectly into the interior of any room

  3. The birthday girl will be delighted apron with a funny pattern, where two male arms hug her from both sides. The hero of the occasion will wear an apron with pleasure.
  4. Can be donated talisman in the form of a coin that attracts money. It depicts a banknote with a cat and a dollar. This lucky coin is given to be kept in a wallet.
  5. Looks interesting and original smart phone pillowwhich resembles a real mobile phone. Small EPS beads allow the pillow to take the desired shape during use.
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Comic congratulations on anniversary gifts for a woman

Comic birthday gifts for a woman and funny poems will cheer up guests.

Happy birthday, congratulations

I wish you happiness,

I give a vacuum cleaner as a gift,

He will put things in order at home. (handed over a broom.)


Boots from Versace

The thing is fashionable not otherwise.

You completely carry them through the winter,

You won't get frostbite on your tender feet. (Give shoe covers).


From the donated outfit

You will always be happy in it. (Gift - diapers).


If you want, we will let you go

Vacation in Hawaii

Sunbathing to the sound of the waves

You will come - you will starve. (A comic gift - a colorfully designed ticket with a hat).

social curtain

Social curtain - for those who do not leave social networks

Original congratulations with gifts for a woman

Such comic gifts cannot be considered as an independent gift.

Cool gifts for an anniversary are usually an addition to the main present.

  1. An experienced car lover who cannot imagine life without a car, gift in the form of models of toy cars like it very much.
  2. Large size handkerchiefs (like a head scarf) with funny prints or embroidery. Be sure to say when handing the wish that it is allowed to wipe with this handkerchief only tears that have appeared from happiness.

cloud of balloonsA cloud of balloons is a “wow” gift for those who love to “fly”

inflatable circle "Flamingo"Inflatable circle "Flamingo" - for a beautiful and fashionable photo session or just relaxing by the pool

cotton candy making machineCotton candy machine - to return to childhood, you just need to press the start button

  1. You can give sweets in the form of medicines. To do this, you need to pack round dragees or colorful sweets in a jar, and stick a label with such words, for example, "Sweet help from life's troubles" or "Vitamins for happiness."
  2. Photo collage of pictures different years can be made in the form of a poster or a huge postcard and hang on the wall. An interesting option for a budget gift is the production of a cool diploma or certificate for the “First Beauty Model”, “Real Madonna”, “Excellent Hostess”. They will cause an explosion of laughter and cheer up all those present on this significant day.
  3. You can order a friendly artist caricature, however, the cartoon must not be offensive.
  4. original medal with the inscription "To the birthday girl who is always 18" will not leave a woman indifferent.

When presenting such a gift, it is imperative to focus the attention of those present on the comic character.

Gifts for a beautiful lady of the anniversary with meaning and humor

Comic gifts for an anniversary, if desired, can be made with your own hands, ordered by specialists or searched in stores. Presentation of a three-liter jar with the inscription "Bank" will amuse not only the hero of the occasion, but also all the guests. You can throw a jar at those present with the words: “help open a bank account”, so that the guests put small money there, at least purely symbolically.

If a woman is a math teacher, you can give her pointer or compass, cap with written mathematical formulas and laws, and a chemist - rubber gloves and flask.

Good gift for a sweet tooth transparent jars of the original form with multi-colored sweets, dragees and lollipops. On each jar it is necessary to stick the inscriptions "For a positive", "To raise the spirit and mood."

Now it is possible to print almost any pattern, even on fabric. Can be ordered T-shirt or sweatshirt with a cool pattern and funny caption. original cushion with a printed picture "Have a nice holiday" will also please and amuse the hero of the day.

You need to find out what the hero of the day is fond of and what she dreams of, so that the gift really turns out to be non-standard and unusual.

recording a song in a studioRecording a song in the studio is a great gift for both a creative person and a lover of singing in the shower

aura photoAura photo - will help you better understand your inner world and personality traits

balloon flightHot air balloon flight - a journey into a fairy tale that will be remembered for a lifetime

If the hero of the day has an aquarium at home, then handing her goldfish - a great option. It is necessary to write a text for the present that this fish is not easy, she, like in a fairy tale, is ready to fulfill her desires. This type of gift will turn out if you present Aladdin's magic lamp. When giving such items, you need to create an effect so that funny gifts for an anniversary are remembered for a long time.

Presenting money as a gift is trite, but sometimes the birthday girl herself expresses a desire to receive a present in cash. The hero of the occasion has long decided what she will buy with this money. If you decide to donate cash, then you should try to make the presentation fun and funny.

There are the following delivery options:

  • One can give money by making an interesting panel out of them, bouquet or carefully attach bills to the money tree.
  • You can sew up the banknotes each separately in a transparent plastic film, like the letters of first graders. It turns out cape with banknotes, you can throw it on the shoulders of the birthday girl or put it under her feet in front of her.
  • It'll be fun if mix real banknotes with souvenir ones. You need to take a large bulky bag. And to avoid confusion, you need to use different currencies, real rubles with souvenir dollars.

To get an original congratulation, you need to choose the right and correctly present a cool gift to the birthday girl.


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