What flowers to give a girl, what color, and how many buds should be in a bouquet

For women

Live plants as a gift, a sign of attention, recognition - a beautiful tradition. It is not known when she appeared, but firmly entered life. Showing up on a date without a bouquet is considered indecent. It does not matter at all whether one rose or a floral arrangement is presented, they fill the atmosphere with tenderness, romance. Florists advise what flowers to give a girl so that they become not just a standard offering, but emphasize the depth of feelings.

Flowers are always appropriate

Flowers are always appropriate if you want to cheer up a girl.

Choice by shade

In response to a request to pick up a bouquet, sellers of flower shops will definitely ask who it is intended for: a friend, sister, bride. And, as a rule, for a girl they will offer to buy flowering plants of delicate pastel shades with half-blown buds. They emphasize tenderness, youth, purity.

No need to focus only on white petals. The palette is quite extensive, it can be cream, blue, salmon, peach shades.

From time immemorial, the main rule for choosing a bouquet was precisely the color of the flowers. She could clearly tell about those secret feelings that the fan was embarrassed to say out loud. Here's what the tones mean:

  • pink - tenderness;
  • white - modesty, purity of thoughts;
  • blue - devotion;
  • cream - perfection;
  • scarlet - passion, fiery love.

The yellow color has an ambiguous meaning. According to some sources, this is a sign of betrayal, separation, according to others - friendship and warmth of the heart. Here it is better to rely on the attitude of the girl herself to yellow flowers.

Yellow flowers

Before choosing flowers, find out about color preferences

According to the value of plants

About feelings can tell not only the shade of the petals, but also a specific type of plant. There is a strong belief that no girl can resist roses. But besides the queen of flowers, there is a great variety of beautiful flower cultures, each with its own special meaning. To answer the question of what kind of bouquet to give a girl, it would be good to study the “language of flowers”. Here's what he has to say:

  1. Gerbera - appropriate in just starting relationships, as they show sympathy, interest and flirting;
  2. Freesia - a symbol of trust, devotion;
  3. Lilies - personifies admiration, sophistication;
  4. Irises - a beautiful sign of wisdom and hope;
  5. Tulips - flowers of tender love;
  6. Mimoses - shyness and indecision;
  7. Chrysanthemums - openness, joy;
  8. Lily-of-the-valley - talk about tenderness, sincerity;
  9. Chamomile - romance, youth;
  10. Pansies eyes - "give" a kiss to the chosen one;
  11. Orchids - personify closer relationships, passion, charm;
  12. Callas - admiration, devotion;
  13. Roses - were and will be symbols of passionate love.

Gerbera is appropriate at the beginning of a relationship

Gerbera is appropriate at the beginning of a relationship, but if a girl loves them, then they will always be desired.

Given the nature of the girl

When choosing a bouquet for a well-known girl, you can take her character traits as a guide. Lilies of the valley, violets, hyacinths are suitable for modest women. Romantic girls will be happy with wild flowers, lilacs, daisies. Extravagant persons will appreciate rare exotic crops: orchid, amaryllis, amaranth.

Some types of flowers are traditionally considered male, for example, anthuriums, daffodils, gladioli, delphiniums. But there are girls who really like these representatives of the flora, so plants can be given without fear of spoiling the mood of a friend. Such flowers will especially please girls with a bold, decisive character.

Focusing on appearance

But what if the gift is addressed to a beautiful stranger, or the character of the partner has not yet been studied well enough? According to the laws of flower etiquette, you can choose a bouquet, focusing on the appearance of the one to whom it is intended. For example, here are some flowers to give a girl, given the color of her hair:

  • Blondes are perfect bouquet in peach, pink, cream, white. A good choice is daisies, kosmeya, tea roses;
  • brown-haired women can choose beautiful creations of nature in lilac, blue burgundy shades. You can add a lot of greenery to the bouquet;
  • brunettes fit large flowers with a rich color: orange, red. It can be gerberas, peonies, asters.

But if a girl loves pink tulips, then other flowers are unlikely to outshine them for her, regardless of the color of her hair.

Astrologers advise

Ideally, of course, to know the floral preferences of your bride, girlfriend. But if it is still difficult to choose which flowers to give, then you can trust astrology:

  1. Aries - daffodils, mimosa, chrysanthemums are suitable for them;
  2. Taurus - plants that bloom in May: tulips, viola, lilac;
  3. Gemini - will not remain indifferent to roses, poppies, freesia;
  4. Crayfish - white roses in buds, irises, lilies;
  5. Lions - lilies of the valley, orchids;
  6. Virgos - peonies, gerberas, roses;
  7. Libra - they will be pleased with autumn flowers: asters, zinnias, dahlias;
  8. Scorpions - carnations, violets;
  9. Sagittarius - mimosa, tulips, hyacinths;
  10. Capricorns - orchid, jasmine;
  11. Aquarius - callas, lilies;
  12. Fish - white tulips, daisies.

Number of flowers in a bouquet

The difficulty arises not only about what flowers can be given to a girl, but also their number in a bouquet. There is an unshakable rule here - the number must be odd. As for the rest, it all depends on the season, the financial situation of the donor, and the occasion.

The number of flowers in the bouquet may vary

The number of flowers in a bouquet may be different, but the main thing is your attention.

One flower does not mean at all that a man is poor or stingy, on the contrary, such a gift will tell the girl that she is the only one, the meaning of his life. But if they are going to present a floristic gift in a single copy, the inflorescence should be large, with a long stem and without packaging. For an important event, it is better to choose an appropriate bouquet, for example, from white roses or lilies. But do not overload the gift with bows, packaging materials, let it remain a symbol of naturalness, youth.

3 flowers will tell the beloved about devotion, 5 will become a declaration of love. And the number 7 is associated with the word "family", so this number of flowers is usually presented when a marriage proposal is made, or on the day of engagement.

You should always remember that the presented bouquet reflects the taste, level of culture and attitude towards the girl. Therefore, you need to choose and present it thoughtfully, from the bottom of your heart.

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