What to give your mistress for her birthday: 22 ways to show her significance

For women

For many men, no matter how progressive society resists this, sooner or later a very interesting question arises of what to give their mistress for her birthday. Indeed: mistresses can be in different types of relationships with a man, be both a beloved wife and an intriguer on the side. True, one way or another you want to do something pleasant, but it's scary to make a mistake with the choice. Therefore, this article will tell you about exactly how to choose the perfect gift for your mistress. After reading it, the reader will have several fail-safe presentation options for the lady of the heart.

Set for two "Love art"

Set for two "Love art" - draw with "passion"

Jewelry gift

Women love to feel loved. The status of a mistress, in fact, can mean a fairly large number of social positions of a lady: from a full partner to an “illegal” stray affair, but regardless of this, any mistress will be glad to some gift decoration. It is believed that for those women who have a more or less official status in relationships - wives, partners - jewelry gives confidence in the present day. For those who remain in the place of the "schemer", they give hope for further progress in relations.

When choosing what to give your lover from jewelry, it is important to choose the right form of the gift. Necklace и necklaces, bracelets и earrings - excellent options, which cannot be said about rings: rings, especially with diamonds, can be misunderstood and misunderstood by mistresses.

If we talk about the metal from which it is better to buy expensive jewelry, you should opt for silver and platinum. Gold is still more often associated with marriage, also, if there are impurities in gold, girls may be allergic to it (which is especially insulting - to have gold jewelry and not wear it!). Silver and platinum are not allergenic metals, which, moreover, look no less impressive than gold, and even surpass it in their beauty.

Chic gold bracelet with cubic zirkonia - "wreath"

It is worth paying attention to the stones, if they have a place to be in the decoration. Rubies are not very popular among women now, but pink diamonds - diamonds - and sapphires are just experiencing the peak of popularity. Particular attention should be paid to the cutting of the stones themselves: a small, but perfectly cut stone will look twenty times better than a large, but hastily hewn one, and a neat sapphire, most likely, a beloved woman will like more than a huge, but ugly emerald.

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Gifts for body and soul

Women are refined natures, and this is worth remembering when choosing a gift for your mistress. All of them, regardless of the status of the relationship, like certain things that make them beautiful: they delight, so to speak, both the soul and the body.

First of all, of course, we are talking about perfume. It is not at all necessary to buy bottles with sweet sugary aromas, very often not so pronounced, but women like the soft smell more. Moreover, if a man has two mistresses, it will be extremely convenient to buy two identical bottles at once in order to exclude the possibility of “hitting hot”.

perfume Nina Ricci

Compare it to a fragrant flower or a ripe berry with Nina Ricci perfume

Also, do not forget what makes a woman beautiful in the bedroom - about her underwear. Expensive, weightless lace can cost a fortune, so when you go to a lingerie store, you need to know exactly the size of your lady of the heart, otherwise a large amount of money will fly into the pipe. Perfect with panties and bras silk robes, which are often sold in all the same lingerie stores, sometimes even complete with underwear. Such a gift will allow the mistress to feel not only desirable, but also incredibly attractive.

good warm coat also warms the heart and soul. Mink, fox, chinchilla - it's not too important, the main thing is to choose a variant of a fur coat that will best sit on your beloved woman. If there is not enough money for fur coats and sheepskin coats, you can always donate collar и natural hat fursand gloves leather. Do not forget about sheepskin: they will also warm their beloved in cold winters, reminding her of her beloved male giver.

short fur coat

Nice long green fur coat

Do not forget about the easiest way to quench the passions of the female body: take a girl to an expensive restaurant. However, he does not have to leave his lover without boots, any fashionable restaurant will do, where they really tasty food, and can also provide first-class service to make the special evening of the beloved woman the best in the world.

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There is also a slightly different option: ordering high-class cuisine at home. The best wine, wonderful snacks, exquisite dishes - all this will definitely make the mistress the happiest woman on earth, especially if she “accidentally” finds a ring in her glass of European champagne, indicating the special intentions of her man.

Services as a gift

It rarely happens that a self-respecting lover does not walk around all sorts of beauty salons. Can you give her service coupon (or a gift card for salon services, whichever is more convenient for you) and be calm for her mental well-being - at least about her own appearance.

Massage certificate

Massage certificate - a relaxing and inspiring gift

Good salons with manicure and pedicure masters are now worth their weight in gold. By choosing the best master according to reviews, you can write your beloved to him and be sure that at least here she will not be infected with hepatitis B. The same applies, by the way, to dentistry, after all, a smooth snow-white smile on the face of a mistress will not shine by itself.

Massage Salons и solariums deserve no less attention. The course of insolation baths can cost a pretty penny, but it will allow the mistress to get a beautiful, gorgeous tan. A massage will help once again to relax and give your body a break from hard routine work. There are also unique types of massage - Thai, stones, using necrophage fish - and gift certificates for them will be, accordingly, more expensive.

Beauty Salons и hairdressing salons - also an important place for a woman to visit. And they also have the practice of buying and giving gift certificates. A woman's hair is the most intimate place on her body, it used to be thought, so you should pay so much attention to the hairstyle and haircut of your mistress. It is often simply necessary to find a quality master, and if a lover does this, the lover will be simply happy.

Certificate for a beauty salon

A certificate to a beauty salon or a hairdresser is not a hint that she looks bad, but a message that you value her beauty

It is worth highlighting such an unusual gift as romantic photo session. Any girl and woman likes to feel like a star, to be in the spotlight, and who can give her this feeling, if not a professional photographer... plan ahead a lot, but finding pedigreed dogs and cats with an accommodating character will be much easier. Separately, it is worth noting about such a gift as a nude photo session: this is a very intimate and intimate gift, and by offering something similar to your girlfriend (or woman), you need to be prepared for the fact that these relationships will become even closer, deeper and more sensual.

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Whatever gift your mistress chooses based on this list, it's important to remember two things. Firstly, mistresses are also individuals, so it’s worth choosing presents for them according to their interests. And secondly - the mistress in the first place is a tender woman, and she will be extremely pleased to receive a bouquet of roses in addition to the gift.