What to give a woman for 40 years: 100 best ideas for a magical gift

The article will help those who do not know what to give a woman for 40 years. It describes which gift you should choose, based on who you are the hero of the day. Various ideas of original, memorable and practical gifts are presented. It also describes how to present emotions and impressions as a gift.

What to give a woman for 40 years What to give a woman for 40 years

Give the birthday girl a real holiday - throw a party

Who is the present from?

40 years is a special, significant date for any woman. Indeed, at the age of forty, a woman already has enough wisdom and self-confidence. A gift presented for the fortieth birthday should emphasize the individuality and attractiveness of the hero of the day.

Before choosing a gift for a 40-year-old woman, you should decide who she is to you:

  1. The hero of the day is your mother. For mom, the most important thing is the attention of children, so whatever you give, she will be happy. But still, you should not choose some unnecessary things that will then gather dust on a shelf or in a closet. Give mom something heartfelt, like a painting from her photo, a photo collage, or a family movie. Most likely, you know your mother's tastes well, so you can give her, for example, perfumes, cosmetics or household appliances.
  2. The hero of the day is your sister. Sister can be presented as a practical and original gift. Suitable, for example, an exotic flower, if you want to surprise the hero of the day. And the exclusive edition of the book is suitable as the desired presentation. Also suitable are vases, sets, decor items, etc. But such items should be chosen only if the birthday girl does not have them. Because why give another set if a woman already has a dozen of them on her shelves? You can present your sister with a certificate to your favorite store.

    Portrait on canvasA portrait on canvas is a gift worthy of a real lady

    Certificate in a stylish storeCertificate to a stylish store - let the lady choose her own gift

    Candy set with textCandy set with text - what woman doesn't love chocolate?

  3. The birthday girl is your wife. The husband must constantly remind his wife that she is a woman. It is better to choose some specifically female things, while the gift should be solid, because the hero of the day is 40 years old. Jewelry, trips for two, horseback riding or boat trips will do. If you don’t know what to give your wife for her 40th birthday, then arrange a romantic dinner for her, the main thing is that it should be a surprise for her. The main thing is that your spouse feels love and care.
  4. If you are a close friend of the hero of the day, then you know exactly what she wants. Maybe she's dreaming of a "holiday"? Then present her with a certificate in SPA-salon. Or maybe she loves the theater, but just can't find the time to go to buy tickets? Give her tickets to a play or exhibition, etc. Consider her hobbies. Give the flower grower garden tools or a rare flower. If a woman is looking after her health and figure, then a pair of new sneakers or a subscription to a fitness room will come in handy. Also, a friend can order a photo session for the birthday girl in some interesting topic.
  5. Are you a business partner or colleague for the birthday girl? Then give a practical gift, such as a good organizer, foot hammock, parker, photo frame, etc. By the way, just a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates or chocolate will do.

What to give a woman for 40 years What to give a woman for 40 years

An unusually beautiful and delicious cake will be a wonderful gift

gifts for wife

This section will help those who cannot decide what to give their wife for 40 years:

  • My Love bracelet studded with Swarovski crystals.
  • Candlestick "Moon in love" to create a romantic atmosphere.
  • Tea pair strewn with roses or hearts.
  • "Heart warmer" to warm a woman in your absence.
  • Electromagnetic photo frame in the shape of a heart.
  • Composition of exotic flowers.

Women things

At the age of forty, the beauty of a woman is not lost, but only becomes more mature and mysterious, so you need to emphasize it by choosing a truly feminine gift.

Present jewelry to emphasize the sophistication of the hero of the day. Jewelry can be presented by close relatives or a friend. You can choose any present, for example, a bracelet, earrings, necklace, brooch, ring or pick up a set. If you opted for jewelry, then it is important not to skimp, they must be really luxurious and elegant. Such a gift is also good because it can become memorable, especially if engraved.

Cookware SetA set of dishes - a gift for a real queen of the kitchen

Bouquet of delicate roses - a wonderful classic

Chocolate wrap certificateChocolate wrap certificate - give her a sweet fairy tale

Perfumery. If you stop at this present, then make sure that the hero of the day loves this or that smell, and she is not allergic to any components. Usually, women in their forties prefer softer scents with hints of iris or musk.

Certificate in SPA-salon will appreciate any woman, but make sure that she is not suspicious. After all, the hero of the day can perceive such a present as a hint of her aged or tired appearance.

If you don’t know what to give your girlfriend for 40 years, then choose branded accessories. For example, a leather bag or gloves of a famous brand, an elegant scarf. By the way, a gift certificate to a company store will do.

Impression gifts

The fortieth birthday is considered to be a “ruby” anniversary, because this is exactly the age when a woman wants to get new sensations and feel the fullness of life. In this regard, the gift should be chosen interesting, bringing a sea of ​​emotions. Gifts can be different, below are the most popular.

Great dinner at an expensive restaurant. Most likely, such a gift should be presented to a loved one, because it can hit the wallet pretty hard, but nothing is a pity for loved ones.

What to give a woman for 40 years What to give a woman for 40 years

Give gifts with all your heart and then it won't matter what's inside

Travel abroad or a ticket to a sanatorium. Remember where the hero of the day always dreamed of going, maybe to romantic Paris, to the paradise islands or to restless Los Angeles. Or maybe a woman does not like to travel outside the country? Then a ticket to the sights of your country will do.

A gift certificate for a tea ceremony will appeal to a lover of such events. In order for the hero of the day to take a break from everyday life, present her with a certificate for an exotic massage. Or maybe the hero of the day loves extreme sports? Then present her with a certificate for extreme driving, skiing, flying in a wind tunnel, and for the most courageous - skydiving or a diving course. A romantic woman can be given a ride in a hot air balloon, on a horse or a boat ride.

Gifts by interest

Almost all people develop hobbies or hobbies by the age of forty, so just pick up something that a woman devotes a lot of time to.

If a woman is a real auto lady, then you can present her with a car coffee maker, seat covers. If you don’t know what to give a woman for 40 years inexpensively, but with taste, then choose a beautiful upholstery on the steering wheel.

For a careerist, purchase designer office accessories, such as beautiful pens, a leather-covered diary.

Elite bed linenLuxury bed linen is a gift that every woman will appreciate

Named external batteryNamed external battery - for the one that is always in touch

Aroma HumidifierFragrant moisturizer - take care of her health

The cook will need a toaster, a yogurt maker, or trendy gadgets like a chocolate fondue fountain.

A housewife will like a home flower, a cozy bathrobe, bed linen, a quality blanket or beautiful curtains. If we talk about more significant things, then you can give a TV, bedside tables, a soft sofa or a massage chair.

Present an easel, brushes, high-quality paints or tickets to a famous exhibition in France to the artist.

A needlewoman will like a set for embroidery, weaving with beads, etc.

Give an intellectual an e-book or a rare set of literature.

So, now you know what to give a woman for her 40th birthday. Most importantly, do not forget about sincere wishes and kind words. As an addition, you can give a bouquet of sweets, a basket of fruits or just flowers.

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