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Are you agitated, do not know what to do, not a single thought in your head? Eyes run up, and ears are tired of senseless advice? Well, by all indications, it looks like you are faced with a problem - what to give a woman.

But don't worry, there are no insoluble problems! It is enough to know 6 simple things to make a gift for a woman unforgettable. How to please a woman is described later in the article.

universal gift for women

A basket with a set of favorite or classic drinks, flowers, sweets will always be appropriate.

What to look for when choosing a gift for a woman

Every woman is a mystery. It is impossible to resolve it with logical conclusions, especially with the male mind. In many ways, her mood is controlled by the characteristics of the hormonal background and the reaction to the same situation can be diametrically opposite. It remains to reconcile and accept your queen, and when choosing a gift, pay attention to the general principles characteristic of most of the cutest creatures, this world revolves around.

What to look for when choosing a gift

Delicacy is the most important guideline when choosing a present for a woman.


Perhaps this point will seem obvious to some. But do not rush to move on to the second. Many adults, for example, give girls clothes “for growth”, forgetting that at this age it is much more pleasant to get a doll or a stuffed dog. Or the opposite case: giving an older woman a gift more suitable for a teenager. In addition, with age, a woman's tastes change, and what she enjoyed at 20 may not impress her at all at 35.

In Breakfast at Tiffany's, the protagonist said, "I think wearing diamonds before age 40 is bad taste." Maybe your lady thinks the same. Therefore, the first rule: do not forget that the year of birth in the passport is of great importance when choosing a gift.


Sports shoes as a gift will suit your beloved grandmother, only the style should be appropriate - elegant and noble instead of daring youth.

Favorite smell

Knowing about the olfactory preferences of the young lady, you can significantly expand the range of purchases. For example, you know for sure that she is delighted with the smell of strawberries. In addition to the berries themselves, you can find perfumes with this scent, shower gel or body cream. If she likes how roses or other flowers smell, but she probably won't give up on bubble bath with that scent. Crazy about the smell of chocolate? Give her this treat or a chocolate wrap session. The second rule: women love not only with their ears.


The magical world of scents emphasize the individuality of the beautiful half of humanity.

Favorite color

The principle is the same as with smells. Only here the choice of gifts increases to infinity. Clothes, jewelry, dishes, flowers, even a set of travel suitcases, if appropriate. A thing in a favorite color can lift a woman's mood, regardless of whether it is an ordinary bag or a designer vase. Rule three: pay attention to what color objects are more in her environment, and use this to your advantage.


Bath and body care sets in your favorite colors are the perfect choice for any occasion.


Usually, the character of a woman can be said after a fairly long communication. Some addictions, hobbies, little whims will open to you only after you earn her trust. And if you have already achieved this, then there should be no problems with the choice. For a hangout lover, buy tickets to the most fashionable club, for a reader - books, magazines, albums, for a theatergoer arrange a meeting with your favorite actor. Rule four: remember that if she doesn't know how to cook, then an apron is not the best gift for her.


The heart of the most capricious woman in the world will be touched by the attention, love of dear people.

Attitude towards surprises

Not sure what to give a woman? Surprise her! A trip to a restaurant, an invitation to an extreme date, a rooftop party. It can be anything that your imagination is not afraid of. However, here you need to find out how the gifted person relates to surprises. If she is frightened by a stranger who will hand her a bouquet, or if a photographer “suddenly” wants to take a picture of her alerted, then she will have to stop at something more traditional. From this - rule number five: do not get the piano out of the bushes if you are not sure that it will be played.


The best friends of women are not only diamonds, but everyone loves jewelry.


It depends on whether you know the previous points. And also whether you can make a gift that is not customary to give to an unfamiliar person. It is unlikely that you can present underwear to the woman with whom you are on the third date. And, of course, if you have known each other for a very short time, you can hardly say anything about her tastes. The last rule is: give something cute, but not too personal; and if you really want to, at least ask your friends what she likes.

In conclusion

A materialized, correctly selected gift for a woman is still half the battle. The rest is how it will be delivered. And this aspect in the minds of the princesses occupies an important place, which primarily affects the subsequent reaction from the present himself. Giving should be beautiful: gentle, kind words of a loving heart, hugs and a kiss - everything that every woman of any age, status and character wants!

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