What to give a woman for 57 years: 40 original and useful ideas

For women

After reading this article, you will know what to give a woman for 57 years so that the present will please her. There are a huge number of options for a gift. The choice depends on the hobbies, hobbies, preferences, type of activity, leisure of the birthday girl. This article has collected the most interesting ideas depending on the budget and time.

Flower bed as a gift

Gifts for home

Each housewife will be happy with a gift that will come in handy in everyday life. Probably, you also acquired such a present when you were deciding what to give your mother for 56 years. However, new items appear on the market almost every month. In electronics stores, a variety of different devices and gadgets are presented.

Modern kitchen technology makes cooking much easier. You can donate one of the following electrical appliances:

  • microwave oven;
  • electric oven;
  • electric grinder;
  • blender;
  • mixer with various attachments;
  • coffee grinder;
  • coffee maker;
  • juicer;
  • toaster;
  • deep fryer;
  • steamer;
  • food processor;
  • grill;
  • waffle iron.

In addition to gadgets for the kitchen, you can present other household appliances as a gift. For example, iron, a vacuum cleaner, TV, washing machine.

Tableware will also be a great gift. Set pans, pan or sauté pan will never be superfluous. Cutlery, plates, salad bowls, glasses и wine glasses - although not the most original gift, but practical.

Food processor

Women things

A daughter, sister, daughter-in-law or girlfriend can give something from cosmetics. Expensive spirits or quality lipstick will always be appreciated. However, this is a choice only of very close relatives or acquaintances, since they must know the tastes of the birthday girl. For a more distant circle that is not so knowledgeable about her preferences, a win-win option may be set of aromatic oils or bath salts.

Accessories will definitely delight a woman. But you need to give those that she would like, but still cannot buy herself. A bag, purse, umbrella, watch, shawl, scarf or gloves - a great idea for a gift from relatives.

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Jewelry is a good option as a gift from your husband: silver bracelet, gold earrings or Pearl necklace will certainly delight any woman.

Impression gifts

Билеты to the concert your favorite singer or to the theater for a performance with the participation of a popular actor, for an exhibition or any other cultural event will not leave anyone indifferent. In addition, this is an opportunity for a woman to go out into the light, because loving children know exactly what to give their mother for 57 years, and know how important it is for her.

Concert or dance

A birthday concert or dance will delight a woman.

An elegant gift will be travel abroad: to France or Italy. Of course, this is only if funds permit. However, there are more budget options, such as a trip to Egypt, Turkey, Montenegro or a tour of the Golden Ring of Russia.

Nowadays, a rather popular gift is workshops... For example, you can send mom to a master class on making sushi, or teaching belly dancing. If the birthday girl is a creative person, then master classes in painting, pottery, painting of bags and T-shirts are suitable.

DIY gifts

Grandchildren can please their grandmother with gifts made with their own hands. Can be done frame and insert their joint photo into it. Application from Paper, beaded flowers, embroidered picturedecorated with fabric, casket will give great pleasure to any grandmother.

Remember, the cost of the gift is not important, the most important thing is that it is useful and made with love. Give a gift with all your heart and soul, then you will definitely like it.