40+ ideas on how to give money to a woman in an original way

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People are divided into two camps. The former believe that money is an excellent gift, because in this case a person will buy what he needs himself. Others say that giving a monetary present means showing disrespect to the birthday person. Be that as it may, bills are often given, and many people are happy to receive them as a gift.

If you decide to present money as a gift to a woman, then you should think about how to present it correctly. After all, if you just hand over a bundle of banknotes, it will be a sign of bad taste. Fortunately, there are many ways to decorate such a gift.

If you do not know how to give money to a woman in an original way, it doesn’t matter. Below are the best ideas on how to play a gift with money.

40 new ideas on how to give money to a woman in an original way

  1. Red envelope. Red is not only a symbol of love, but also has a sacred meaning in Chinese culture. It is believed that such a gift will bring prosperity.
  2. A stack of stickers. Place the bills between the stickers and tie them up with a festive ribbon. You can write warm words on each of the sheets.
  3. Antique box. Money can be rolled up or put in a stack on the bottom. This is a double gift, because the beautiful box can be used to store jewelry.
  4. Book of a favorite author. Banknotes are laid under the spine. It turns out to be an original surprise.
  5. Hollow stone. Such items are used to store keys by the porch. But a money gift can be hidden in a stone.
  6. Lunch box. We fill it with money following the example of a box.
  7. Bag with money. It can be decorated in both modern and medieval style. The latter option is good if the woman is a fan of fantasy stories.
  8. Scented candle. Cut out a cavity in a large candle and fill it with rolled banknotes. When giving a gift, hint that the woman looks at the gift better, otherwise the money may be unnoticed and simply burned out.
  9. Greenery container. In this case, it is better to present the cash gift in dollars so as not to break the associative connection.
  10. Book safe. A useful gift for keeping money and securities. And the presence of bills inside will be a pleasant surprise.
  11. Piggy bank. Pick up a beautiful piggy bank and fill it to the brim with money.
  12. Money Tree. You can use a live flower or an artificial imitation. We tie the banknotes to the branches with multi-colored ribbons.
  13. Pot of coins. You will have to collect a fairly large number of coins in advance. A great gift for a woman with a sense of humor.
  14. Secret belt. This belt has a small secret pocket where you can shove several bills.
  15. Ukulele. If a woman is into music, give her a small ukulele. Put money in the instrument deck.
  16. Mini safe. This safe looks just like a real one. Typically, such designs are equipped with combination locks. Opening the safe, the birthday girl will find a bundle of bills in it.
  17. Double bottom phone case. A practical gift and an original surprise.
  18. Picture. If a woman is a lover of painting, then such a gift will come in handy. Banknotes can be hidden in a frame or do the same as with a photo frame.
  19. Double bottom birdhouse. Used by summer residents who store spare keys in a secret compartment. But it's great for the money.
  20. Hair brush. Choose a model that has a removable plug from the handle, where you can hide a cash present.
  21. Tennis ball. Suitable for fans of this sport. You can put money inside through a small incision made with a file.
  22. Pocket mirror. Such a gift may seem like a mere trifle until the birthday girl sees the bills hidden inside.
  23. Wall cuckoo clock. Tie a cash memento to the cuckoo. When the mechanism works, the woman will be pleasantly surprised.
  24. The globe. There are models that open in half. This is the kind of globe you need. Hide the main present inside it.
  25. Ball pen. Disassemble the pen and wrap the ampoule in bills. Then reassemble. Use 1-2 bills so as not to interfere with the operation of the mechanism.
  26. Chips packaging. Pringles crisp boxes are great for these purposes. Remove the chips. Place the bills in a tight zip bag at the bottom of the box and refill with chips.
  27. Bank. Take a regular jar and fill it with authentic and souvenir banknotes. You can also use coins. Close the lid and tie with a bow.
  28. Ladies tie with a secret pocket. A stylish wardrobe item and a pleasant surprise.
  29. Postcard. Put the money in a card and tie it with a ribbon to keep it from falling out.
  30. Box of chocolates. Take out the candies and replace them with money.
  31. Gift box. Place the money in the gift box and tie it with a ribbon. You can use a long jewelry box. But in this case, you run the risk of not living up to expectations, because when she sees the box, a woman can expect to receive a piece of jewelry as a gift.
  32. Case. Money in a black diplomat is a classic of the genre. If a woman loves spy stories, then such a gift will certainly delight her.
  33. Pirate treasure. Buy a pirate-style chest and fill it with bills and coins.
  34. Basket with sweets. Place a few banknotes on the bottom of this basket. You can use a fruit basket in the same way.
  35. Flower vase. Put the money inside the vase, but don't forget to warn the woman about the gift to be examined properly.
  36. Several boxes of different shapes. The money should be put in the smallest one. We put boxes on the principle of nesting dolls.
  37. In Kinder Surprise. Divide the chocolate egg carefully into two halves. We take out the toy from the plastic box, and put the folded bills inside. We collect the egg and wrap it in a package.
  38. Map. Attach money to the map of the world or the Russian Federation.
  39. A picture of money. The easiest option is to lay out a tree from banknotes.
  40. Brick. We break the brick with a hammer and hollow out a recess in one of its parts. We invest money inside. We collect the brick and tie it with a ribbon.
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How to give money to a Woman with humor

If a woman has a good sense of humor, then you can beat the cash gift accordingly. A good gift must definitely evoke positive emotions.

When thinking about how unusual it is to give money to a woman, choose one of the following options:

Office trash can... An unexpected gift that will certainly amuse the birthday girl. Buy a small bucket with a lid. Put a bundle of bills in it and hand it to the woman.

The advantage of such a gift is that a bucket is needed in the household and will subsequently be used for its intended purpose.

Bank of cereals... Hiding money in a jar of cereals is an old custom that came from nowhere. But nevertheless, our grandmothers still used this method to hide savings.

And this idea is great for an unusual cash presentation. We put the banknotes in a zip-bag, lower them to the bottom of the can and sprinkle with cereals.

Log... To prepare such a gift, you will need woodworking tools. Saw the log in half. Then, in one of its parts, using a chisel, cut out a recess.

We put money in it. We fold the log and rewind it tightly with a gift tape so that the parts do not move. A great idea, how cool to give money for an anniversary to a woman.

Chair... Find an antique chair with a padded seat (they are very inexpensive at the flea market). Like the heroes of the stories of Ilf and Petrov, hide the money under the casing.

When handing over such a gift, give the hero of the occasion a clerical knife, thereby hinting at the search for money. Great idea on how to pack your money.

Roll of toilet paper... You should give such a gift rather carefully so as not to upset the birthday girl. But if you are confident in her sense of humor, then this is a great presentation option.

Choose a roll that has a sleeve. It is in it that the bills are hidden. Then you can tie the gift with a festive ribbon and decorate it with a large bow.

How to give money to a woman romantically

A good romantic gift can melt the heart of any woman. All the fair sex highly appreciate the signs of attention.

And if you decide to give money in a romantic atmosphere, then take a closer look at one of the following options:

Bouquet... It's no secret that women love flowers. And the luxurious bouquet will certainly cheer up the hero of the day. But the effect will be even stronger if there is money inside. They can be tied with thin ribbons to the stems or clamped to a note.

This gift option is good for any occasion and is suitable for women of all ages. A good way to give money for an anniversary to a woman in an original way.

Soft toy. Naturally, you should not unpick the toy and fill it with bills. Such vandalism is unlikely to delight a woman. But you can do more original by putting bills in the hand of a soft toy.

You can fix them with a money clip. If the toy is wearing a hat, backpack, or other items of clothing, you can use them to hide a cash surprise.

Message in a Bottle... Many romantic stories are associated with such messages. Take a bottle, print it out and put an old label on it to give the impression that it is not one hundred years old.

Write a small message with warm words on a piece of paper, then put money in it and roll it up. All that remains is to put the message in the bottle and close it with a cork. A great romantic surprise.

Picture frame... Buy a beautiful frame and choose the best commemorative photo. You can put several bills for a photo. It turns out a 2-in-1 gift: a good souvenir and a monetary surprise. An excellent present for 55 years.

How to give money to a woman in an original way

When determining how to give money for a woman's birthday in an original way, pay attention to her age, interests.

An original gift will provide a woman with a good mood for the whole day. There are many ideas on how to present a cash gift in an unusual way.

But if you want such a gift to be really unexpected, then pay attention to the following ideas:

Quest... Prepare the room by hiding money in the most unlikely places. Post notes with search hints.

You can come up with a scenario and use additional inventory such as secret boxes, safes with combination locks, metal puzzles and other gadgets. This gift, in addition to a monetary reward, will give the birthday girl a fun pastime.

Flashlight... Any flashlight will work for this gift. Remove the batteries and put a small amount of money in their place. Give the birthday girl and offer to check how the gift works.

Naturally, it will not light up. Then you should invite her to unwind the case to check what caused the problem. Looking inside, a woman will immediately understand what is the cause of the malfunction, and will be pleasantly surprised.

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Drink can... Open the can carefully so as not to completely rip off the tin lid and drink the drink. Then rinse and dry thoroughly.

Fill it with banknotes, then try to give the lid a natural position. When the woman understands what the matter is, carefully cut the jar yourself so that the birthday girl does not cut herself.

A pack of cigarettes... Smoking is a bad habit, but this gift is only indirectly related to it. Therefore, it is suitable for both smoking and non-smoking ladies (in the latter case, the surprise will be even more unexpected). We take out cigarettes from the pack. We twist the bills into tight tubes and put them in a bundle. The gift is ready.

Brand wallet... A simple but uncommon gift. A woman will be pleased to find a money surprise inside a stylish new wallet. A good gift for 60 years.

A few more ideas on how to give money to a Woman

how to give a woman money in an original way

In order not to offend and embarrass a woman, money should be presented beautifully. Gifts with imagination are highly prized by both girls and older women.

If you are looking for how to give money for an anniversary to a woman in an original and unusual way, consider the following options.

Balloons... A bunch of balloons instantly set you up for a festive mood. Place a bill in each balloon, then inflate them. Form a small bunch of balls and give to the birthday girl. An excellent idea of ​​how to give money for an anniversary to a woman in a beautiful and original way.

Emergency ration... We take a frame with glass. Place the money under the glass and the inscription “Break in case of urgent need”. We attach a hammer to the frame with a gift ribbon. Such a composition can become an original interior decoration. If the birthday girl ever needs money, she will know where to get it.

Matryoshka... This is not only a traditional Russian souvenir, but also a great idea of ​​how to give money to a woman in an original way. We disassemble the matryoshka and put the money inside. One need not warn about such a surprise in advance, because a woman will probably sooner or later want to open the nesting doll. Here a pleasant surprise awaits her.

Savings book... This gift will require a magazine and some envelopes. We glue the envelopes to the pages and invest money in them. On the cover should be written "Passbook". If desired, the magazine can be decorated with ribbons and artificial flowers.

Umbrella... A stylish new umbrella is a great gift. But it should be prepared in advance by tying the bills on the strings to the knitting needles from the inside. Then we carefully close the umbrella so that outwardly nothing gives out a surprise. When a woman opens her gift, she will be pleasantly surprised. An original and practical gift for 50 years.

DIY cash gifts

For such presents, it will take a little more time than in the case of a regular cash gift. If you are a creative person, and you want to not only give money to a woman, but also have a hand in the gift, then you should consider the ideas described below.

A bouquet of money

how beautiful and original to give money for an anniversary to a woman

An equally interesting gift is a bouquet of money. It is quite simple to make, but it looks very original.

To make a bouquet you will need:

  1. Banknotes.
  2. Sushi sticks.
  3. Green corrugated paper.
  4. Decorative tape.
  5. Wrapping.

Stages of manufacture:

  1. Make buds out of the bills using the origami technique, as shown in the picture below.money as a gift to a woman
  2. Use decorative tape to secure the buds to sushi sticks.
  3. Wrap the sticks with corrugated paper.
  4. Collect the bouquet and tie it with a ribbon.
  5. Decorate the bouquet by wrapping it in wrapping paper. Tie again with tape. A spectacular bouquet of roses is ready. Additionally, you can decorate it with artificial petals or combine it with branches of living plants.

Hut made of money

how to pack money

Another spectacular DIY gift is a hut made of money.

To craft it, you need:

  1. Banknotes of the same denomination.
  2. Sushi skewers or sticks.
  3. Clips.
  4. Office glue.
  5. Colored green paper.
  6. Scissors.

Stages of manufacture:

  1. Using glue, make the frame of the future house from the skewers.
  2. Roll the bills into tubes and fasten them to the frame with paper clips.
  3. Cut a strip of colored paper to simulate grass. Cut one edge into cloves.
  4. Wrap the house with paper and secure with a paper clip. A fabulous house made of money is ready.

Some tips on how to give money to a Woman

Money is a rather controversial gift. On the one hand, this is a win-win option that will allow the birthday girl to buy what she wants.

But at the same time, such a present can be regarded as indifference and unwillingness to look for a gift on your own. To avoid problems, heed the following tips.

First of all, you must be sure that the birthday girl is not against cash gifts. There are people who find such presentations offensive, and in this case, you should not insist on your own.

The bills and coins chosen for the gift should have an aesthetic appearance. Defective, frayed, torn and wrinkled banknotes are far from the best option for a gift. The coins should shine, not have any traces of corrosion, dirt or mold. Wash them if necessary.

Give money in an original way, with warm words, sincere wishes. Otherwise, the woman may think that you do not value her.

In Feng Shui, it is recommended to give an even number of bills. It is believed that in this way wealth will increase. If the birthday girl is interested in oriental culture, then take this not a note.

Consider the woman's financial situation. When giving money, it is important to maintain a balance so that there are not many and not few of them. A small amount can offend the birthday girl, but too much will put her in an awkward position.

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Consider the character of the birthday girl. For example, if she does not like jokes and practical jokes, then gifts with jokes should be discarded. In this case, consider one of the conservative options.

When is it not worth giving money?

With the wrong approach, money can quickly turn into a bad gift. And even if you have prepared a large sum, presented it in an original and beautiful way, the woman may still be unhappy. In order to prevent such situations, you should know when cash gifts are inappropriate:

There are holidays when it is better not to give banknotes. It's about Valentine's Day and March XNUMXth. These days, women expect romance and pleasant surprises from their men. Trying to donate money can be misunderstood.

You should not give money for certain needs. The hero of the day will decide for herself where to spend the amount received.

A certificate for a service or a gift card is not considered a cash gift, because they can only be spent on certain goods and services. When presenting such gifts, one should be sure that the woman needs them. Otherwise, you just donate an unnecessary present.

Congratulations - examples

When deciding to give a present, do not forget to pick up a few warm words that will provide a woman with a good mood for the whole day. Such a congratulation can be sent by SMS, in the messenger, or you can say it in person when handing over the money. Consider some good greetings for women:

  • Congratulations on the anniversary! May peace, harmony and comfort always reign in your home. Be happy, enjoy life, enjoy every minute of it, be surprised and never stop dreaming! Let faithful friends surround you, and relatives give you love and care.
  • Happy Birthday! I wish you always to be irresistible, loved and happy! Wealth, good luck in everything, good health! May all your wishes come true, money multiply, life pleases with colors and pleasant events!
  • Happy Holidays! With all my heart I wish that all your wishes come true. Let success and inspiration become your companions. Strength and energy for the embodiment of all plans, smiles and joy. Stay the same charming and unique. Be happy!
  • Dear, accept my sincere congratulations! On this bright and joyful day, I want to wish you to drown in love, admiration and endless respect! Good health and an inexhaustible source of strength! All the best and simple female happiness!
  • Happy Birthday! I wish you unforgettable impressions, vivid emotions and happy days! May you always be warmed by the warmth of the words of your family and friends, and there will be no place for disappointments and sadness in your life. Enjoy every day, dream, love! Let life give you only pleasant surprises!
  • My dear! I congratulate you on this wonderful holiday. With all my heart I wish you to shine, be happy, never lose your inner light! May your every day be filled with smiles and laughter. Be healthy, young in heart and soul, never stop believing in luck!
  • Happy Birthday to you! I wish you never give up, confidently go towards your goal. May everything in your life turn out well, each event accompanies success and personal growth. Smile more and work less!
  • Dear friend! May your life path not be thorny, and let the experience be easy. I wish you health and well-being for your family. Get younger every day, be more confident in yourself, never give up.
  • My dear, I wish you a happy birthday! Thank you for having me, thank you for your support! I wish you health, always good mood, lightness of being. Let your friends be the most faithful companions, and peace and tranquility always reign in the family! Happy holiday to you!
  • I congratulate you! Always be on top, do not be afraid of sharp turns. I wish you to realize your plans as soon as possible. Know, I am always there and ready to support! Be healthy, stay young, and I will do my best to make you happy!
  • Happy Birthday to you! Know that this year is just a new round on your way. Let it be full of adventures, interesting acquaintances, loyal friends. I wish you to be healthy, strong and successful, never stop. Let any goal be easy for you!
  • On this bright holiday, I want to wish you peace in your soul, happiness in your eyes, let a smile always shine on your face. Let the worries in your life be only pleasant, and let inspiration and creative fervor not leave you.
  • May happiness and prosperity live in your home. May health never fail and every day will be filled with joyful moments. I wish you success in your work and fast career growth. Happy Holidays! Be happy!
  • Happy Birthday! I wish you bloom every day like a rare flower. Do not know grief and tears. Let only the most dear and faithful people surround you, and the guiding star illuminates your path.