98+ ideas of what to give a woman for 50 Years and 34 gifts by topic

For women
Even if many people are sad on this date, it still brings joy. A gift for a 50-year-old woman should be original and useful. To surprise the birthday girl, you need to pay as much attention to this issue as possible. The present should be appropriate and to the liking of the hero of the occasion.

Many women by this age have already become professionals, built a career, raised children. They have a well-equipped and comfortable home. That is why they can have more time for themselves and their hobbies. When choosing what to give a woman for 50 years, you need to rely on these nuances.

Interests are also important. Only then will it be possible to arrange a real surprise.

Mega 98 ideas that you can give a woman for 50 years

When choosing a presentation for an anniversary, many have difficulties, especially if you want to present something unusual. In fact, in this matter, everything is individual, since each lady has her own interests and preferences. The following gift ideas for 50 years will help a woman decide:

  1. Leather gloves.
  2. A wrist watch with a thin metal bracelet.
  3. Ceramic hair straightener.
  4. Peeling masks.
  5. Bone box.
  6. Electric waffle maker.
  7. Table lamp for work.
  8. A set of three travel bags - travel, regular and cosmetics.
  9. Beauty salon certificate.
  10. Touch alarm clock.
  11. Chinese flower tea in a gift box.
  12. Mannequin for your favorite dress.
  13. Handmade molded soap.
  14. Bath bombs.
  15. Shower gel with gold particles.
  16. A box of Belgian chocolate.
  17. Bracelet on the leg.
  18. High fur boots with embroidery in ethnic style.
  19. Woolen blanket.
  20. Yoghurt maker for the preparation of a natural and healthy product.
  21. A set of Indian spices and herbs for cooking and skin care.
  22. Aloe Vera Hand Cream.
  23. Socks for foot masks.
  24. Towel with fixing clasp.
  25. The book of popular psychology.
  26. Velvet ottoman.
  27. Clog slippers for home.
  28. Additional light source in the form of a letter of the name
  29. Thermal bag for hiking.
  30. Easel for drawing or just as a piece of furniture.
  31. Juicer.
  32. Shoe rack.
  33. Key holder for the hallway.
  34. Large knit mittens and a hat.
  35. Useful linden honey.
  36. Heating blanket.
  37. Braided bracelet with a pendant.
  38. Wicker bag for rest.
  39. Stylish apron.
  40. Rolling pin for shaped cookies.
  41. Coffee machine.
  42. Indoor plant.
  43. Cookbook.
  44. Manicure set.
  45. Portable biofireplace.
  46. Digital desktop weather station.
  47. Decanter for wine.
  48. Oil burner.
  49. Humidifier.
  50. Women's umbrella with illumination.
  51. Tea basket with teapots and teas.
  52. Mini fridge.
  53. A basket with exotic fruits.
  54. Table fountain.
  55. Hydromassage foot bath.
  56. Table vase.
  57. Fitness bracelet.
  58. Picnic set.
  59. Fountain pen.
  60. Samovar with painting.
  61. Sofa cushions.
  62. Crystal candy bowl.
  63. Carving set.
  64. Orthopedic chair.
  65. Bread maker.
  66. Bonsai.
  67. Nominal teaspoon.
  68. Amber decoration.
  69. Fondue set.
  70. Massage Mat.
  71. Orthopedic pillow.
  72. Roses in a vacuum.
  73. Sewing machine.
  74. Aquarium with fish.
  75. Car accessories.
  76. Convertible table for a laptop.
  77. Salt lamp.
  78. Thermos.
  79. Coffee set.
  80. Electronic book.
  81. Garden tools.
  82. Dressing table.
  83. Mirror in a beautiful frame.
  84. Chocolate set.
  85. The original tray.
  86. Candlesticks.
  87. Robot vacuum cleaner.
  88. Multicooker.
  89. Wireless headphones.
  90. Blanket with sleeves.
  91. Electric fireplace.
  92. Kitchen scales.
  93. Candy bowl.
  94. Mini hand dryer.
  95. Planter for flowers.
  96. Chest.
  97. Water filter.
  98. Unusual baking dishes.

The choice of a gift for the DR depends on the hobbies of the birthday girl and her desires. It is advisable not to give gifts with your own hands, because women at this age want to get something really worthwhile.

It is also important to present them correctly, and for this, festive packaging and beautiful congratulations are used.

Nice gifts for a woman for 50 years

Ladies are the beautiful half of humanity. Their beauty is manifested not only from their character, but also from the ability to care for the body and face. To please the birthday girl, you should present the following interesting gifts for a 50-year-old woman:

Cosmetics... You can safely hand over a set with anti-aging cosmetics for skin and hair to your mother, sister or daughter-in-law. Men should not give women such a present, because it can be a hint of a respectable age. But they can present a basket with bath and shower products.

A bag... Leather goods always delight ladies. You can choose an original patchwork bag with applique. It costs more, but also looks stylish.

Perfumery... When deciding what to give a friend for 50 years, you should pay attention to perfumery products. The main thing is that they are of high quality. It is advisable to know what perfume the birthday girl likes.

Massager... Almost everyone likes such devices. There are massagers for the collar, spine, feet. Massage chairs are also sold.

Jewelry... This is a memorable present that will surely please the birthday girl. You can choose from gold, silver or platinum. Jewelry with natural stones for sale. There are also artificial ones, but it is better not to present such a present for half a century.

It is better not to give a gift to a woman for 50 years with your own hands, because the age of the birthday girl is already solid. The presentation should be dignified and enjoyable. Although there are gifts that can be purchased inexpensively, it is important to consider that this should be a practical and status item.

  • Electrogrill... A gift for a summer residence or a city apartment if a woman loves to cook. This also includes all devices that will facilitate the cooking process.
  • Bouquet of flowers and chocolate... A standard gift for an anniversary, but no less pleasant for a woman. A universal gift will come out quite inexpensively, but it will bring a lot of positive emotions.
  • Certificate for perfumery or cosmetic products... The woman herself will choose the gift she needs. And therefore, there will not be an unpleasant embarrassment with an allergy to a foundation or a rejection of a presented aroma.

Original gifts for women for 50 years

When deciding what to give a woman for 50 years, it is not necessary to choose traditional gifts. But they can also please, yet for this case you need something unusual and interesting. It is advisable to choose an original birthday present for a woman in 50 years:

Lightbox... This is a cool 50 year old gift for a woman. If the birthday girl loves bright and original gizmos, then this option will be the most suitable for her. This is a frame with glass in which there is a backlight. You can choose the option with a specific photo, print or image of a popular painting.

Eco alarm clock... This is a good gift for those who find it difficult to get out of bed in the morning. The gadget will make this process more comfortable - it improves lighting, simulates dawn, plays sounds of nature.

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Interactive T-shirt with print... This is a creative gift. The peculiarity of the product is such a nuance: when you press a special button, an unusual sound or a recorded congratulation appears. Such a present will surely please.

A woman must not only choose an unusual gift for 50 years, but also present it in an original way. The packaging should please. These can be holiday bags, wrappers, and boxes. For example, you can even give money to a woman for 50 years in an original way, if you hide it in some simple little thing. It can be a matryoshka doll, a book, or a piece of furniture.

Presentations for a close woman for a 50th anniversary

If a friend has an anniversary, then here you can show imagination. You can afford a cool 50 year gift for a woman if the friendship with her is very close. Then you can not be afraid of a miss, because the friend will be glad to any sign of attention from the giver.

Tickets for the women's show... On other dances, neon and new acquaintances are suitable not only for free ladies. There is nothing wrong with such a vacation, especially if the couple is a resourceful friend. No need to think that only a knitting kit can be given to a friend for 50 years.

DIY surprise gift box... In such a box you can put the whole set for a good mood - expensive alcohol, sweets or chocolate, a head massager. Good relaxation is guaranteed. Do-it-yourself gift for a woman for 50 years can be combined with any additions - different things that a friend loves.

Relaxing massage session or spa evening... You can single out a separate evening, where you can massage each other, apply masks and peels. A cozy home environment will contribute to total relaxation. Not comparable to going to a beauty salon.

Gifts for a Woman for 50 years for comfort

Ladies celebrating a half-century anniversary usually love home warmth. Therefore, comfort is very important for them. The following presents will be especially pleasant:

House Flowers... All women love plants. But for the 50th anniversary, you should not give cut flowers. Better to choose live indoor plants. If it is difficult to find an answer to the question of what to give a woman a colleague for 50 years, then you can safely choose flowers. These can be violets, orchids, ficuses, ferns and Kalanchoe. But you need to focus on the tastes of the birthday girl. You should also find out if she is allergic to plants. You can present a flower that matches your zodiac sign.

Home Decorations... On the anniversary of the birthday girl, you can present a new picture, pots, candlesticks, a vase, a lamp. Such interior items will allow you to decorate it, make it cozy.

Wicker furniture... Such items can give a wonderful charm to the room. This furniture is also practical and very reliable. If it fits the interior of the house, then you can safely purchase a chest of drawers, a curbstone, a coffee table, a chest or a rocking chair for the birthday girl.

Warm blanket... The stores sell products of various shapes, colors and qualities. An original piece is a blanket with sleeves, which is distinguished by its convenience and comfort. Together with it, you can give a bathrobe and terry slippers.

Ladies who value home comfort will definitely appreciate such gifts. They will not only bring positive emotions, but also perfectly transform the interior.

Gifts for a Woman for 50 years for leisure

What gift to give a woman for 50 years

An original gift for a woman's 50th birthday is the one she has wanted for a long time. It is at this age that ladies want to remove more time for themselves. Therefore, you should present her with something suitable depending on her hobbies:

BOOK... The main thing is that the hero of the day should love to read. What book to give a woman for 50 years? It is advisable to inquire about her interests. It can be a novel, detective story, or poetry. Reading women will delight the collectible item of their favorite author. You just need to choose a book with a high-quality cover.

Gadgets... On the anniversary, it is allowed to give smartphones, tablets, cameras, computers and e-books. Usually women are good at such devices. The main thing is that the present is really desired.

Decorations for summer cottages... If a woman spends a lot of time at the dacha, then you can present a little thing that is perfect for the landscape of the site. Such a gift for giving will pleasantly please and come in handy on the farm. These can be figures of gnomes, a swing, a hammock, a wrought-iron bench, a mini-fountain.

Hobby set... If a woman has her own hobby, then some professional tools and materials may come in handy. An easel is suitable for artists, a thread basket, a knitting machine for knitters. And if her hobby is embroidery, then it is better to choose a special table on which there is a magnifying glass and a frame.

Unusual gifts for a woman for 50 years

If you wish, you can choose a gift for 50 years for a woman who has everything. The following things are great:

  • Ballpoint pen with diamonds... This is an original and functional present.
  • Portrait... Thanks to the latest technology, it can be done without major spending. And you don't have to order it from the artist. You should find the service "photo printing on canvas" - the photo will look very original.
  • Casket... You should choose an original souvenir, which will not be a useful item, but an aesthetic thing. Handicrafts look great.
  • Roses in a vacuum... It is a beautiful and exquisite gift. Ladies love flowers, and the buds in a glass vessel will bring even more joy.

Unusual gifts give positive emotions and great mood. Even if a woman has everything, you can still pick up original gizmos that will not leave her indifferent.

Practical gifts for women for 50 years

When choosing which gift to give a woman for 50 years, it is necessary to pay attention not to those things that can facilitate the life of the birthday girl. Such presents will be great helpers with whom you will have more free time. These include:

Kitchen appliances... Women have to spend a lot of time preparing food. It will be possible to facilitate their work with a blender, multicooker, bread machine, mixer, juicer. You can choose any other device. In addition, the birthday girl can dream of some kind of device.

Home Appliances... In addition to kitchen appliances, there are vacuum cleaners, televisions and refrigerators. You just have to choose the technique that is really needed.

Climatic devices... This is a wonderful memorable gift. Over the years, women develop meteorological dependence. Therefore, an air conditioner, ionizer, humidifier, air purifier will be an excellent present. Such devices make life easier.

Crockery... Before buying a gift for a woman for 50 years, you should know a little about her family. If it is large, then the dishes will always come in handy. Old utensils lose their attractiveness, so they should be regularly updated. You can serve as a tea or coffee service, and a frying pan with a ceramic coating, a set for sushi, baking pots, cutlery.

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Almost everyone needs these presents. They can not only please, but also greatly improve the living conditions of the birthday girl and her family. So traditional things are always in demand.

Gifts for Beloved Woman for 50 Years

Many men ponder for a long time about what can be given to a woman for 50 years. I would like to choose a good gift, regardless of age, and at the same time make a compliment.

There are a lot of pitfalls here, because the beloved woman does not always tell what she wants. She expects her partner to figure it out on his own. For this occasion, there are some winning gift ideas for a 50 year old woman.

Jewelry... Any lady will not refuse such a surprise. Silver or gold, cubic zirconia or natural stones - a woman will decide for herself what to wear such a piece of jewelry with and how to beat it correctly. And from the man she will have a pleasant impression.

Carved casket... Suitable for storing existing jewelry, and those that a man will give in the future. You can also put a ring or a certificate of purchase from a jewelry store inside.

Lingerie... A gift with a hint from a beloved man. Do not think that giving such things to a woman for 50 years would be somehow inappropriate. On the contrary, the lady of the heart will be delighted with the wonderful choice of her beloved. However, it is worth knowing all sizes in advance and consulting with a store consultant.

Restaurant table... Nobody canceled romance. Before the invitation, you can also present a dress in which the woman will go on a date. A gorgeous gift that everyone dreams of.

Flowers for a woman for 50 years

This is the very present that all birthday girls like. It is customary to present luxurious beautiful bouquets for this holiday. What flowers to give a woman for 50 years:

  • Burgundy or other dark roses. It is important that the flowers are fresh.
  • Potted violets, orchids, chrysanthemums. Dwarf roses look original. But gerberas are not suitable for this holiday.
  • Indoor flowers, including hydrangeas. It is advisable not to give monsters, zamioculcas, ivy, palms and milkweed.
  • Friends, spouses or relatives can be presented with lilies or mixed bouquets of calm tones.
  • Chrysanthemums or asters are presented depending on the personal preferences of the birthday girl.
  • Tulips or daffodils are allowed to be given only to relatives, friends and only in spring.
  • Succulents.
  • Geranium during flowering.
  • Begonias.

It is advisable not to give exotic plants. The only exceptions are cacti, if the birthday girl loves them very much. The main thing is that the flower is healthy and blooming. It is advisable not to present lilies of the valley to mature women. They are suitable only if these are the favorite flowers of the hero of the day.

It is not customary to choose carnations for the anniversary. Artificial flowers don't work either. An exception is considered to be candy and other homemade bouquets. But this gift is allowed for friends, close relatives or colleagues.

How to understand what exactly to give a Woman for the 50th Anniversary

The most important advice on how to choose a gift for 50 years for a woman will be taking into account the character and attitude of the birthday girl. Maybe she still feels young and not ready to get potholders and pans for her birthday. Then it is better to opt for beauty salons, massagers, cosmetics.

If the lady does not focus too much on her appearance, but is carried away by the house or the garden, then her desire must be fulfilled. A variety of household gadgets, interior decoration items, kitchen utensils are suitable. She will definitely appreciate the sensitivity of the donor.

And in the event that a business woman has an anniversary, then she will need to buy a gift for a woman 50 years in advance. Indeed, often she may not have much time or she is not at all tied to one place of residence. Therefore, it is better to give a variety of certificates, money and dwell less on little things and amulets for the home.

It is important that the present for the lady is special. Women in their 50s are no longer interested in the material side of the gift. It is better to prepare something pleasant and necessary for the anniversary. But do not remind the hero of the day about her years. In this regard, postcards where age is indicated in large numbers are not suitable.

It is necessary to select a gift depending on who the giver is for the hero of the day. Relatives can buy almost anything, there are no frames for them. They are the ones who know the needs of the hero of the day. Colleagues should be tactful and not give away what is not suitable. It is advisable to present something necessary for the work.

You should choose a present carefully if the hero of the day is the boss. In this case, you can present a present from the team. If it is difficult to choose a suitable gift, they give money in a festive envelope.

It is easier for friends to choose a gift for a hero of the day, since they know the birthday girl well. In this case, everything is suitable that will please the hero of the occasion, give her pleasant emotions. A woman at this age needs warmth, care and love, and she can get all this from her friends.

You should not buy very expensive presents. It will be inappropriate, especially if the hero of the day is not a wealthy person. You should not buy a gift for a tick. It should evoke pleasant emotions, and not spoil the celebration. You should not buy too cheap and unnecessary things.

The choice of a present for all birthday people is very important, as it is a method of expressing respect and love. And it may not necessarily be some kind of thing, an event organized in honor of the hero of the day is perfect. Such a celebration will leave a lot of pleasant emotions.

Examples of unsuccessful gifts that are best not to give

Interesting gifts for a 50-year-old woman can turn out to be a failure. Below are examples of the most unsuccessful ideas.

Grandma's robes. 50 years is not 85. Many women will simply be offended if they receive such a gift. Anyway, the taste for such clothes does not depend on age, but on the woman's style. However, you can love ethnic motives, but it is best to give such gifts if you know exactly the birthday girl's preferences.

Anti-cellulite creams and lotions. Even from a friend, such a gift will be with a clear hint. It can be replaced with all-purpose body oils and a regular roller massager. The main thing is to avoid the inscription "anti-cellulite".

Vintage figurines. Even if such a thing is super-expensive, it is still not a fact that the hero of the occasion will like it. This can only be given to those who are seriously interested in collecting, or at least versed in the subject. There is a great risk of getting bewildered glances from the woman herself and the guests of the holiday.

Presentations that remind you of your age. Most ladies believe that 50 is the beginning of old age. On this holiday, you should not present gifts that will be a reminder of your age, for example, anti-aging cosmetics.

Medical equipment. Even in the presence of health problems, drugs and medical devices should not be presented. These things are acquired for no reason.

Cheap gifts. If a woman loves sweets, then a high-quality set of such products should be chosen for her. You shouldn't choose cheap candy, tea and coffee. Although the purchase can be expensive, it will be a worthwhile gift that the hero of the day will definitely appreciate.

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Clothes and footwear. It is difficult to choose the right size, especially if the giver is not a relative of the birthday girl. In addition, things may not match in color and style. Clothes and shoes can be given only when the tastes of the hero of the day are known.

The things that the hero of the day already have are not suitable as a gift. Therefore, you need to ask what the birthday girl really needs, what she dreams of.

SMS congratulations to the woman

  • Our beloved mother! On this holiday, we want to wish you a happy birthday. Always be young, beautiful, playful and cheerful. And we pledge to always obey and appreciate you. Your children.
  • Expensive! Thank you for our family, for helping me in everything for so many years. And now, on your anniversary, I want to say how much I love you. Thank you for you, for your love. Be happy, beloved wife!
  • Happy birthday my friend! Always stay so cheerful, kind and affectionate. And we will get together more than once.
  • To the best woman in the world on this holiday ... I wish you to shine brighter than the stars, rush at full steam to the joys of life and feel the lightness of your soul. Happy Birthday!
  • How nice to congratulate you on this wonderful day! I wish you Siberian health, many joys in your life and all the best. Happy anniversary, dear!
  • Happy birthday to mom! Thank you for giving us life, thank you for all the best moments. Please us with your love of life, your care. And we will come more often and carry you in our arms. Happy Holidays!
  • Sweet mommy! How I want to express through this message all the love and affection that is in my heart. I wish you to always be beautiful, young, loving and loved. Happy birthday! Love, your daughter.
  • Dear wife! On your anniversary, I want to congratulate you from the bottom of my heart. Wish you all the very best. Thank you for what you have. Happy birthday, beloved woman!
  • To the best man in the world! Congratulations, beloved friend! There is no second in the world like you. You are unique, like a bright star in the sky. Thank you for our best moments, for always supporting and helping in all your endeavors, thank you for everything! Happy Birthday!
  • From the bottom of our hearts, we want to wish the entire team health, happiness, peace of mind and a strong family. Be happy, happy birthday!
  • I want to share such an important date in your life with you. Let's never part, support each other. And I promise to lend my man's shoulder, support in everything. I love you. Happy Birthday!
  • On this wonderful day, I want to congratulate you, friend. I want to wish you happiness, mutual love, obedient children and, in general, everything that you yourself want. May all your dreams come true. Happy anniversary!
  • Happy birthday sister! How quickly time flew by, and you and I are side by side, as in a distant childhood. Thank you for your kindness and participation. Thanks for you. Happy anniversary!
  • Our dear ... We want to congratulate you on such an important day. We appreciate you as a responsible employee and just a good person. Happy Birthday!
  • Congratulations on the anniversary! I wish you to be always young, cheerful and happy. Please us with your open smile, your shining eyes. Sincerely your friend.
  • Happy birthday dear friend! I wish you health, happiness, love of loved ones, peace and tranquility in the family. I also wish to remain as active as I know you. Let sadness and anxiety pass you by. Patience, longevity and good luck in everything!
  • Today I sincerely want to congratulate the most beautiful, kind and wonderful mother on her birthday! This is a special date. Today is your 50th birthday. But you, as always, look much younger. May there be a lot of joy and happiness in your life. I wish you to be just as wonderful and cheerful!
  • Happy anniversary! Turning 50 is a source of pride and joy. There is already a rich life experience, but still there is still a lot of interesting things ahead. Let life be just as active and beautiful. I wish you health, good luck and pleasant people on the way. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy anniversary! Sister, take this date as a new page in your life. There will still be many opportunities, new horizons and sensations. I wish you vigor, health and personal happiness. Congratulations!
  • I wish on this holiday to feel all the care that relatives and close people give. Feel like a real queen, all many consider you to be her. I wish you success, many happy moments and joyful smiles. Happy fiftieth birthday!
  • Dear, I sincerely want to congratulate you on your birthday, on this wonderful date! I wish you to be healthy, attractive and happy. May loved ones always be there. Be fun and charming!
  • I wish you to remain the same cheerful lady! May all your wishes come true! Let a smile often appear on your face, and the lights of happiness sparkle in your eyes.
  • Please accept my congratulations on your anniversary! May there be many new colors, health and love of loved ones in your life. Pleasant moments, cheerfulness and great luck. And most importantly, live happily!
  • Happy birthday! I wish you that this date was the beginning of a wonderful future. Continue to conquer new heights, which you are great at. May your loved ones always support you in everything.
  • Dear, we want to congratulate you on your 50th birthday! Now you are a happy wife, a caring mother, a loyal friend and a wonderful specialist. We wish you to meet every day with a smile and joy. Be always the same beautiful!
  • Happy birthday to the birthday girl! Do not be sad on this holiday. This is the date of the beginning of stability, but there are still many interesting things ahead. Children are already adults, a career has been built. And everything that did not come true will definitely come true. May there be a lot of joy and happiness in your life.
  • Whichever gift you choose, it should be borne in mind that sincere words are the main ones. Only then can you surround the birthday girl with care and love. Thanks to a suitable gift and warm congratulations, you can perfectly cheer up the hero of the day.