The world's first golden KitKat

KitKat Gold Tile Interesting

In Japan, they know exactly how to express their love for chocolate - it needs to be made golden. The Japanese are known for their unbridled love for the famous KitKat chocolate bar. From an incredible number and variety of flavors (from green tea to wasabi to sandwich) to the world's first KitKat-only specialty store.

KitKat Gold Tile

However, among the countless chocolate treats, for which more than a million people have already visited the store, a special delicacy will soon appear - golden KitKats.

Wrapped in the thinnest sheets of edible gold, the chocolate bars cost $16 each. And in addition to the exclusive treat, the brand is going to additionally raffle off a small bar made entirely of 24 carat gold and completely repeating the shape of the sweet original.

If chocolate isn't your passion, you can always enjoy Mauboussin Mega Sundae at New York's Bagatelle Café, adorned with real gold foil and accompanied by a ring.

However, why limit yourself to sweets? Connoisseurs of expensive and high-quality drinks may prefer Zlatija plum brandy, enriched with 24-carat gold leaf, which, according to the manufacturer, has a beneficial effect on the body.

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