How to reduce the size of the ring: go to a jewelry workshop or can you do it yourself?

It happens that a favorite ring can become large. The first thing you can do is try on the jewelry on the finger of the other hand. There is no perfect symmetry in nature, so the fingers of the right and left hands often have different sizes. If the attempt is not successful, contact the workshop or try reducing the size of the ring at home. Which option to choose is up to you!

How are rings reduced in jewelry workshops?

Ring reduction is a procedure that requires special care from the master, knowledge of the properties of precious metals and stones. After the jeweler examines the jewelry and assesses the complexity of the work, he will make a verdict - whether it is possible to reduce the size of the ring without the risk of damaging the product.

What rings can be reduced?

Which ring models can be reduced:

  1. Smooth rings without inserts, engraving and openwork elements. Laconic everyday and classic wedding rings are easier to reduce than rings with decor - working with them does not require much effort from the master.
  2. Engraved rings. When reducing engraved rings, it must be borne in mind that the integrity of the inscription may be violated - and then it will have to be applied again.
  3. Rings with several large stones. Rings, cocktail and engagement rings with stones require painstaking work. Before starting the process, the jeweler will have to remove the minerals from the setting and then put them back in place.

Which rings cannot be reduced?

There are models of rings that cannot be adjusted in size:

  1. Jewelry rings. The reason is that it is not always possible to establish the exact alloy of the product. In the process of reduction, it may crumble, change color or oxidize with the release of harmful substances.
  2. Rhodium plated items. Rhodium-coated rings are also difficult to change: the shiny finish will crack. Only applying a new layer will help to save the situation - whether it is worth doing it, the master will decide.
  3. Ornaments with rich decor. Rings with openwork filigree, a pattern, inlaid with a path of stones are difficult to work with. Reducing the diameter can cause deformation of the structure and damage to individual elements.
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Types of jewelry techniques to reduce rings

Depending on the type of product, the jeweler chooses the reduction technology.

  • Compression (1-2 sizes). The method is suitable for smooth rings less than 18 cm in diameter. The jeweler uses a punch - a device that is a disk with recesses. The product is heated and put into one of them, after which the metal of the ring is compressed to the desired size.
  • Cutting out a part of the ring (2 or more sizes). The ring is cut in two places, then the ends are soldered and polished.
  • Inserting the rim into the ring. This expensive and rare method is used to reduce the inside diameter of vintage filigree rings.

Gold and silver are soft and ductile, so they lend themselves well to processing. Rings made of these precious metals are easier to reduce than, for example, titanium and platinum products.

Reducing rings with stones

If the product is inlaid with one or more minerals of medium and large size, the stone is removed from the setting before starting work in order to avoid damage when the metal is heated. Having finished, the master checks whether the stone mount has been deformed, and, if necessary, eliminates the defects.

How much does it cost to downsize a ring?

The price depends on the complexity of the product, the alloy and the technology that the jeweler will use to reduce the product. The cheapest way is to reduce rings made of gold and silver alloys without sputtering, decor and stones.

How to reduce the size of the ring at home?

If you do not want to give the ring to the workshop or the jeweler refused the order, try to reduce the jewelry yourself. To do this, you need to apply a composition on the inside of the product that will stick to the metal and will not damage the skin:

  • Nail polish. Two or three layers will be enough to reduce the inner diameter by half a size. But keep in mind that it is not always possible to remove the composition with special means, they can damage the alloy.
  • Flesh color patch. Cut out a thin strip of tape and stick it on the inside of the ring. You will have to wear it carefully - the ingress of moisture or dust will nullify all efforts.
  • Silicone seals. There are professional sealers, but they are difficult to find in the public domain. Instead, you can use a polymer that is filled into hot glue guns used in needlework. Apply a small amount in a thin layer on the back of the product and let dry. Before the procedure, make sure that you are not allergic to the material used.
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