Red and regular yellow gold: which is more expensive, better, and how they differ

Gold has always attracted humanity. Women have always seen precious jewelry and a refined appearance in him. And men associated gold with a good long-term way to invest their own funds.

Today, jewelers have come up with a huge number of varieties of gold alloy. The color of metal in jewelry varies from black to steel. The most popular type of precious alloy in our country is red gold. But Europe prefers yellow metal products. What is the difference between them, and which gold is better? Let's tackle this issue together today.

What is the difference between red gold and ordinary yellow gold

In order to clearly define the differences between red gold and yellow gold, let's look at what is included in each of these metals.

So, you've probably already heard what actually jewelry gold is not pure Aurum (AU) in itself, but a combination of several dissimilar metals. This approach in the manufacture of jewelry came from the fact that pure gold mined in the bowels of the earth (in the periodic table - Au, an element of group 11) is very soft and pliable. And if you wear such jewelry in the everyday world every day, then they will quickly become worthless. Pure Aurum (AU) is easily scratched, deforms quickly and does not hold its shape at all.

To make gold items wearable and able to withstand loads, jewelers came up with mixing pure Aurum (AU) with other metals: silver, copper, nickel, etc. These impurities in the smart community are called a ligature. Depending on what proportion of the impurity is in the composition of the alloy, the color of the finished jewelry depends.

What is the difference between the most common red and yellow gold in the modern jewelry market in terms of composition. To do this, read the data on yellow gold given in the table.

alloy color Gold (Au), % Silver (Ag), % Copper (Cu), % Nickel (Ni), % Zinc (Zn), %
Light yellow 58,5 7,5 10,6 7,7 2,2
Bright yellow 75,0 12,2 12,8
Pink yellow 37,5 24,5 38,0

So, from the table it becomes obvious that yellow gold is presented on the market in three color variations: from light yellow, a very delicate shade to bright sunny. The yellow alloy can be found in three samples: 375, 585, 750.

The sample shows what percentage of pure Aurum (AU) is added to the jewelry.

Nickel, which is added to gold, is not used in all countries. Scientists have found that this metal is an allergen and causes poor health in people who wear nickel jewelry. Therefore, in the countries of the European Union, at the legislative level, it was forbidden to use Ni in the manufacture of precious accessories.

Now let's look at the varieties of red gold of different samples.

alloy color Gold (Au), % Silver (Ag), % Copper (Cu), % Nickel (Ni), % Zinc (Zn), %
pink-orange 37,5 49,3 13,2 2,2
rose red 37,5 9,5 53,0
rose red 58,5 3,2 35,7 2,6
bright scarlet 58,5 41,5 2,6
red 58,5 8,0 33,5
Pink 75,0 12,5 12,5
Aloe 75,0 4,0 21,0
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As you can see from the table, there are a lot of varieties of red precious metal. And we give you the average data. For each individual manufacturer, the percentage may vary slightly.

The most common type of red gold is 585 sample.

There are red and yellow gold of different samples on the market. Before buying, check the jewelry tag so that you do not pay for 375 samples as for 585.

Despite the fact that gold can be bought almost everywhere today, we warn you to be very careful. Cunning merchants can resell gold under the guise of copper. This happens very often and heavily. Therefore, we urge you to purchase jewelry only in trusted certified stores and on the official websites of jewelry factories, and not from random passers-by.

Which is better: red gold or yellow

You have already familiarized yourself a little with the composition of the gold alloy. Now let's figure out which of these two types of gold is better to choose.

In terms of investment investment it is better to buy 750 gold. Moreover, by color, you can take both red and yellow gold. If you are wondering why, then the answer is completely banal. This metal contains a large proportion of pure gold. That's all. However, remember that things 750 samples are not suitable for daily wear. Despite the fact that such jewelry has a rather impressive percentage of ligature, 750 pieces are still very soft, whimsical and capricious. It is better to wear this sample only for special occasions: Birthday, New Year, corporate party, etc.

In a sock, 585 test shows itself best. However, be aware that nickel is sometimes added to this grade of yellow gold. Therefore, when buying jewelry, be sure to check with the seller the tag, which should indicate the percentage composition of the alloy of the precious accessory. And if such information is not present, then consult directly with the seller. He is obliged to provide you with all the information that interests you.

Concerning wedding rings, it is best to buy red or yellow gold 375. The idea is that this alloy is the most suitable for daily use, it is the least scratched and deformed. More about wedding rings. If you want to live a long and happy life with your loved one, then it is best to buy engagement rings without any inserts, drawings or inscriptions. And all because in the process of wearing any metal is scratched, no matter what they tell you. Rings that are “clean” in design can be given for polishing after a while, and they will again shine with their original brilliance. But it will be very difficult to revive decorations with bells and whistles.

If you want to make an exquisite design item, characterized by a mass of details, then yellow gold will not be able to cope with this task. Most jewelers prefer to work with the red option.

We went through the samples, now let's go through the colors:

  • experts say that in terms of appearance, yellow gold is more suitable for use. This alloy shines brighter even after several years of wear.
  • more yellow jewelry attract attentionthan red;
  • sun-colored gold products look great on dark skin, this is especially true if you like to lie on the beach or go to the solarium;
  • despite all the “pros” regarding yellow gold, for our latitudes, red-colored items are the most pleasing to the eye;
  • if we compare red and yellow gold 575, then it is the red version that behaves best in the sock. And all because this material wears out less, rubs and scratches less, and is more durable;
  • some believe that the red alloy looks best with diamonds, however, the opinions of stylists on this issue differ, so you choose;
  • there is also an opinion that red gold looks best in woven intricate products, while yellow alloy is best worn without excessive delicacy.
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Which stones go with which color of gold

Now let's figure out which minerals look best in yellow and which look best in red gold.
Domestic stylists claim that red gold looks best with:

  • inserts of red shades (rubies, garnets, pink spinel, topaz);
  • stones of yellow, orange and brown tones (amber, yellow sapphire, topaz);
  • pearls of golden, pink and pure white.

Regarding the color of the inserts and the shade of gold, opinions differ greatly. So wear what you like best.

Yellow gold recommend combine with:

  • green inserts (emerald, chrysolite);
  • transparent stones (zircon, cubic zirconia, sapphire);
  • white stones (opal, lunar).

On white diamonds, opinions differ. Basically, the consumer loves diamonds most of all not in yellow, but in white gold. They believe that this alloy was created precisely in order to frame this expensive colorless shiny stone. Despite this opinion, many buyers often stop their eyes on jewelry with diamonds in red gold. Since this particular type of product is associated with luxury, money, wealth.

About black diamonds opinions also differ. Some believe that these stones cannot be combined with yellow gold. However, many jewelry houses do not agree with this.

Is it possible to wear these two types of gold together

Today is quite acceptable. combine in one bow, gold of several heterogeneous shades. And all because at the moment it has become very fashionable to wear openwork products, which are weaving a gold alloy of two, three and even four tones.

Rings made of gold of red and yellow shades are especially popular. Such products look very elegant, a little pretentious and expensive.

Bracelets and chains were also in great demand. multi-colored weaving. Moreover, different types of alloys can be selected, both in neighboring colors, and in the opposite. For example, today they like to use combinations of white and black, red and yellow gold. Especially such jewelry fell in love with men. Bracelets and chains made in this range look very serious and moderately restrained.

Today there are no strict rules of etiquette that prohibit combining two types of gold in one look.

It is also quite possible to choose a yellow alloy chain for yourself and hang a red pendant on it. Such a tandem will look especially good if you have earrings made of alloys of dissimilar shades or a watch.

Etiquette cannot be combined in one image there are two rings, a ring and a bracelet, a bracelet and a chain or earrings and a chain of different shades. However, modern women of fashion, wanting to stand out, come up with a wide variety of options that are perfectly combined with each other and look quite elegant.

What is more expensive: red or yellow

It is quite difficult to talk directly about the issues of the cost of one and the other type of gold. It all depends on where you buy the metal and at what time. And you probably guess that the price is very much influenced by exchange rates and the state of the exchange.

Red gold jewelry throughout the ages has served as a symbol of wealth, grace, elegance and luxury. According to their external characteristics, these accessories are universal and suitable for most representatives of both sexes.

However, the average buyer is unlikely to be interested in the price of 1 gram of gold. The average consumer is more concerned about the value of gold in the form of this or that piece of jewelry.

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Who suits red, and who suits yellow gold

Concerning Energy, then both golds practically do not differ in their effect on a person. However, experts in this industry still have some opinion.

Some argue that yellow gold is best for young girls, as this alloy is more gentle and affectionate in terms of energy.

It is believed that yellow gold jewelry is especially suitable for good-natured, bright, young and cheerful people. This metal will bring inspiration and new ideas, give self-confidence, diligence and success in new business. And this gold can also protect against failures, disappointments, depression, and will make the desire to achieve your goals even stronger.

Energetically, gold is suitable for any person, so feel free to buy the jewelry that you like. The product can become a real powerful talisman for your whole life.

Pendant or a yellow gold pendant can become a talisman that will help protect the owner from mistakes and misfortunes. Ring will contribute to the search for new vital goals, help to come to a conceived dream and achieve a difficult goal, and also charge you with the energy necessary for the implementation of plans.

Rings will be a good help in overcoming difficulties, attract good luck, and will also be able to improve digestion, heart and liver function. Chains help to strengthen control over emotions, relieve stress, give calmness, hide anxiety and tension. And here earrings will give their owner self-confidence and help get rid of complexes.

For ladies aged best suited red gold. Moreover, the greater the weight of the product, the better it will influence its owner. Products made of red alloy perfectly help with problems at work, attract finances, help get rid of many diseases, affect the metabolic process and speed up the process of losing weight.

It is also considered that red gold products are suitable architects, artists, businessmen, builders, journalists, writers.

And if you say about the signs of the zodiac, then both red and yellow metal will be especially useful to Pisces, Cancer, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Scorpio, Virgo and Aquarius. These signs can wear gold permanently. Other signs are advised to remove jewelry from time to time.

We hope that today you have received more information about what types of gold the modern jewelry market offers us. And with the expansion of your horizons, you will be able to pay attention to those products that were not at all interesting to you before. And remember that pampering yourself is a very rewarding thing. Perhaps you haven't bought yourself anything special for a long time, so it might be worth stopping by the nearest jewelry store and looking for something new. After all, you deserve it. And there will always be not enough money for deeds and worries.


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