New coin of the Perth Court with a horse shining with pink diamonds


The Perth Mint has released the latest in a limited series of pink diamond coins from the recently closed Australian Argyle mine.

The Jeweled Range collection was created in collaboration with pink diamond supplier Glajz. The newer, more complete one was named The Jeweled Horse, following the previously issued coins: The Jeweled Tiger (tiger) in 2020, The Jeweled Dragon (dragon) from 2019 and The Jeweled Phoenix (phoenix), from 2018. Animals are selected on the basis of their significance for Chinese culture. So, the horse is associated with vitality, nobility and strength.

"Horse" is released in a limited edition of 8 copies. Each coin weighs 283,5g and is crafted from 999 yellow gold and 18k rose gold. Fancy hot pink and purplish pink diamonds with a total weight of 2,76 carats, mined at the famous Argyle red and pink diamond field, are used for setting.

Obverse side of The Jeweled Horse coin with pink diamonds. Photo:
Reverse side of The Jeweled Horse coin with pink diamonds. Photo:
The Jeweled Range collection of four coins. Image: Jeweler Magazine

All coins in the collection are legal tender, however Neil Vance, general manager of the Perth Mint, confirmed that none of The Jeweled Range coins have been used as money to this day. The face value of the coin is $2, but its actual value is at least $000.

In an interview with online publication Jeweler, Vance said that the greatest interest in The Jeweled Range coins comes from “coin collectors and luxury buyers in Australia and Singapore. Some copies were also sold to Europe and the USA. According to Neil, there is not yet a single buyer who has collected a complete set of coins.

The Jeweled Horse 2021 coin. Photo:
Collectible coin The Jeweled Horse in the package. Photo:

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