Gold coins in honor of Princess Charlotte

Silver 1p coins to be given to all children born on the same day as Princess Charlotte Interesting

The Royal Mint of Great Britain issued a gold and silver collectible £5 coin for the birthday of Princess Charlotte.

While Natural Sapphire decided to celebrate the milestone by making a precious rattle as a gift for the little princess, the Royal Mint found its way to join in the celebration by issuing gold and silver coins for the birthday of Kate Middleton and Prince William's second child.

First, a limited edition £5 gold and silver coin was introduced. A total of 4000 gold and 9500 silver coins were minted. Secondly, all children born on the same day as Princess Charlotte will receive one silver penny.

The gold coin is made of 916 gold and costs as much as £1800 (about $2700), while the silver coin is more affordable and costs £80 (about $120). Each coin comes with a gift case.

The silver pennies, which are meant for the lucky ones born on the same day as the princess, are packed in neat cloth bags: pink for girls and blue for boys. To receive such a coin, parents must register the birth of their child on the Royal Mint's Facebook page.

The coins were designed by artist John Bergdahl, who also designed the coins issued to commemorate the christening of Prince George. Since this time the coins were minted before the birth of Princess Charlotte, her name, unfortunately, is not on them.

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