Watching and remembering - lessons in men's style from the "Sopranos"


Everything new is well forgotten old. For six seasons, the HBO cult phenomenon The Sopranos, whose popularity peaked in the 90s, taught to meet and overcome life's difficulties, always find balance in everything and, of course, be free to express your individuality and style. It is the bold stylistic decisions that surprisingly correspond to the spirit of our time that can become a real inspiration for those who are not afraid to take risks and experiment with their own image.

We offer to adopt the most versatile techniques that are relevant today more than ever! Go!

Tracksuit and laconic jewelry

One of the most successful combinations that has gone far beyond the screens, sports fields or home wardrobe. Our suggestion is to make the ensemble more original and personal by complementing the tracksuit with a symbolic gold pendant with initials, anniversaries or, for example, a zodiac sign.

Golden accent

It's not for everyone! But if you adhere to minimalism not only in terms of your own style, but also in other areas, a gold watch will add zest and a bright mark of distinction to your look. Of course, the product does not have to be enclosed in a case made of gold: gilding or stylish sputtering is also welcome.

Workwear and uniform

The Sopranos had their own unique style with distinctive features. A good example is the combination of a comfortable uniform-like jumpsuit with massive jewelry. This is the ideal solution if the priority is absolute comfort and freedom of movement, and not devoid of manifestations of individuality.

Italian Renaissance style

Silk shirts with incredible prints are a real treasure of the series. However, if you prefer more classic options, we suggest arming yourself with another trick - gold bracelets, which perfectly refresh and add originality to even the most restrained options.

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