Can I wear wedding rings and other rings before the wedding?

Rings have been one of the most popular pieces of jewelry since ancient times. Depending on the era and territory, it could be an indicator of material wealth and social status, it could serve as a method of payment, it was used in many magical rituals and ceremonies. After all, it was worn simply as a beautiful piece of jewelry.

The ring is one of the symbols of infinity, so it is not surprising that it is given such great importance.

Should You Buy Wedding Rings in Advance?

Preparing for the wedding celebration always starts early. You can count on your fingers those who prepare costumes, rings and other necessary paraphernalia in the last week. Therefore, it is natural that you will buy wedding rings in advance. And it all depends on how carefully and thoughtfully you prepare for the ceremony.

In addition, another important point is whether you buy ready-made products or make them to order. The first case will suit you if you need classic headbands or you have a very short preparation time. In the second case, it is important to find a master jeweler as soon as possible, approve the model, agree on the terms, because it will take more than one day, and sometimes more than one week. Especially if the master is in demand and he has a queue. Or is it the season of weddings, when the number of orders increases by an order of magnitude.

Who should buy rings? Previously, this matter was entirely up to the groom. In some cases, even he himself had to make rings for himself and his future wife. But times are changing, and if a young person is not a jeweler by profession or hobby, it is better to contact a jewelry store or a specialist. As for the question of who should take care of this issue ... Of course, in most cases, the man is responsible for the rings. But it often happens that couples approach the official marriage after several years of actual family life, so that the budget for the wedding comes out, whatever one may say, is common. The most important thing is that this issue be resolved within the couple.

If you have decided in advance on the desired design, you can send one groom for purchase. If you want something original, especially if these are custom-made jewelry, you still cannot do without a joint trip to a jewelry store or a master. By the way, both rings are important to buy in one place.

The question of whether to measure wedding rings before the wedding or not is not even worth it. After all, how else can you accurately select your size? Even in the same size grid, but in different models and in different widths, the ring will sit differently. If the jewelry is made to order, in the process you will also have to try on the rings several times so that they fit.

By the way, with regard to the purchase of wedding rings, different countries have their own opinions and signs about this:

  • Russia. In this country, it is customary for a man to buy wedding rings. Or even made them by hand. By the way, if you don’t have your own talents in jewelry, some companies allow you to take a direct part in the process of making the ring.
  • Germany and many European countries. Practical Europeans have come up with a good way to assess the well-being of the groom. According to tradition, the cost of the ring for the bride must be at least twice his salary. So the girl's parents will be able to assess how financially secure the applicant for the daughter's hand is. If a man does not want to buy rings, the wedding may be refused. Not romantic, but not without foresight.
  • USA. Here there is an unusual two of our mentality traditions - the groom buys three rings at once. Two of them, the future spouses will put on each other at an official ceremony. And the third is engagement. His man gives at the moment of marriage proposal. There, the engagement ritual is more common than here, and it can last several months until the marriage is concluded. And for the wedding, both rings of the bride are fastened into one.
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But the question of whether it is worth wearing an engagement ring before the wedding is no longer so unambiguous.

Can you wear your wedding ring before marriage?

In the first place, why wear it before the wedding ceremony? If there was an engagement, the girl wears an existing ring before the official marriage. And men in very rare cases want to “ring” in advance. The only reason to wear a wedding ring on the ring finger before the wedding is to try it on in a store or during the manufacturing process. After that, the box should be postponed until “that very” day.

There are interesting signs, according to which, before the wedding, the rings should be kept in the house where the young people will not live after the wedding. Or the ritual of freezing rings in a bag of water, so that the bride and groom will be even more tightly bound.

According to signs, it is possible to show wedding rings before painting to friends and relatives only if they are the closest people. Besides:

  • It is impossible for other people to touch the rings, and even more so, try them on.
  • Showing the rings to an unmarried friend or a single friend is also not worth it.
  • It is not advised to show a couple who have been living without an official marriage for more than one year.

If there is no engagement ring, and there are still a few months before the wedding, and both of you really want to show your relationship, you can find a compromise. For example, buy two identical rings or a pair of pendants from two halves.

Still, wedding rings have their own symbolism, and it is important that you put them on at the time of the marriage. Rings hold it together, becoming a family amulet.

There are some interesting things about engagement rings. For example, do not allow someone to remove jewelry from your hand. If for some reason you need to give it to another person in the hands, first remove it yourself and put it on any surface.

Is it worth trying on someone else's engagement ring?

In general, more negative signs are associated with other people's rings and fitting. Considered from this point of view, then trying on someone else's ring, you at the same time take a piece of someone else's happiness. Particularly when it comes to engagement rings.

You can also consider the issue from the energy side. Jewelry, especially those worn constantly, accumulate the personal energy of the wearer. And when you try on, you break the already established balance. In addition, if there are any problems, you automatically take on some of them.

If you really want to try on someone else's ring, but it's still better not to be an engagement ring, first hold it for a few minutes under a stream of cold running water. Water has the ability to purify. And only after that try on.

By the way, about family rings. Some families have a tradition of passing this symbol of married life on to the younger generation. We advise you to use family wedding rings only if the marriage of the predecessors was really happy. Otherwise, there is a risk of getting other people's problems into your union.

Is it possible for an unmarried girl to wear a ring on her right / left hand on her ring finger

In fact, it is impossible to unequivocally answer why it is impossible to wear a ring on the ring finger of the right or left hand (in different countries in different ways) to a girl before the wedding, if this is not an engagement ring. Rather, it's all about signs and superstitions. Since ancient times, this finger has been considered an engagement finger, and a place on it is always left for a wedding decoration. It is the ring finger that is considered to be associated with the heart, which is very symbolic in relation to marriage.

If we reduce to a consensus the signs and the logical explanation about the ring in the place where the engagement should be, we get the following:

  • Putting a ring on her ring finger, the girl thereby, as it were, says that she already occupied this position. And therefore for her there may not be a betrothed.
  • If we take the logic, a girl will simply deprive herself of interesting and promising acquaintances with a ring on her ring finger if a man decides that she has an engagement ring on her finger, and not an ordinary ring. Many young people even won't make acquaintancesconsidering that you are already employed and married.
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On the other hand, if you want to protect yourself from excessive attention, then this trick will work to your advantage. But the ring on the ring finger of the left hand of an unmarried girl is completely appropriate, unless she lives in those countries where the finger of the left hand is considered to be the engagement ring. True, divorced and widows wear a ring on our left hand, but in this case the signs are not so strong. If you are not a suspicious person, then wear jewelry without problems.

Can an unmarried man wear a ring?

When meeting a man, women always pay attention to this particular finger. This is an unconscious action, even if the girl herself is no longer free.

As in women, in men, the ring finger is a wedding finger. And usually he is left "naked" if the young man is not bound by marriage. Although today some men do not wear a ring even after the wedding due to the nature of their work, hobbies or personal convictions.

In the same way, sometimes you can see a ring on the ring finger of a bachelor, if for some reason he does not want obsessive female attention to himself.

But in most cases, especially when a man is actively looking for a soulmate, there are no “talking” jewelry on his hand.

As an exception, there may be massive seals, rings with large stones on the nameless one. And they will not mean non-free status.

What rings on which fingers and hands to wear an unmarried girl according to signs

If you are not a superstitious person, you can safely wear rings on any fingers of any hand. And in your preferred quantity. In fact, there are no strict restrictions. But still, often girls prefer not to tempt fate, and not to violate the prevailing signs. In order not to frighten off personal marital happiness.

Therefore, they wear rings on all other fingers, except for the ring finger on the right hand. But this is if we talk about our mentality. Since overseas and in some countries of continental Europe, wedding rings are worn on the left hand.

Some girls believe, on the contrary, that wearing a ring on the “desired” finger will be able to attract that very man into their life faster. But there are no signs that would talk about this, and even no advice from astrologers on this topic. If you want to attract love, rather, you need to pick up a ring with a specific mineral.

Let's analyze what jewelry on the fingers can mean in a generalized way:

  • Thumb. By the ring in this position, you can determine the adventurous nature, prone to adventure and extreme sports.
  • Pointing. Domineering, strong-willed girls prefer to wear rings on the pointing finger. More often than not, these are good leaders.
  • Average. Here the rings are worn by women who are balanced, non-conflict. They easily evoke sympathy from the opposite sex, have a soft character.
  • Nameless. This finger is chosen by romantic people, for whom personal life is a very important topic. Emotionally strong personalities.
  • Little finger. On this finger, you can most often see jewelry in freedom-loving, original natures, prone to creative impulses. These are people in whose eyes the world is always brighter, to whom it is pleasant to visit and who motivate for new achievements. By the way, according to the advice of astrologers, with the right choice of a mineral according to your zodiac sign, a ring on your little finger will help you to qualitatively reveal your inner creative potential.

Now let's see how not only the choice of the finger for decoration affects, but also the choice of the hand where it is worn.

Right hand. For the most part, this is the dominant side. On it, rings are worn by people who are self-confident, strong-willed. Girls of this type are characterized by such masculine character traits as perseverance, courage, active position, purposefulness.

  • Thumb. On this finger, rings and rings are worn by young ladies with a rather active life position, not subject to other people's opinions. They easily decide on experiments, even in everyday matters. They have interesting hobbies and interests.
  • Pointing. Here, jewelry can be found among ladies with a strong-willed character who have their own opinion and do not adapt to those around them. They often have high self-esteem.
  • Average. Here, the rings are worn by girls who are feminine, prone to flirting. They know the value of their beauty and gladly accept compliments. At the same time, the larger and more expressive the decoration itself, the more a woman tends to admire herself.
  • Nameless. Almost always leave free for wedding rings.
  • Little finger. Sociable girls with whom you can always find a topic for conversation. They are charismatic, temperamental, but adventurous and often unpredictable.
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What can the rings say? left hand? If we follow the classification that we have already begun in this paragraph, then such girls have much more Yin, “feminine” character traits. They are softer, more emotional, malleable, inclined to compromise. But this does not mean at all that in a certain situation they will not show firmness and perseverance. After all, each person is a whole universe with many features, and not a programmed algorithm from a couple of clear reactions.

  • Thumb. Girls with a unique temperament, loving and appreciating their own independence and freedom, are often free from many conventions. May have leadership qualities.
  • Pointing. Most often, rings are worn on this finger by girls with a creative mindset. They are inventive, interesting, often occupy leadership positions.
  • Average. The quintessence of female energy, they value family and children, they know how to create home comfort and keep the family hearth. Often they have the ability to psychology, they cook well.
  • Nameless. Soft and touching natures, romantic, but reasonable. True, according to some signs, widows wear a ring on this finger, and this can lead to misfortune. But if a girl does not attach importance to such signs, then she can wear any decoration.
  • Little finger. Positive girls who are easily addicted love active pastime. They are inclined to charity, often in their free time they are fond of creativity. It is very easy with them in the company of friends.

If the girl is unmarried, but already engaged, then the ring is put on the same finger where the engagement ring is put on on the wedding day.

Is it possible to give a ring to a girl before marriage

It all depends on the format of the relationship with the girl. If this is your relative, you may well give her a nice gift if you know exactly what design she likes.

But if you are in a relationship, gifts of this kind should be taken responsibly. First of all, if your relationship has just begun, and you do not know how serious you want to see it. From her boyfriend, a girl can accept a ring as a gift with the hope that this is “the same” ring. And that this is, in fact, a marriage proposal. If a young man didn’t even think of anything like that, it will result in embarrassment or a quarrel.

Some signs also say that buying a ring before the wedding can cause scandals and quarrels. But the action of the omen can be canceled with a coin instead of a gift. Also, you can make a "cunning move" by giving the girl money for a new thing or a certificate to a jewelry store.

Summing up, we note that today wedding rings still remain in the halo of signs and superstitions. Therefore, if you are suspicious, you should not wear this jewelry before the wedding, once again show it to strangers, and even more so give it to your hands or to try it on. You can choose rings together and, of course, you also need to try them on to choose the size.

As for whether it is possible to wear rings on the ring finger unmarried and unmarried, then this is more a matter of personal preference. After all, if a person is looking for new acquaintances, the “marriage” ring can scare them away.

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