Determining the size of the ring - different methods

Rings today can be seen on the finger of every second or third, regardless of gender. In addition to wedding rings, which confidently occupy the ring finger on the right (in our country) hand, all other fingers remain open to fantasies and experiments. And the modern jewelry industry offers so many interesting models that it's hard not to get confused. From classic designs to double and triple rings, toe rings and more. But the most important thing for buying is to determine the size of the ring. Especially if you need to order it online via the Internet or pick it up as a gift. Not everyone knows their own size, let alone other people's hands.
The easiest way to find out your size is in jewelry stores. To determine the parameter, you will be offered a set of blanks, templates, among which you will find the right one for your finger. Or you can immediately try on your favorite models. But it’s quite realistic to find out your ring size at home without leaving your cozy apartment. Especially if the situation is in weather not suitable for walking.

How to determine the size without leaving home

There are several ways in which you can measure the size of a finger for a ring without leaving the apartment. How to do it? Choose from any of four options:
  1. If you already have a ring, but need to order remotely, take the piece of jewelry and circle it around the inside. And then measure the diameter of the resulting circle.
  2. Take a regular thread and wrap it around the desired finger. So you can measure the circumference of the finger under the ring. Then expand, and measure the resulting length, check the result according to the table below. Or divide by 3,14.
  3. If you have a thin rope at hand, then wrap your finger exactly 5 times. Measure the resulting length and divide by 15,7 already.
  4. Calipers. If you have both this tool and a ring, you can make the most accurate calculations of the inside diameter of a piece of jewelry or a finger.

Correspondence table of ring diameters and finger sizes in millimeters

The standard step in the size chart is 0,5. But occasionally there are rings and intermediate sizes with a step of 0,25.

Ring size Diameter, mm Finger girth, mm
15 14,86 47-48
15,5 15,27 48-49
16 16,1 49-50
16,5 16,51 50-52
17 16,92 - 17 mm 52-53
17,5 17,5 53-55
18 18,19 55-57
18,5 18,53 58-59
19 18,89 56-60
19,5 19,41 60,3 (6 cm)
20 19,84 61-63
20,5 20,51 63-64
21 21,08 64-65
21,5 21,63 67-68
22 22,2 69,1 mm (7 cm)

The most common sizes of women's rings are from 17 to 18, and for men - from 19 to 20,5.

Helpful tips for measurements

No the secret is that in the cold the fingers are a little thinner than in the heat. And by the evening there is always a slight puffiness. Therefore, when determining the size of your own finger, you should follow a few simple rules: measurements should be taken in the daytime and after being in a warm room for at least one to two hours. Otherwise, there is a great risk of acquiring a ring that is too large or too small, which then the jeweler will have to wear to fit. When it is not worth measuring the diameter yet:

  • You should not measure your finger immediately after physical exertion or a flight: it is better to give the body a little rest.
  • Also, refrain from taking measurements for a while if you have drunk a lot of liquid or if you have an elevated body temperature.
  • In extreme heat, swelling is possible, which will distort the result.
  • Girls should not determine the size during menstruation.
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Rings of different widths will have different sizes. When buying a ring with a width of 6 mm and above, always choose a jewelry size larger than you usually wear.

Another important point is to take measurements exactly on the finger and on the hand on which you plan to wear the jewelry. Since even the same finger on both hands can differ by half, or even a whole size.

How to determine the size of a ring

If you have a ring on hand and need to determine its size, measure the inner diameter. It is the inner, that is, the distance between the inner walls of the decoration. The thickness of the rings can be different, so the indicator along the outer edge will be erroneous.

This method of measurement can be called one of the most convenient - there is a ring, it will also not be difficult to find a ruler.

Another simple option is to print ring diameter templates online (with circles for each size), and then attach your ring to them and determine where the inner diameter of the jewelry fits as accurately as possible.

Choosing a ring size for a girl

A man may need the size of a girl's ring finger only in one case - if he wants to propose to her. This is a crucial moment for which the lover must prepare carefully. The main attribute of any proposal, except for sincere feelings, is an engagement ring.

Yes, and if you do not take the engagement, but just want to do something nice for a loved one by giving an elegant ring. It is important that it be unexpected. How to calculate the size of the ring so that the girl does not suspect anything ahead of time, and the surprise does not break? Here are a few ways how, without knowing the size, to choose a ring?

Here are a few ways how, without knowing the size, to choose a ring?

  • Her ring. The most effective and most accurate way is by her own ringlet. But in this case, two factors must coincide: access to her jewelry and the presence of a ring for this very finger. If there are many rings, observe which or which rings she prefers to wear on her ring finger. Then, at the right moment, quickly circle the inner circle on paper, and align the diameter with the data in the table. Everything, the size is in your pocket. If it is possible to remove the ring imperceptibly, then immediately go to the jeweler with him for the most accurate calculation.
  • The second way with the ring will be more difficult. If a girl wears jewelry on the right finger, but almost does not take it off and it is one, you will have to guess the moment. For example, when she goes to the shower or starts washing the dishes, and removes the ring for safety. Then quickly act on the plan with a pencil and a piece of paper. Or prepare a piece of plasticine or something similar - and make a cast.
  • While she sleeps. In fact, it is difficult to imperceptibly measure a finger with a thread without arousing suspicion. Unless your girlfriend is sleeping very soundly. Then you can take advantage of the position and quickly make the necessary calculations.
  • Gloves. If your betrothed does not have rings, but has gloves made of thin leather, you can try to discreetly take them with you to the jewelry store to calculate the size. By analogy with Cinderella, you can ask consultants to try on an accessory, and focus on the hand of the one that fits.
  • Clay molds. This is a great combination of leisure time with your loved one and a way to find out the information you need. Invite the girl to make casts of your hands to perpetuate your feelings. But remember, if you never encouraged such entertainment, the lady may become suspicious, and the surprise will break.
  • As a last resort, you can try to find out the size the girl's mother or her sister. You should not contact her friends, and they are unlikely to know such details. Or they will let it slip to your soul mate, and the surprise will be ruined.
  • Putting her ring on your finger. This will only work if the girl left her ring unattended for at least a few minutes. Now quickly put the jewelry on your finger, where it will at least partially fit. Mark or remember the place where the ring sat tightly. But do not overdo it, otherwise you will have to explain for a long time why you need soap and why her ring is on your finger. So, you have a mark. Wrap your finger with thread in this place and then measure the length of the girth. Divide the resulting number in mm by Pi (3,14). Bingo!
  • Calculate the diameter of her ring. We again need the ring to be left unattended by the girl. Grab it and trace the inner circle. The diameter will be the size. If you plan to buy a thin ring, then round the resulting figure down, and if it is wide (from 6 mm), then round it up.
  • Trust the statistics. If you don't care which finger the girl wears jewelry on, you can choose at random. Most often, jewelry for beautiful ladies buy rings in sizes 16,5, 17, 17,5 and 18. If the girl’s physique is fragile and thin fingers, it’s better to focus on a smaller size.
  • Clothing. Another statistical method. Surely you know what size clothes the girl wears. According to this, you can calculate the approximate size of the finger (S - from 15,5 to 17,5, M - from 17 to 18, L - from 17,5 to 19, XL - rings from 18,5 and 19). That's it, now you you can safely go to a jewelry store for a gift to a loved one! If there is no task to make an unexpected gift, then everything is much simpler. Just take the girl by the hand and go with her to the jewelry store to choose the ring you like on the spot. There, in the process of selecting jewelry and size, you will find out at the same time.
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It is better for fragile girls to choose thin rings (2-4 mm), and wide wedding rings (about 6 mm) are suitable for tall and stately girls.

How to understand the size of a child's ring

The main parameter for selecting rings for children is the diameter of the finger. So, to determine the size, it is enough to measure the child's finger. The smallest ring sizes are 15 and 15,5 with finger diameters of 15 mm and 15,5 mm, respectively. Rings in sizes 16, 16,5 and 17 are considered for teenagers. They correspond to diameters of 16 mm, 16,5 mm and 17 mm.

Of course, when measuring, an inaccurate number may turn out. Then the figure is rounded up.

As you can see, it is not necessary to go to the nearest jewelry boutique to calculate the size of your finger. To do this, it is enough to have a centimeter tape or ruler, a thread or a strip of paper on hand. And if there is a ready-made ring, then the task will be even easier. If you plan to place an order through the network or buy a ring as a gift, it is better to first calculate the size as accurately as possible so as not to get into a mess.

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