Rose gold: what is, what sample, what does it look like

Gold is very popular and is in the jewelry box of almost every girl. And if earlier preference was given to the classic yellow alloy or red "Soviet" metal, now the situation has changed, and rose gold occupies one of the leading positions.

Most likely, you have already heard about this type of precious metal. But what is rose gold? This is one of the types of gold alloys with a certain content of copper and silver. It attracts the attention of buyers with its unusual appearance, affordable cost and the complexity of the execution of jewelry.

How Rose Gold Came to Be

People have known about this type of gold for a very long time. But until recently, it was believed that if the jewelry made has a pink tint, it means that some mistake was made in its production. Accordingly, earlier products made of rose gold were considered defective and were not valued.

The thing is that before people recognized only two varieties of gold - yellow and red. If the proportions were not respected, the decoration acquired an intermediate shade unusual for this metal - pink.

Now this alloy is experiencing its second birth. The reason for this lies in the rapid development of jewelry art. Over time, it becomes more and more difficult to surprise sophisticated buyers with some new products. This is where rose gold comes in handy.

For the same reason, some jewelers and buyers appreciate it even more than the usual yellow.

What rose gold looks like and what metals it contains

The composition is obtained only by chemical means, mixing gold with other metals. Why is this being done?

В first turn in order to make gold more practical and durable. In fact, pure aurum is a very soft metal that can be bent even by hand. To prevent this from happening to your jewelry, impurities are added to pure gold.

The second the reason follows from the first. A very long time ago, jewelers noticed that when other non-ferrous metals (copper, zinc, silver, and so on) are added, the shade of gold changes slightly. For some time, the resulting pink color was considered a marriage, but then they began to use it to create unusual jewelry.

It is impossible to say exactly what rose gold looks like. Of course, the metal has a pink color, but its shade depends on the concentration of impurities.

As mentioned above, the alloy consists of three metals:

  1. Gold.
  2. Copper.
  3. Silver.

Depending on their percentage, the shade of the metal can vary from pale pink or peach to dark, almost red.

Some craftsmen add zinc to the alloy, which gives the product an almost orange tint.

What tests are

A sample is a special stamp that tells how much pure gold is in a particular product. Of course, in percentage terms. For example, a 999 sample indicates that there are only 1 gram of impurities per kilogram of such an alloy. That is, pure gold in the product will be 99,9%.

Pink gold has almost the same fineness as regular yellow gold, with the exception of the already mentioned 999. In general, samples above 900 are no longer used by jewelers, as they are considered too impractical for the reasons described above. Moreover, 10% is too little to give yellow gold a pink tint.

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In jewelry, 3 samples of rose gold are used:

  1. Pink gold 750 samples - 75% aurum, 9% argentum, 16% cuprum. Such an alloy is considered the most prestigious and valuable, as it has the highest gold content. For the same reason, the metal looks very similar to the usual yellow gold. Jewelry 750 samples have a rich yellow color with a slight pinkish tint.
  2. Pink gold 585 samples - 58,5% Au, 9% Ag, 32,5% Cu. The most common type of gold pleases buyers with a good ratio of quality and price. Products are distinguished by a decent content of pure gold in the alloy, high strength and affordable cost. Accessories made of this alloy will please with a soft pink tint and durability.
  3. Pink gold 375 samples - 25% silver and 37,5% gold and copper. This is the most budget option of the precious metal. Due to the high content of copper, the products have a rich pink color and are somewhat reminiscent of Soviet red gold. This type is more susceptible to corrosion and not very durable.

The lowest carat is mainly used to create inexpensive jewelry such as medallions, crosses and brooches. With mechanical damage, the products bend, break and become covered with scratches.

585 is used by jewelers to create medium and large jewelry. Since this alloy has a high copper content (up to 32,5%), gold is not as malleable and is not suitable for very fine patterns. However, it is 585 jewelry that is best suited for everyday wear. Unlike other types, they are more wear-resistant and are not afraid of scratches or bumps.

But an alloy of 750 samples is the best option for complex openwork jewelry, where high plasticity of the metal is required. Products are very delicate and fragile, so they are suitable only for special occasions.

How durable is rose gold

Unusual appearance and good ductility are often achieved at the expense of strength. For this reason, jewelry quickly becomes scratched or bent. Especially it concerns low-grade metal, which is very easy to break. Most often, the cause of the break is mechanical damage - for example, the ring was dropped or hit against something. Be sure to consider this when buying.

Alloy application

Rose gold is used to create jewelry and almost nothing else. Due to the delicate pink tint, the products acquire a romantic appearance and are especially appreciated by the fair sex. The most popular rose gold jewelry is engagement rings and pendants.

What is the difference between rose gold and classic yellow

The most obvious difference between the two types of this precious metal is, of course, color. And as we have already found out, an unusual shade is achieved due to impurities, which can also affect the price of jewelry.

In the case of rose gold, the main additional component is copper. Its content in the alloy can reach up to 37,5%. But in the case of ordinary yellow gold, silver is in the first place. Argentum, like Aurum, belongs to the precious metals, and its value is much higher than the price of copper. For this reason classic yellow gold costs slightly more than rose gold.

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But if you think about the rest, then the difference between them is not so big. Both materials are highly ductile, soft and brittle, and require special and careful care.

Which gold is better to choose - white, yellow or pink

All three options are very similar in their characteristics and properties. All of them are precious, have an attractive glossy sheen and look good as jewelry.

If just a few years ago, preference was given mainly to yellow gold, but now the situation has changed. Increasingly, as a present or wedding rings, buyers choose products made of white or rose gold. Finding them is not difficult, as jewelers offer a huge selection of gold items of different types and shades.

Jewelry that combines three types of gold at once is especially popular. Such products have a very unusual design and sophistication.

For this reason, the choice between these three metals directly depends on your financial capabilities and personal view of beauty.

How much is rose gold

There is no direct answer to this question either, especially when it comes to jewelry. The price of the finished jewelry depends on the sample, weight, the presence of inset stones and even the design solution. The price of precious metals can also affect the price.

The price of gold and silver changes every day. By the way, their cost also depends on the sample of the metal. For example, the price for 1 gram of 999 gold fluctuates around 50 euros. But since such an alloy is not used to create jewelry, let's consider the most popular 585 sample.

rose gold price 585 samples so far is:

  • $32,33;
  • 27,36 euro;
  • 905 Ukrainian hryvnias;
  • £24,51 UK.

And here is the cost one gram 375 samples much lower:

  • $23,2;
  • 19,63 euro;
  • 649,35 Ukrainian hryvnias;
  • £17,59 UK.

As you can see, the price difference is huge. For this reason, sample manipulation is the most well-known way that fraudsters use to make money. Check the brand carefully before buying a gold piece.

How to distinguish rose gold from a fake

The surest way to buy genuine jewelry is to buy from trusted jewelry stores. In such prestigious establishments, you can ask for all the documentation to verify the authenticity of the product.

If you are still in doubt, it is better to resort to the help of a professional jeweler. The master will be able to distinguish rose gold from other types and save you money from buying knick-knacks. However, this service is also paid, so it is unlikely that you will be able to save money.

But if you do not want to spend money on a jeweler, then the following tips can save you from acquiring a fake:

  1. Be sure to check out the sample. This will let you know that the jewelry is indeed made of precious metal. The number indicated on the sample corresponds to the percentage of pure gold in the alloy. Gold samples include 375, 585 and 750.
  2. Consider the cost. We have already indicated the approximate cost of gold 375 and 585 above. It is logical that a product of 750 samples cannot cost less. If you are offered jewelry at a lower price, then it is most likely a fake.
  3. Pay attention to shine. Ask to get the gold from under the glass of the showcase, where it is additionally illuminated with the help of special lamps. Gold jewelry, unlike other metals, does not become dimmer and does not change its shade. This method does not give a XNUMX% guarantee, since stores usually still have artificial lighting.
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Of course, there are many more ways to distinguish gold from a fake, but basically they can harm jewelry. For example, iodine can leave stains, and after a needle there will definitely be scratches. If you do not want to risk the jewelry you have already purchased, it is better to take it to a jeweler.

How to care for rose gold

Basically, the rules for caring for rose gold do not differ from those that its yellow counterpart needs. However, there are some nuances. For example, in no case should rose gold be mercury or some strong acid. For the same reason, before cleaning, especially when using household chemicals, it is better to remove jewelry and set it aside.

Ligature (this is what impurities are called), although it increases strength, it does not serve as a complete protection against damage. This means that at high load such decoration can be wrinkled, because of which it will lose its attractiveness or even become unusable. Also, scratches and scuffs appear on the product, so you need to wear rose gold very carefully.

Since dust and dirt accumulate on the surface of the jewelry, it must be cleaned regularly. For routine cleaning, it will take very little time, a minimum of effort and nothing that cannot be found at home.

That clear rose gold from minor pollution, you need:

  1. Make soap solution and immerse the decoration there for several hours. The water should be warm, but not hot. Under no circumstances should gold be boiled.
  2. After that, the product must rinse with enough water and wipe dry with a lint-free cloth.
  3. If contamination remains, clean them with a soft cloth or soft-bristled brush. You can not rub the gold, as it will leave small scratches.
  4. Then it is necessary polish the jewelry with suede.

You can also use the services of a master, if there is absolutely no time or desire. The workshop has everything you need to make your product like new again.

Who is rose gold for?

Rose gold is successfully used in the manufacture of earrings, pendants, chains and bracelets. But the most advantageous look vintage wedding rings or engagement rings made from this material. A soft pink shade gives them romance, focusing on the relationship of lovers.

Rose gold is a great choice for people both warm and cool skin tones. Pleasant color favorably emphasizes the whiteness of the skin, but with dark skin loses to classic yellow.

Another drawback of the material is its allergies. The high content of copper in the alloy can cause allergies in sensitive people, so be sure to consider this fact when choosing jewelry.

Rose gold is one of the most attractive and interesting types of the known precious metal. In terms of its properties, the alloy differs little from the usual yellow, but it will please you with a lower price. Rose gold products are very delicate and romantic, so they are sure to suit sensual natures. But you should be careful, because due to the high content of copper, the alloy can cause allergies.

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