Rose and yellow gold: which is more expensive and how they differ

Jewelry made of gold is an ageless classic of jewelry. For more than one century and even more than one millennium, representatives of both sexes have been happy to wear jewelry made of gold alloy. And if a couple of centuries ago only very rich people could afford gold items, today they can be found at almost any price.

The modern jewelry industry, in search of diversity, has significantly expanded the color range of gold. Today, in addition to the traditional yellow, you can find red, pink, white, purple, green, blue and even black gold.

Some of the resulting alloys are so brittle that they are usually used only as decorative inserts or for application to the surface of the product.

Red and rose gold stand out among the most popular non-ferrous alloys today. The first has a higher copper content, which gives such a rich shade. Rose gold, in addition to copper, also contains silver impurities, which is why the metal eventually gets a somewhat coldish tone.

Interestingly, rose gold alloy has been known for a long time, but earlier this aristocratic shade of the precious metal was considered a marriage. Like, the proportions were not maintained, and instead of red metal, its pale likeness came out. But then the jewelers appreciated the beauty and elegance of the alloy of this delicate shade. And in recent years, its popularity among connoisseurs of jewelry has grown rapidly, and many eminent jewelry houses present their new collections in this alloy.

What is the difference between rose gold and yellow gold

The main difference between rose gold and classic yellow gold is in proportions. In fact, any gold standard used by jewelers is an alloy, not a pure precious metal. This is due to the fact that pure gold is too soft and not suitable for jewelry. It is easily deformed, scratched, prone to chipping. Therefore, various impurities are added to pure metal - ligatures. The introduced elements increase the resistance of the finished mixture to wear and corrosion. It can be silver, copper, palladium, zinc, platinum, cobalt, etc. They ultimately affect the final color of the precious metal, depending on the percentage in the alloy.

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The most popular gold grades in the jewelry market are 585 and 750. On their example, we will consider the proportions and cost of these two types of alloy.

The lowest sample 375 is distinguished by the low quality of the product, although the lowest price. And samples above 750 are usually not used in jewelry, because the higher the content of pure gold in the alloy, the more it is subject to deformation. The highest standard of gold 999, where the content of pure Aurum (Au) is, respectively, 99,9%, can be found in gold bars that are used in the banking sector.

Sample 585 (14 carats) is in demand all over the world. 750 (18 carats) are usually used to create premium jewelry, and their price is much higher.

In both yellow and 750-carat pink gold, copper and silver are added as a ligature. But it's all about the proportions of additional metals in the alloy:

  • Yellow gold - 75% pure gold (Au), silver (Ag) and copper (Cu) 12,5% ​​each.
  • Pink gold - 75% pure gold, copper 15%, silver 10%.

In sample 585, classic yellow gold, in addition to copper and silver, also contains other metals:

  • Yellow gold - 58,5% pure metal, copper 22,5%, silver 8%, nickel 8,5%, zinc 2,5%.
  • Pink gold - 58,5% pure metal, copper 32,5%, silver 9%.

In fact, silver copper - the most common ligatures for gold, which master jewelers have been using for more than a century.

The addition of this inseparable pair to the composition of the gold alloy significantly affects the physical and chemical properties of the finished metal.

Addition Silver (argentum) increases the melting point of the mixture, and also has a beneficial effect on the ductility of the metal, allowing you to create filigree patterns. The high silver content also whitens the gold. Copper (cuprum), in turn, also increases the hardness and strength of the alloy, and adds ductility units. Gives the metal a beautiful reddish tint.

Which gold is more expensive

The price of gold varies depending on the sample and on the ligatures in the alloy. For example, gold with a high copper content will be significantly cheaper than an alloy with the addition of palladium (white gold).

If we talk about classic yellow gold, then it is worth considering 585 and 750 samples. The cost per 1 gram of the alloy will be approximately from 35 to 100 dollars. The price of rose gold may be somewhat lower, since the most inexpensive component, copper, predominates in the ligature.

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But the price depends not only on the price per gram. Usually, however, gold is bought in finished products. Therefore, the final price tag largely depends on the sample of the precious metal, the manufacturer of the jewelry, the complexity of the work and additional inserts (precious or natural stones, other precious metals). Naturally, jewelry from well-known jewelry houses will cost much more due to the unique design than mass-market products, even with the same sample of the precious metal.

Is it possible to combine these two gold alloys

Here it is worth clarifying one point. Should it be a combination in one piece or in different ones? If we are talking about the second case, then until recently it was believed that wearing products of different metals at the same time was bad manners. True, modern fashion trends destroy the old canons and rules. So today no one will forbid wearing silver and gold jewelry at the same time.

But as for different alloys of the same metal ... It's more a matter of combining shades. In two separate decorations side by side, the yellow and pink alloy may not look too harmonious. But to combine pink or yellow gold with white is another matter. Or with the recent invention of jewelers - black alloy.

Today, more and more often on the covers of fashion magazines and jewelry catalogs appear jewelry that combines several alloys at once. For example, yellow, white and rose gold. Such jewelry looks very feminine, and, depending on the model and style, will suit girls of any age.

It is right to approach each case individually. If the jewelry is designed in the same style, you can try to wear them together. For example, you have a bracelet made of yellow and rose gold. It can be worn separately with rings made of different alloys or earrings.

Gold and precious/natural stones

Precious stones and natural minerals feel great in a gold setting. It is recommended to choose transparent and translucent stones of warm shades or no color at all. What stones and with what alloy are combined better:

  • Traditional yellow gold is ideal for diamonds, amber, ruby, sapphire, emerald, turquoise, lapis lazuli.
  • Pink gold goes well with cubic zirconias, topazes, rauchtopazes, citrines.

With yellow gold do not advise combine too saturated dark garnet, red jasper, as well as stones such as morion, jade, dark purple amethyst.

If you are going to buy jewelry made of gold inlaid with precious stones, we advise you to choose them only in trusted well-known stores.

There, the products are accompanied by certificates confirming the authenticity of the stones in the inlay. And also you can be sure of the purity of the indicated sample of the most precious metal.

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Which gold is still better: pink or plain yellow

This question is difficult to answer unambiguously. It all depends on what you need the precious metal for. When viewed purely from an aesthetic point of view, it all comes down to personal preference. Some people prefer the classic yellow color, while others want variety and are attracted by a slightly reddish tint of rose gold. It's like thinking about which kind of bread is better - after all, everyone will have words of support in favor of any of them. Is that rose gold still likes the female half of the population, and men more often like the classics.

As for the sample, for everyday wear it is advised to choose jewelry of 585 samples. Due to the lower content of the base metal than in 750, such jewelry is more durable, wear-resistant, and easier to clean. And, of course, much cheaper.

If you choose jewelry for a gift, look at the recipient's own jewelry arsenal and by color type. For example, white and pink gold are more suitable for blondes and light brown-haired women because of the cool shade. Girls with dark hair and swarthy skin - classic yellow with its warm overflow. However, the same rose gold can be in different colors due to a slightly different ratio of silver and copper in the composition. So each decoration should be considered individually.

Jewelry made of any precious metal requires careful handling and care. And gold items in any alloys, due to the natural softness of gold, especially need the accuracy of their owners. In this regard, both pink and yellow shades of the alloy do not have much difference.

Summing up, we note that there is no fundamental difference between classic yellow and romantic rose gold in terms of cost or quality characteristics of the product. It all depends on your personal tastes and the artistic value of the jewelry, which mainly affects the price tag.


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