The most expensive chocolate in the world


One serving of this sweet treat can be compared in price to ten new iPhones or a dozen Samsung Galaxy at once.

Chocolate and a huge number of desserts that are made on its basis have been the most popular sweets in the world for many years and decades. One theory about the origin of the word "chocolate" suggests that the sources are the Aztec "xocolātl", which means "bitter water". However, already in the 17th century, people realized that a drink from cocoa beans can be made sweet. And since that time, the popularity of chocolate began to grow at a great speed.

To say "thank you" for the appearance of a solid form of chocolate, we must Conrad van Guten, a native of Holland, who patented an inexpensive way to extract cocoa butter from grated beans. It is thanks to him that today we can try hundreds of different varieties and types of dessert melting on the tongue. However, the works of modern chocolatiers are sometimes able not only to delight with their taste, but also to amaze with their cost. And this is what allowed the creation of Daniel Gomez to get into the Guinness Book of Records: the cost of his chocolate was 9489 dollars.

The world's most expensive chocolate Glorious. Photo:

The Portuguese chocolatier offered the world a chocolate candy that already hints at its own status by its shape: outwardly, it is a diamond cut into a classic round shape. But its name - "Magnificent" (from the English. "Glorious") - the sweet product received not for this, but for the coating of real edible gold.

And yet Gomez would not be a true professional in his field if everything came down to just a precious shell. Glorious is made with the finest French Valrone chocolate, white truffles, truffle oil, real Madagascar vanilla and another secret ingredient that Danielle refuses to reveal.

"Magnificent" is released in a limited edition of 1000 pieces. Each piece will be sold in exclusive packaging: a lacquered ebony dish with a gold serial number and a crystal dome lid adorned with pearls and thousands of Swarovski crystals.

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Demonstration of the world's most expensive chocolate Glorious. Photo:

Recently, a unique chocolate diamond was exhibited in Obidos, Portugal - naturally under the close supervision of specially hired guards. However, if you didn't make it to the demo, don't fret.

However, you don't have to spend $10 if you want to try gold-plated chocolate. For example, the Frenchman Pascal Caffet produced a whole set of chocolates coated with precious metal, but their cost was “only” $425.