Leibish & Co. and a purple diamond for 4 million

1_blue-orchide-diamond Interesting

Israeli online jewelry retailer Leibish & Co has unveiled a 3,37-carat VS2-grade bright lilac diamond called the Purple Orchid.

Natural colored diamonds are generally rare, but purple-colored diamonds are almost impossible to find. After diamond was found at a deposit in South Africa, the stone was subjected to a polishing process that lasted 4 months, after which a diamond of a luxurious rich purple orchid hue opened up to the eyes of the jewelers.

It couldn't have been a better time to announce the discovery of the rarest $4 million diamond, as Pantone recently announced Orchid Purple as its Color of the Year. Pantone, the corporation that owns the standard for printing colors, also used in the manufacture of paints and dyeing of fabrics, described the color Radiant Orchid (English "Shining Orchid") as "a mesmerizing harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink that inspires confidence and radiates an atmosphere of joy, love and health."

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