Jewelry dream book: what do rings, earrings and gems mean in a dream


In a dream, the consequences of what we experienced in the past and clues about the future come to us. And how to explain such a mysterious symbol as jewelry?

The world of dreams is a mysterious territory. Since ancient times, people have believed in the symbolic meaning of dreams and have tried to decipher it. The first dream book known to us appeared about 2 thousand years BC. e. in ancient Egypt.

Many people dream of images from the past and present, materialized fears and desires. And from time to time, Morpheus sends us mysterious images in the form of gold rings, silver chains or luxurious precious stones. And their meaning can be very difficult to understand. Many interpretations in different dream books can cause an unprepared dreamer to feel confused. Let's figure it out together.

It's important: in order to correctly interpret a dream, it is worth remembering all the details, because the meaning can change dramatically depending on them.

If you dreamed of a golden ring

The ring in many cultures symbolizes the union, as well as secular power (the tradition of wearing seals has been known since ancient Greece). In dreams, gold rings most often promise good luck in business and the fulfillment of desires. There are other interpretations:

  • The gypsies believed that a golden ring seen in a dream reflects the state of health. An expensive ring indicates good health, and a fake one is a messenger of illness.
  • In the Eastern tradition, the ring means a future marriage proposal.
  • And in Spanish - a dangerous meeting.

Why dream of a silver ring

Dreams involving a silver ring have many different interpretations. The symbolic field of this symbol is very wide, but, in most cases, dream books interpret it as an auspicious sign.

  • Nostradamus believed that the silver ring dreams of financial success.
  • Corrugated or patterned - to a profitable acquaintance.
  • A smooth ring means a calm family life.
  • The ring on your own hand is good news! The dreamer is waiting for the fulfillment of desires, unexpected support or a romantic adventure. A ring on another person's hand signals missed opportunities.
  • Vanga agrees with the pessimistic Mayans and considers the silver ring a symbol of a vicious circle from which no way out can be found.
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The meaning of the wedding ring according to the dream book

The wedding ring symbolizes marriage and everything connected with it. If an unmarried girl dreamed about it, then she should prepare for a marriage proposal, if the sleeping woman is already married, then to renew and strengthen relations. An unmarried man should tune in to a quick wedding, and a respectable father of the family - to climb the career ladder.

If you dreamed of a broken ring

In this case, all dream books are surprisingly in solidarity in a negative interpretation. But this is not a reason to be upset, forewarned means armed.

  • A person breaks the ring - fraud on the part of a loved one is possible.
  • The decoration falls to the floor and breaks - future relationship problems.
  • A stone fell out of the ring - you need to take care of your health. Another option is that the sleeper is in danger of separation or problems at work.

Get a ring as a gift in a dream

There is a possibility that a person simply dreamed of such a gift and his wish came true in the world of dreams, but we are interested in a deeper meaning, right?

For the fair sex, such a dream promises a quick marriage, for men - good luck in money matters. A gift from a stranger means help in problems that you cannot solve on your own.

Lose or find a ring in a dream - what is it for?

The plot of a piece of jewelry found or lost has different meanings in different cultural traditions:

  • In the Islamic dream book, any find is for good luck and a good deal, especially for gold rings.
  • If the ring slipped off the finger because it is large, it is likely that the person has overly high expectations and it is worth curbing their appetites. According to Vanga, such a dream warns of the betrayal of a loved one.
  • Most dream books are unanimous that losing a ring in a dream is a nuisance. But not everything is so bad, because if a thing that is boring or brings unpleasant memories is lost, then this portends getting rid of painful thoughts and moving forward.

If your ring was stolen in a dream

Theft of jewelry in a dream warns of possible quarrels with colleagues and friends. It is worth fearing discord in the family, betrayal and interference from third parties. For men, such a plot twist is fraught with cooling from the partner.

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What is the dream of the bracelet

In many dream books, the bracelet is interpreted as a symbol of unbreakable bonds and obligations. The connotations of this image can be both a reliable family union and bondage.

  • In many dream books, a bracelet is a symbol of obligations to the family, and its loss threatens discord.
  • A gift bracelet means a successful marriage.
  • If the bracelet is broken or bent, then the marriage will be short and unhappy.

I dreamed of a gold or silver chain - what does it mean?

A dream chain can have many meanings. Gold jewelry is traditionally considered a good sign, symbolizing good luck in love and material well-being. With silver, as always, not everything is so simple. Silver jewelry will indicate a quick solution to problems, but if it is worn on another person, betrayal is possible. A tangled chain promises several exciting novels, and a faded chain promises health problems.

Dreaming of gold, silver or other precious metal

Precious metals are a common symbol of wealth and success. This is especially true of the king of metals. Dreaming of gold promises good luck in all endeavors and material wealth. Vanga, however, was sure that it meant temptation and craving for power.

Dreams about silver in many dream books, with pessimism worthy of Vanga, are interpreted as a symbol of a person's obsession with material goods to the detriment of spiritual ones.

Wear a crown in a dream

The crown is considered a symbol of royalty and power. According to many dream books, wearing this headdress in a dream is a promotion, a strong marriage, and recognition of merit. True, according to Vanga, to see a crown in a dream means to accept the burden of responsibility, and the desire to put on a royal crown means greed and lust for power.

Seeing a watch in a dream

A wristwatch seen in a dream, according to Miller's dream book, gives a sign that time does not stand still, and in real life it is worth completing things that have been put off for a long time. If the watch is new and expensive, it is worth waiting for changes for the better, if the watch is old - a meeting with the past.

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Men's watches in a dream, as a rule, promise great prospects in the future, and women's watches promise a quick marriage.

If you dreamed of a stopped, broken or broken watch

Even the most benevolent dream books do not particularly favor broken things. A broken clock warns of impending troubles in the dreamer's real life. If the breakdown occurred through his fault, then in reality he will become a catalyst for his problems. If the watch is broken by another, it is worth waiting for spokes in the wheels from third parties.

A stopped clock can mean stagnation in life, deterioration in financial situation or health, missed opportunities. In general, nothing good. But even a broken clock can be repaired, a stopped one can be started, which means that any difficulties can be overcome if such a goal is set.

What does a necklace mean in a dream

  • A white pearl necklace means the husband's fidelity, and if the sleeping woman is not yet married, then this status will soon change. The bigger pearlthe happier the marriage will be.
  • Broken jewelry warns of failure.
  • According to Miller's dream book, to see a necklace on yourself means to doubt your own abilities.

Rubies, sapphires, diamonds and other gems in a dream - a good or bad sign?

According to many dream books, gems in a dream reflect the inner state of a person and carry information about future events. Stones in jewelry are deeply symbolic:

  • Earrings with emeralds, agate or turquoise portend career growth.
  • A diamond ring - for changes on the personal front (though not necessarily pleasant).
  • Sapphires dream before a big win, and a ruby ​​- before meeting a loved one.

As you can see, there are a great many dream books, sometimes with diametrically opposed interpretations of the same images. Therefore, when deciphering a dream, it is important to refer to several sources in order to see the full picture.