Taylor Swift fans create 'problems' for jewelry giant

Taylor Swift at a concert Interesting

Taylor Swift fans have a knack for tackling the world's biggest problems and driving change, but this time they've created "problems" for global silver jewelry giant Pandora.

Fans have set their sights on a pair of rings from the Celestial collection, leading to a massive shortage in the retailer's warehouses.

Pandora's new celestial rings have gone viral online - with one TikTok video racking up more than 8,4 million views and 1,6 million likes - as Taylor's fans (dubbed Swifties) associate the rings with lyrics from a song from the singer's latest album, Midnights.

It is undeniable that the Celestial Sparkling Sun Ring and Celestial Blue Moon Ring perfectly convey the words from the hit song Midnight Rain: “He was the sunshine, I was the midnight rain.”

Celestial Sparkling Sun Ring and Celestial Blue Moon Ring

With the international pop star currently performing in North America as part of her global Eras Tour before heading to South America and then the UK and Europe, it's no surprise that fans have caught on to the trend.

Pandora is reporting an 18% increase in site searches for "sun and moon rings" in the first week of June (compared to the last week of May), with both styles now nearly sold out in all markets.

Celestial Blue Moon Ring

Currently only the Celestial Sparkling Moon Ring is in stock on the Pandora UK site, but they sold out in early August 2023.

Sales are likely to surge again when the rings go back on sale after Taylor Swift announced dates for her UK and European tour in the summer of 2024.

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With yellow gold outpacing other metals on the market in 2023, the Celestial Sparkling Sun Ring sold out faster than its Midnight Rain counterpart.

Celestial Sparkling Sun Ring

Google data shows that the majority of searches were for either both rings or just the Sun ring.

Between May 20 and June 20, searches for “Pandora sun ring” and “Pandora moon and sun ring” increased by 5000%, respectively.