How to choose and buy pearls


Pearls can definitely be called a universal decoration. It looks great on both young girls and women, but when buying pearls, you need to pay attention to some details.

pearl color

It turns out that there are a lot of shades of pearls. Beige, pale pink, peach, white and many other colors. Stylists advise choosing pearls, depending on skin color. Girls with fair skin should preferably use soft tones, and with olive skin, peach or black pearls should be preferred.

White pearls the most versatile, it can beautify women of any age and type of appearance. The dazzling shade of white beads will look great on dark, golden, light and completely white porcelain skin.

Pink shades of pearls. Delicate pink beads are best suited for young girls and owners of summer and winter types of appearance. Pink pearls gently emphasize the blush and natural whiteness of the skin.

How to choose the right pearl
How to choose the right pearl

Gold color pearl. Gold is the most valuable and expensive type of pearl. According to tradition, golden pearls represent royalty and luxury. Therefore, every girl will want to wear a necklace of golden pearls. But best of all, this variety of pearls suits mature women with a swarthy or olive skin tone.

If you wear pearls everyday, then this accessory should be white. And if you choose pearl earrings or beads for a formal event, then you should opt for gold or silver.

Large pearls

Size matters

Large pearls have always been valued higher, but they draw attention to certain parts of your image. Therefore, when buying jewelry from large pearls, one must take into account personal characteristics. Small pearls will look stylish and are considered more versatile.

pearl shape

The best one is round. Other forms are not for everyone. And often look defiant. But framed, they look great. Necklaces made of pearls of complex shape, sometimes of different colors, will suit young girls and creative women.

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Buying pearls - what to look for

It is better for obese women to buy long strands of pearls of the “Princess” type, they visually lengthen the neck and make them a little slimmer.

Combination with clothes. Stud earrings and thin beads look elegant with a business style of clothing. An elegant necklace will be in harmony with an evening dress. When wearing loose-fitting clothes, discreet pearl beads are suitable.

Pearl does not tolerate competition. If a girl is wearing pearls, do not cover them with clothes. Pearls should not be in abundance. If you put on a chic necklace, this is quite enough, and thin beads can be complemented with pearl earrings.

At the same time, pearls harmonize well with gold, silver and platinum, the main thing is to take into account the shades of beads and metal.

In conclusion, let us recall modern fashion, it allows more and more. Today, not only girls, but also men can decorate themselves with pearls. Fashion brands dress men in lace and floral prints. If this is not enough, a man can wear pearl cufflinks, bracelets and even rings with pearls.

pearl collar
Black pearl necklace