Jewelery Arts of India - Jewelery "Shelves"

Jewelry Arts of India - 2. Jewelery "Shelves" Interesting

When you look at the bride in the “shelf” jewelry, the expression “dazzling beauty” takes on a literal meaning. Indian jewelry shelves are natural diamonds in their pure and uncut form. Polki jewelry is primarily created from unfinished diamonds in their natural form.

Image Source: Kishandas Jewelry

If these rough diamonds are polished and chemically treated, they will look like natural diamonds.

Shelf decorations made of natural diamonds make the Indian bride truly dazzling. Image Source:

Shelf (polki) jewelry has rough diamonds, which makes them expensive compared to Kundan Jewelrywhich are made with imitation diamond inlay.

kundan jewelry
kundan jewelry

Shelf jewelry retains the tradition of old world jewelry and diamonds pair very well with other bright stones.

Shelves with diamonds and emeralds

Of course, Polka and Kundan decorations are not very easy to distinguish from the photo. Price is the deciding factor. Shelves are a significant financial investment that becomes a family heirloom and is passed down from generation to generation.

Jewelry Arts of India - 2. Jewelery "Shelves"

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