Four of the most relevant stylistic techniques for the 2021-2022 season

Jewelery and bijouterie

The seasons 2019-2020-2021 were somewhat limited to offline - the release of fashionable outfits and accessories, so most of the trends and stylistic techniques from the not very distant past have moved to the present day. About the four most relevant of them - in our material.

Sea, sun and resort entertainment - the dream of a perfect vacation last summer vanished into thin air, as did a thousand opportunities to refresh your jewelry wardrobe with nautical-themed jewelry. They, bored, and lay in caskets, but today is the time to give them and yourself breathe freedom to the maximum.

Earrings, rings, brooches, necklaces and bracelets with pearls and mother-of-pearl are in trend of the season, and their operational capabilities have been significantly expanded. Today pearls and mother-of-pearl are attributes not only of monochrome elegant dresses and business suits, but also of bright everyday looks, and these minerals can now be easily combined with semiprecious and precious stones, beads, metal in different color and texture combinations.

Pearl and mother-of-pearl jewelry in the new season has become more relaxed in their shapes and shades. So, if earlier, the more ideal the shape of the pearl in jewelry was and the more snow-white its shade was, the higher it was valued, today everything is essentially the opposite. The more bizarre, the larger the shapes of such inserts and the more original their shades, the more fashionable the jewel looks. And it will be not only a refreshing element of the image, but also its accent solution.

Multilayer chains

"Overkill" - you can forget about this word in the new season. And now there is no need to rack your brains over what kind of jewels to give way to when going out, all of them today can be accommodated in one image. True, such combinations have their own nuances.

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Each component of a multi-layered neck set should complement the other and be in slight contrast with it at the same time. In such layering, there should not be the same lengths, weaving of chains and suspension elements. The decoration should go down the neck in tiers, each of which is special.

So, as the first tier, a short chain or choker with several pendant elements or inlays can act, as the second - a universal anchor chain with an accent pendant or a thin pearl thread, the third - a chain with larger links with the possibility of complementing it with an accent medallion.

The main thing is that, with all its diversity, separately, all the components of a multi-layered jewel together look like a single whole.

Mono earrings

Mono earrings have always been subcultural, protest accessories that only strong and independent individuals could afford to wear. But, since every year the world tests us for strength, people are forced to go beyond the boundaries of comfort, becoming stronger. And for new looks, they need bold and liberated jewelry.

It is unlikely that before going out to the public in one large and long earring could have been appreciated. But today it is precisely such exits that society needs. Mono earrings, a variety of which can be Cuffs, immediately catch all eyes. Having decorated your image with them, at the beginning it will seem that something is missing, but this feeling will pass in a second, since this look will be one hundred percent endowed with admiration.


Since we are not talking about the end of the pandemic story in the new season, fashion experts in tandem with experts in esoteric and astrological practices advise in their images to find a place for magical accessories, the first rows of which are headed by crystals of all colors and sizes. Crystal amulets will help not only to lift the spirit and mood of their owner, but also to give his wardrobe an exceptional shine.

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In the trend of the season 2021-2022, there are both single large crystal pendants and dazzling crystal inlays in earrings, rings and bracelets of minimalist shapes.

The brand has been at the forefront of sparkling crystal accessories for over a century. Swarovski, and it is pleasant to entrust your destiny to these products, since the dazzling empire built by Daniel Swarovski in 1895 shines and flourishes to this day. It means that people involved in her jewelry will also be lucky in life and in all endeavors.