Crystal accent earrings

Jewelery and bijouterie

We continue to follow the trends of Christmas decorations and this time we settled on the most dazzling and, surprisingly, universal option. Accent earrings made of crystals can perform a number of stylistic tasks, and they are also suitable for almost any outfit.

What to choose?

The choice of design is entirely up to you. Relevant are both long earrings resembling sparkling waterfalls (ideal for dresses with an open line of shoulders), and large jewelry in the form of flowers, butterflies or reptiles (organically complement laconic images with an emphasis on a strict silhouette). Massive hoops earrings, densely covered with a scattering of crystals, as well as chandelier earrings in various designs, are still popular.

Bright clips or cuffs in the spirit of the 80s make an impression: for example, in the shape of stars or hearts.

From what to wear?

Actually, with anything. A sleek 90s-inspired black dress, a classic three-piece suit, or a stunning outfit in Pink PP (an incredibly vibrant pink credited to creative director Valentino Pierpaolo Piccioli).

In the first case, crystal earrings will add dynamics and emotionality to the image, in the second - freshness, in the third - even more celebration and stylistic integrity.

How to combine?

The first is to follow the path of jewelry maximalism and complement crystal earrings with no less active products with large stones. An example is the expressive Swarovski aesthetic, reflected in the endless combinations of crystals of different shapes, colors and sizes. The second option is to combine dazzling earrings with classic pieces. For example, laconic diamond jewelry that will add style and nobility. Our recommendation is a discreet ring from the ALROSA Confetti collection and a pendant on a white gold chain with diamonds.

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