Hi Barbie! Barbicore jewelry you'll love

Jewelery and bijouterie

Greta Gerwig's "Barbie" continues its triumphant march at the global box office, setting records and winning audiences along the way, and we can't stay away. We suggest supporting the barbicore trend and getting at least one piece of jewelry in pink.

An ideal candidate for the role of a single accent piece. Enameled hoop earrings adorned with amethysts are associated with candy and can be used for stylish experimentation with bright colour.

This yellow gold ring, set with rubies and cognac diamonds, has a magnetic charm and instantly attracts attention with the moving sparkle of precious stones framed by a heart motif.

For fans of minimalism. A pink textile necklace is suitable for seasonally updating your jewelry wardrobe and can be used as a base element for multi-layer jewelry combinations (especially those involving a large number of pendants).

Amazing spinels and pink-lilac kunzite combined in a harmonious pattern are perfect as a precious addition to luxurious evening outings in the spirit of old money. This is especially true for laconic outfits in one color scheme, which would benefit from a splash of expressive color.

The naive-infantile aesthetics and high quality of workmanship will definitely appeal to those who are looking for an everyday tool for self-expression and broadcasting their mood. Despite the expressive design, you can wear it every day!

In addition to its timeless relevance, the classic pink sapphire and diamond necklace boasts a high level of versatility: it can be worn without taking it off, adding the exceptional beauty of the gemstone to even the most discreet looks.

Consider a ring made of white gold with rose quartz and a scattering of diamonds as a luxurious talisman or an idea for a precious gift. Not only the design of the decoration is attractive, but also the semantic content and properties of the magical mineral.

An unusually laconic necklace from the new Swarovski collection will add sensuality to your outfit and give you absolute freedom of expression. If there is a request for an expressive piece of jewelry that does not require other jewelry additions, there is no better option.

These cute pink glazed porcelain heart earrings have a lot of personality and an amazing ability to adapt to any wardrobe. The high quality of workmanship and incredibly delicate colors deserve special mention.

A decoration that speaks the language of absolute love for yourself, others and the world. In addition to the recognizable heart symbol, let’s pay attention to the beautiful shine of pink cubic zirconia and perfectly selected sizes: thanks to this, the product can be adapted to any image and stylistic task.