Bracelets: trends, rules, combinations

Jewelery and bijouterie

Since ancient times, for many centuries, the bracelet has changed, as has its purpose: from an amulet, it has become a fashion accessory that can effectively complement any look.

Once upon a time, bracelets could carry a mystical or practical meaning - it protected from evil spirits, indicated belonging to a clan or tribe, and could even be used as a case for poisonous arrows.

As an adornment, bracelets came into fashion during the Roman Empire, and from then to the present day, their popularity has only grown. In Egypt and Rome, bracelets were worn by representatives of noble and wealthy families. Gold and silver bracelets were worn not only on the wrists, but also on the ankles. In luxurious France, they were often decorated with pearls or emeralds, besides, it was believed that the product kept the secrets of the owner and could be a secret sign for a lover about favorable reciprocity.

In the last century, bracelets made of non-precious materials have gained immense popularity. A variety of styles made it possible to wear jewelry made of wood, stone, plastic, beads, glass beads, textiles or leather. But what about current trends in this direction?

We have already talked about the current trends in the issue of fashionable earrings - the choice turned out to be quite large, and there is no doubt that every representative of the fair sex will find something of her own. And more importantly, she will find a piece of jewelry that suits her appearance. Today, let's talk about bracelets: what is fashionable, what shapes and textures of bracelets are in trend.

Types of bracelets and fashion trends

1_thin bracelet with a watch on the arm2_combination of bracelets with watches for men

Watch and bracelet - This is one of the main trends of modern fashion. The main thing is that both accessories match each other in style and material. A thin bracelet made of gold or silver with an elegant pendant is ideal for women's watches. Men can afford to complement a massive watch with a geometric product or a chain bracelet.

3_palm bracelet4_bracelet on the palm

Bracelet on the palm - not a novelty in the fashion world, which managed to conquer not only the stars of show business. Such a bracelet is worn on the palm just above the knuckles, it is fixed tightly and does not fall. It is combined only with a ring of a similar design and does not tolerate any "rivals" on the wrists. Ideal for a cocktail or evening dress, but be careful when pairing it with denim outfits.

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5_bracelet over sleeve_6_bracelet worn over the sleeve

Sleeve bracelet - stylists have found an option to wear bracelets in the cold season. Dressed on top of a sweater sleeve, blouse or even a glove, a rigid large bracelet emphasizes the elegance and grace of the hand. Such models are contraindicated when wearing clothes trimmed with lace, they are not suitable for sweaters with a large print or flared sleeves.

7_cuff bracelet8_cuff bracelet

Cuff bracelets is the main trend of the season. Fashion legislators issued a unanimous verdict - wear wide bracelets from 5 to 12 cm on both hands. The cuff bracelet can be either made of precious metal with stone inserts, or made of plastic, leather or wood.

9_slave bracelet10_slave bracelet

Bracelet - accessories that combine a thin bracelet and a ring are the ideal solution for those who doubt the correct selection of jewelry. The ring, worn on the index or ring finger, is connected by a thin chain to the bracelet, all elements of the decoration are made of the same material, most often of precious metal. This design is often decorated with rhinestones, loose diamonds or elegant pendants.

How and with what to wear bracelets?

Today's fashion says that it is better to wear a bracelet than to go out without it. In trend, all kinds of models for any occasion. However, it should be borne in mind that only large, massive bracelets look perfect on wide wrists. This is one of the "golden rules" for choosing jewelry for plus size girls.

Owners of miniature, graceful hands can afford any thickness of the accessory, as well as a variety of shapes and textures. So a thin bracelet made of gold or silver will add elegance to the image, and a wide one with large stones will emphasize the grace of hands.

The bracelet should be combined with the general style of clothing. For a business style, traditional items made of precious metals or watch bracelets decorated with stones are suitable. Going to a gala event in a luxurious evening dress, you can wear a spectacular bracelet encrusted with diamonds and colored precious stones.

Special attention, of course, deserves jewelry made of wood, ivory or natural stones, which will suit lovers of "ethno" and "boho" style - in combination with clothes made from natural fabrics, such jewelry looks organic and extraordinary.

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Summer, light outfits harmonize better with thin, elegant bracelets made of beads, leather, wood or plastic, which can also be called a practical choice if you are wondering what jewelry to choose for holidays, for example, at sea.