Bracelet on the leg: how to pair with sneakers

Jewelery and bijouterie

The fashion of wearing ankle bracelets (such jewelry is called anklet) has experienced several waves of popularity. Since ancient times, they have been worn in the East. Images of women in bracelets on their legs, be they earthly dancers or goddesses, can be found among Indian temple sculptures and on book miniatures. They came to the West in the 60s along with the hippie movement, which gave birth to a fashion for ethnic clothing and boho chic. At that time, the "children of flowers" could wear several bracelets with sandals at once, decorated with shells, beads and feathers, or weave from beads.

The return of the fashion to the questionnaire happened in the 1990s. This time it was fashionable to combine them with chokers and piercings. In the 2000s, informality gave way to glamor. Then they chose mainly gold chains, decorated with rhinestones and pendants.

What new has our time brought to the manner of wearing questionnaires? The 2010s became the tenth of sneakerheads (sneaker fans) and turned athletic shoes into a sign of status, trend awareness and taste. New today is the combination with massive, recognizable sneakers. Indirectly, this manner also goes back to the hippies: they wore bracelets not only with sandals, but also with sneakers.

So, these days, profiles are worn with sneakers and sneakers, combining them with cropped capri pants, skirts or midi-length dresses. If you decide to wear several profiles, then you can safely combine bracelets from different materials and different styles - simple and ornate, gold and silver, metal and plastic.

In gold

Gold is a bright metal and will look great on the ankle if you choose a very thin chain. Such a bracelet will not look too pretentious, but it will make the ankle visually more graceful and will draw the eye to your fashionable sneakers. The color of the shoes doesn't matter here. With black sneakers, a gold anklet will look especially elegant, and with white ones - fresh and summer. There is only a risk that the thin bracelet may get lost against the background of colorful sneakers.

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With pendants

Several pendants on the bracelet refer us to ethnic trends: African intricate bracelets and Indian dance ghungru bracelets, hung with bells. Any sneakers with prints are suitable for such an accessory; you can add slightly gathered monophonic socks to them. For a more relaxed look, opt for classic Vans or Converse sneakers with thin soles and low toes.

Chain bracelet

The fashion for wide chains has also touched the profile - ideal when you want to give the outfit a little boldness. Choose low-top sneakers with the ankle open as much as possible so that both the bracelet and the charm are visible. For an ultra-trendy look, try pairing the chain with coarse high-soled sneakers called ugly shoes and cropped trousers.

Double profile

The illusion of multiple bracelets will be created by a double profile. Such jewelry looks graceful and feminine, so flying skirts and light beach-style dresses are ideal for them.

With colored elements

We complicate the task! Ankle bracelets with colored stones are best for boho chic looks. You can choose sneakers with elements of similar shades to make the ensemble look harmonious, or choose snow-white shoes. Alternatively, you can wear the bracelet over a high sock if you're ready to dare to experiment with style.