Bracelet on the leg - what is it called, types and 70+ photos

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Very often in jewelry stores you can find bracelets on the leg in addition to the usual models of jewelry. They are called questionnaire. This fashionable jewelry has been known for a long time and many girls use it to complement their image. Leading fashion houses are once again introducing the anklet to the general market so that every lady can emphasize her elegant ankle with this neat accessory.

Leg bracelets came to us from Ancient Egypt, where with their help it was possible to understand what social status its owner belongs to. Expensive items were worn by rich women, and leather or with shells were worn by ordinary residents. Questionnaires were also very popular in ancient India. In the modern world, they are used by any girls and for any occasion.

Features and Purpose

An anklet is a subtle decoration made from a wide variety of materials. It can be a bracelet made from beads or a bracelet made of gold, silver and other metals purchased at the store. It can be decorated with natural stones, shells or beads. In each case, the product performs a specific function and is worn on the leg for any purpose.

This accessory is relevant in the warm season, when a girl can bare shin. Anklet looks very beautiful in combination with a strict skirt. Thus, you can dilute the strict style, but it does not look vulgar. Women's legs will attract the attention of the opposite sex, if you choose the right decoration.

Indian women wore this decoration as a symbol of their social status and it was an intimate element. Only a husband could give such a gift, and only he had the right to see it. Nowadays, an anklet is not considered to be something intimate, and therefore any girl can wear it.

It is best to use this accessory in your free time, because it is not a business element. If you still want to emphasize the line of the legs and add to the image of uniqueness, you can buy a bracelet-pendant on the leg. His many threads fall on the foot and close it. And to make it look appropriate, you must wear closed shoes on your feet.

Some people use this product as a talisman or amulet, and therefore pick up an profile with natural stones or special symbols. Even in ancient times, it was believed that with the help of a talisman you can protect yourself from evil words and various diseases. And although we live in the age of modern technology, there are still people who believe in the power of amulets.

The main purpose of the anklet is to emphasize sexuality. The legs are visually lengthened and attract the attention of others. This decoration is unlikely to go unnoticed, so girls often use it as a cunning method of attracting attention.

But not everywhere this innocent product is considered appropriate and has the right to exist. For example, in Armenia, the carrier of such an accessory will be treated as a vulgar and licentious woman. Indeed, in ancient times it was believed that the anklet on the left ankle was worn only by young ladies of easy virtue. Therefore, this accessory can be worn only when there is full confidence that it is appropriate in a particular place.

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Models and varieties

There are many different models and types of questionnaires, which allows you to choose the most suitable option from a huge number of products.

Varieties of anklets are divided into thin, wide, openwork, rigid, solid and with pendants. The whole product can be decorated with carvings or inserts made of natural stones. The choice depends on personal preferences and does not necessarily have to symbolize something. Many girls prefer to wear an ankle accessory made of rubber bands, leather laces, beads or beads.

Depending on the material of the chain is divided into soft and hard. Soft products are divided into wattled, chain and gender chains. These can be wire rings, leather strips or hinged links. Hard accessories are made of solid materials, and therefore do not bend. Very often they are worn in several pieces on one ankle.

Slave bracelets, which look good on bare feet, are very popular. The slave is a bracelet that connects the ankle and toe. It could be a ring, an elastic band or a chain. Often such jewelry is not very comfortable to wear, because it can cause calluses on the finger.

Bracelets "Infinity", "Key and lock", "Horseshoe", "Heart" and "Angel Wings" are popular among young people. The variety of suspensions with different inserts allows you to emphasize their individuality. The soldered bracelet in the form of a ring, which is combined with other products, creating three-dimensional jewelery, is in great demand.

Fashionable materials

The questionnaire is made from different materials. It can be silver, gold, rubber, beads, copper and leather. The price of the product also depends on what material is used.

  • Gold emphasizes the beauty and delicate nature of the girl. It characterizes the features and taste of the girl. This is an indicator of high affluence and rich life. They are recommended to be worn by ladies aged and only for festive events.
  • Copper increases blood circulation, regulates pressure, cures insomnia and headaches. People believe that copper contributes to the treatment of many ailments and therefore choose jewelry made from this metal. In addition, it looks beautiful on the female leg.
  • Gilded - A cheaper option than gold, but it looks no worse. It is corrosion resistant and does not blacken over time.
  • Silver - The most popular option that fits almost any image and has a low cost.

  • With rocks emphasize the originality of fine nature. It can be an artificial or natural stone of different sizes. Many girls choose an accessory with a stone that suits them according to the sign of the zodiac.
  • From large beads create an ethnic style and are suitable for going to the beach. It is advisable to use this option for young girls.
  • Payal - imitation of sandals that can be worn on bare feet. For walking on the beach, this option is best suited.
  • With charms - the original solution to create a unique image. Charms can be of any shape and color.

What foot wear

When purchasing an anklet, girls often think about which leg to wear it on. Indeed, in ancient times it was of great importance. The bracelet on the left leg was worn by married ladies to show others that their heart is occupied and she already has a husband. Thus, the men understood that it was impossible to get acquainted with this girl.

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On the right leg, a bracelet was worn by women of easy virtue who are not burdened with moral principles. Therefore, in the modern world about such an owner can be judged that way. But very few people are addicted and know the story, so as to judge this accessory.

In the 21st century it doesn’t matter at all what leg the anklet is put on, only if your surroundings do not know the historical origins of this ornament. The where and how the chain will be used back is the owner’s own business, and it doesn’t mean anything.

How to remove

To correctly remove the questionnaire, you need to know what type of fastener it uses.

The espagnolette lock is one of the lightest fasteners, but at the same time very strong. To remove the espagnolette bracelet, you just need to open the latch and pull the chain out of the ring.

To open the carabiner lock, you need to pull down the spring clip. It is believed that the carbine is able to withstand a lot of weight and is easier to open than a latch.

The hinged lock connects the two parts of the product, allowing them to rotate around its own axis. To remove such a bracelet, you just need to pull out the pin that fixes the connection.

It is very easy to open the screw fastener - just unscrew one part from the other. This lock is considered one of the strongest fasteners.

If the anklet is sealed, then problems with its removal may occur. Therefore, choosing a product, be guided by such a size that will not fit the ankle. Because in this case, to remove the accessory you will need pliers or specialist assistance.


In jewelry stores you can find any jewelry, whether it be jewelry or jewelry. Many famous brands that create unique accessories for all tastes are engaged in the production of anklets.

  1. Sunlight - a brand that produces jewelry that matches the character of a modern girl. They are designed to inspire and give a special beauty. For leg bracelets, the brand makes a classic or unusual cut using precious stones.
  2. Sokolov - a famous brand that creates unique jewelry, which is worked on by the world's leading designers. Experienced craftsmen cast products and place inserts of diamonds, cubic zirconias, brilliants and other stones into them. Questionnaires undergo quality control for compliance with standards, and only after that they are sent to store shelves.
  3. Adamas - This is a jewelry factory, producing high-quality jewelry. Experienced designers, fashion designers and polishers are working on their creation. Women's ankle bracelets can be made of precious metals with a variety of pendants and inserts.
  4. Swarovski - a company that produces jewelry with crystals and precious stones. They are coated with a special coating that creates a shine of various colors. Anklet is made from different materials, of any shape, size and with numerous cuts.
  5. Pandora is a brand that produces jewelry made from quality materials. Each product is hand-finished by the best craftsmen in the world. The questionnaire is made from silver, gold, leather, threads using precious and semi-precious stones. Some models have engraving. Each product has a clasp with the company logo.

How to determine size

Buying a product is not always possible to measure it, so it is important to know how to choose the right size. In the case of the foot, the bracelet should not encircle the ankle, but be slightly loose. True, some girls prefer precisely the snug fit of the accessory.

Before buying a product, measure the ankle girth at home with a tape. You can add a centimeter 1-3 to the results. In the case when the bracelet is made of large stones or beads, it is not necessary to add centimeters to it sitting tight on the ankle.

The anklet should be a little larger than the ankle, but it should not be too loose so as not to fall off of the foot. But too tight fit will not add beauty to the image.

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How to choose

Before buying a product you need to make sure that it fits your style. An anklet will look good with a short skirt or with a light sundress, but will not harmonize with a strict suit.

It is desirable to wear an accessory with skirts, shorts, short trousers and not long dresses. Therefore, choosing an ornament, make sure that the ankles will be open and at the same time will not spoil the overall image.

Most often, the bracelet on the foot is worn with open shoes: sandals, slates, shoes with an open nose. Therefore, the nails should be in perfect condition with a neat pedicure.

To emphasize thin ankles, it is better to purchase thin accessories made of gold, silver or copper with small pebbles or pendants. Visually reduce the legs will help products with several hanging chains.

With what to combine

The questionnaire is worn in combination with skirts, dresses, capri pants, cropped jeans, trousers or shorts. The strict style of the chain can add originality to a business image if it is worn at a corporate party. If the image already looks defiant and the clothes reveal intimate places, then it is better not to wear a bracelet on your leg. He is already a symbol of sexuality, so he can make an already revealing outfit vulgar.

A gold chain with pendants is best for a cocktail dress. You can add the image with earrings or pendant in the same style.

Some ladies may wear an accessory on top of tights or stockings. It looks ridiculous and out of place, so it’s better not to do so.

Thick and voluminous chains will add style of aggression and rigidity, while miniature bracelets will add femininity and fragility to their wearer.

Ankle bracelets with bright beads are suitable for creating a summer and light look. These can be jewelery made from one's own beads or gems. For walks along the beach, ideally sundays that will imitate slates.

The accessory should perfectly complement the image and be in harmony with the outfit. Legs must be well-groomed, because. they will attract the attention of others.

Where can I buy

Anklets produce many jewelry factories that sell their products in large stores. When buying a product, you need to make sure of its quality, examine all the necessary information and check the sample, if it is made of precious metals.

When ordering goods via the Internet, you must ensure the integrity of the supplier. For this you need to study the reviews of real buyers. Very many sites sell cheap fakes, which after some time become useless.

And most importantly, you can not run for cheap goods. Gold and silver have a certain cost per gram, and if there are stones in the bracelet, the price will increase several times. Therefore, if the seller offers a “gold” chain at a low price, then this is definitely a fake.