Bracelet Tiffany & Co - the history of creation and 60+ photos

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Of the variety of jewelry, some stand out especially. They are not just accessories, but symbols of a beautiful life that almost every girl and woman dreams of. Tiffany & Co bracelets also belong to this category. In this article, you will learn about the history and features of this brand and understand why this company is so popular.

A bit of the history of the legendary company

The history of the Tiffany & Co brand is very long. During its existence, the brand has become one of the most famous and beloved in the whole world. Let's figure out how it all began.

The company began its existence in the 1837 year.

The brand was named after one of its founders. The first store that sold these products was in Manhattan. But over time, points of sale appeared throughout America, and then in Europe.

When the company's products began to be sold all over the world, the creators even decided to register their corporate color. So that very famous shade of turquoise, which is the corporate color of the brand, is now officially called "Tiffany".

The company is also distinguished by the fact that, unlike many luxury companies, Tiffany & Co uses silver to create jewelry. They complement their jewelry with quality semi-precious inserts, pearls and even diamonds.

The brand was initially positioned as not cheap, but very high quality. They set standards and always met them. From the very first days of its existence, despite the difficulties that were at that time, they sold their jewelry at a fixed price and only for cash. For the manufacture of its jewelry products with 1851, the company uses exclusively silver of the highest standard.

Today, the brand still has an impeccable reputation and a huge number of awards for product quality.

Therefore, when buying jewelry from Tiffany & Co, you can be sure that it will be a good investment.

Children in America receive their first jewelry and other cute little things from Tiffany & Co in early childhood. Of course, these are not the most expensive accessories, but all the same, the first gift of this kind should be really meaningful for the child. Having presented the baby with such a decoration, you will begin to educate in him a taste for beauty from the very childhood.

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Features jewelry on hand

The main feature of the bracelets from this brand, as you may have guessed, is their impeccable quality. All the jewelry that is present in their collections looks elegant and looks very good on the female hand. Such accessories are perfect for people of different ages and social status. Yes, and you can combine them both with business attire, and with something more sophisticated and evening.

Models and varieties

Today there are a large number of bracelets from Tiffany & Co for every taste. It can be either a thin red thread adorned with silver pendants, or a hard bracelet adorned with balls or neat pearls. Let's take a look at a few popular jewelry options that you should pay attention to.

"Tiffany T"

This is a minimalistic ruler that looks aesthetically pleasing and neat. It was launched by the creators of the brand in 1995. The motivation for her was the famous statue of Atlas, who, instead of the globe, holds a watch on his shoulders, and Roman numerals are depicted on the dial. There is a lot of symbolism in this statue, despite the most simple incarnation.

Decorations from this line were created on the same principle. They turned out to be concise, simple and designed to emphasize your beauty, and not distract all attention to yourself.



As the name implies, bracelets from this line are complemented by pendants in the form of small silver keys. Each of them has an original design and looks very elegant and beautiful. This jewelry will be a great gift for your significant other, to whom you are really ready to give the key to your heart.

With heart

Beautiful bracelets with a heart are suitable for romantic girls. They look neat and gentle. You can choose jewelry with a transparent gemstone, as well as with black or colored. The sizes of the suspension are also different, which is very convenient. For owners of thin wrists, for example, it is better to buy jewelry with a small pendant, which will look much more appropriate on a fragile hand.

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With beads

The most famous bracelet with this decor is "Return to Tiffany" made of beads. The combination of silver with such details looks interesting and organic. The idea for this bracelet came about after a key ring with the same design gained popularity among buyers from all over the world. The bracelet was created in 1969. For him, they picked up beads with a diameter of eight millimeters, tightly fitting to each other. Complement this bracelet with a pendant.


Recognizable all over the world and jewelry from this collection. They are complemented by an infinity icon, made of the same silver as the base of the bracelet. This sign was chosen for a reason. It symbolizes the continuity of life energy. Well, for someone it can become a symbol of endless love or faith in something beautiful.

As you can see, from the assortment of this brand you can choose for yourself both a laconic delicate bracelet and a massive pearl. Focus on your own taste and how the accessory looks on your wrist.

How to distinguish from fakes

Since Tiffany is a world famous and highly sought-after company, there are many who want to make money from this popularity. To buy a real bracelet, not a Tiffany-inspired replica, follow the tips below. First of all, remember that the original can never be cheap. The cost of jewelry from this brand is always the same, so if you come across an offer at half the price, then it is better to refuse such a “profitable” purchase.

A distinctive sign of the brand is also the fact that all their jewelry is sold in branded boxes. Such packages of the famous turquoise color are an obligatory part of any purchase. Real bracelets from this brand can not be sold in ordinary bags or cheap boxes.

In addition, all the jewelry comes with a personalized certificate. Only he gives you a guarantee that the selected accessory is not fake. If you buy jewelry not in the online store, then the serial number of the accessory with you must be entered in a special database. After this procedure, you will receive not only your jewelry, but also the right to regularly bring a bracelet for cleaning or repair. Also on the decoration itself there must be a clear stamp indicating the sample.

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Quality can also be determined by appearance.

The creators very carefully check the strength and appearance of their products. Therefore, there can be no inaccurate adhesions on them, let alone breaks. The company simply does not allow all low-quality products for sale. They are destroyed, and do not fall on all sorts of sales.

By following these rules and carefully considering the purchased product, you can protect yourself from fraud and get an original piece of jewelry.

How to choose

The choice of bracelet is a matter of taste. You should focus not only on what jewelry is most in demand, but on whether they fit into your style and suit you.

The thinner your wrist, the easier and more refined the bracelet should be.

Conversely, if you have a wide bone, then a thin accessory on it will look unattractive. If you buy a bracelet that you plan to wear on a daily basis, then its design should be combined with your style. Pretentious and expensive-looking decoration is better to leave for evening dresses.

If you choose an accessory as a gift, then follow the same principles and evaluate whether the bracelet will suit its new owner and whether it will fit into his style. After all, even an expensive piece of jewelry can gather dust on a shelf for a long time if you don’t like it or don’t fit it.

With what to wear

Bracelets from this well-known brand are almost universal. They are suitable for everyone and are combined with both casual outfits and dresses that are not ashamed to walk on the red carpet. Make sure that the accessories you choose match the outfit and fit you.

For some, bracelets from Tiffany & Co are a real luxury, while others can easily buy such accessories for themselves and their loved ones.

But the main thing is not how much money you are willing to spend on buying jewelry, but how much it suits you. Choose a bracelet that will emphasize your individual style and all the advantages of appearance, and such jewelry will delight you.