Diamond pavé and luxury diamond jewelry

Pavé diamond ring

Brilliant pavé is a kind of setting of diamonds on rings, bracelets and pendants, in which precious stones are arranged in such a way that the metal of the setting is not visible at all, thanks to which very luxurious jewelry is obtained from small diamonds.

Diamond - a jewel shrouded in mystery, due to its beauty and exclusivity, is recognized as the most beautiful, although it has not always ranked first in the history of mankind among precious stones. However, Pliny the Elder in the 1st century AD. in his "Natural History" called the diamond "indomitable" and considered it the most precious of earthly goods.

As you know, in order for a diamond to sparkle with bright rays, in addition to the most common diamond cut, other types of cut are also used, and in addition to cutting, the beauty of even the smallest, like dew, diamond droplets, can be conveyed by original types of fastening.

A diamond in a piece of jewelry can be fixed in several ways, among them the pavé setting, which allows you to literally cover the setting with a solid diamond carpet so that the setting is not visible at all. And therein lies the beauty and originality.

Brilliant pavé This is a piece of jewelry that is unique in its beauty. The original setting of diamonds creates a single paved pattern on the invisible setting of the precious metal. This masterpiece of stone fastening was invented by English craftsmen. Pave (eng. Pave - paved) means the installation of a large number of small precious stones that form a single whole.

Recesses (nests) are made in the setting, where diamonds are placed in rows, and metal is melted into the gaps. The master jeweler must be highly skilled to make dozens of small holes and arrange them so that the diamonds are closer together. In this case, it must be borne in mind that the stones should not touch closely.

Pavé diamond rings

The complexity of creating such jewelry lies in the absolute identity of tiny diamonds, they must be the same not only in size, but also in quality.

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Pave is a complex technique, so the cost of hand-setting gemstones can be a major contributor to the price of a piece, sometimes exceeding the cost of gold and all diamonds combined. The pavé must be done flawlessly, only then the surface paved with diamonds will look like a continuous diamond carpet, while the precious metal should be minimally visible.

If the width of the product is the same everywhere, then all the stones should also be the same in size, not to mention the quality. If somewhere the surface of the product narrows or expands, then the stones should change in size accordingly.

There are several more features in the high quality of the jeweler's craftsmanship. All diamonds should protrude on the surface of the product at the same level in height, then, for example, the ring becomes smooth. And finally, the flow of metal between diamonds should also be the same. As you can see, the work is extremely complex and requires high skill.

Stone setting - diamond pavé

The decoration delights, and the method of fastening increases its durability. Brilliant pavé for a stunning effect. When you look at such a piece of jewelry, it seems that it plays with sparkling sparks.

With snow-white pavé can be earrings, rings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets. They are perfectly combined with an evening luxurious floor-length dress.

Diamond pavé jewelry is suitable for any season, but snow-white sparkling stones are simply a must-have attribute of the Snow Queen.

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Luxurious pavé diamond jewelry

Ring - snake with diamonds

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