Magic animal brooches by Vhernier

Jewelery and bijouterie

Realistic Vhernier jewels look both charming and very modern, captivating with the play of light and bright colors.

Italian jewelry house Vhernier describes itself as "driven by the desire to surprise and entertain". Apparently, this is why the company, founded in 1984 in northern Italy, decided to do something modern and unconventional, to experiment with shapes and materials in order to offer the world new and bold jewelry with an Italian flavor.

Brooches are something of a tradition at Vhernier, and this year a bright little chameleon has joined the extensive collection. The jewelery house has developed its own clever way of working with multiple layers of stones to create new shades and unique play of light, and called it "Trasparenze".

Thanks to this technique, the chameleon came out especially realistic: the body is made of bright purple sugilite, the head is decorated with iridescent opal, and to simulate the scales, the reptile was covered with a layer rock crystal, which gave a special depth and volume to the flowers. Black was chosen for the eyes. nephritis, and as a finishing touch, the neatly curled ponytail was adorned with a scattering of diamonds.

Chameleon Brooch by Vhernier

According to the brand, this extraordinary brooch has already been sold, but high-quality sugilite is expected to be delivered soon to create another chameleon.

Of course, the Vhernier collection still has a lot of fauna that you can admire and admire without interruption. Many of them, like the chameleon, have been "revived" with the help of Trasparenze technology, giving deep, vibrant colors and shades.

Rock crystal against the background of green jade adds extraordinary volume to the caterpillar brooch and makes it seem to glow from within. An emerald green crab with diamond-encrusted claws boasting a shell of chrysoprase. The scorpion, created with the help of iridescent black mother-of-pearl and rock crystal, looks extremely impressive. The sting at the end of his tail and claws, like those of a crab, are decorated diamond pavé.

Caterpillar brooch by Vhernier
Lizard Brooch by Vhernier

Layering also benefited a small lizard made of lapis lazuli and rock crystal. One glance is enough for the hand to involuntarily reach for the brooch in the desire to feel the pleasant smoothness and coolness of a perfectly polished stone.

And, of course, we cannot fail to mention one of the most famous members of the Vhernier jewelry family. A magnificent penguin, the materials for which were scarlet carnelian, deep black onyx and shining mother-of-pearl. The inner sides of the wings, paws, beak and eyes sparkle with perfect colorless diamonds.

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Well, it's safe to say that the effect of "surprise and entertain" was undoubtedly achieved - Vhernier continue to win hearts with their "live" jewelry.