Spring: decorations with flowers

Jewelery and bijouterie

Cold February winds are still blowing, and snowfalls outside the window are not rare, but the heart is already longing for spring. We missed the warmth and light of the sun, the ringing transparent drop and the timid snowdrops. March is the herald of change, renewal, this is the time of the awakening of nature, as well as feelings.

Graceful decorations in the form of flowers will help to add a note of spring freshness to your everyday look. This is not only following fashion jewelry trends, but also a great way to cheer yourself up and attract the attention of others.

fragile beauty

Delicate spring flowers at the base of the jewelry are a symbol of femininity, they create an image of natural beauty, as if nature itself has given you an extraordinary gift. Look at these decorations: smooth lines, asymmetry in the arrangement of the petals, the soft sheen of the edging.

Neat silver earrings with flowers, rings, bracelets or necklaces with small buds or leaves are perfect for everyday wear. But products with large flowers of the original form or complex weaving will become the main element of the festive attire.

Awakening of nature

Inspired by the first month of spring, the jewelers took a watercolor palette as a basis. By choosing jewelry with flowers or petals of delicate, translucent colors, you will tell about your femininity without words and emphasize natural beauty. Be sure men will appreciate your choice.

Properly selected earrings or rings with flowers of sky blue, pink, white, green shades, as well as their combinations, will complement any look, be it a classic suit, casual or boho outfit.

If you prefer bright spring colors, pay attention to jewelry with yellow, purple, blue shades of enamel - they resemble blooming primroses. And if you want sparkling enchanting beauty, worthy of a spring ball queen or suitable for a romantic candlelit dinner, choose delicate buds with diamond, cubic zirconia or pearl trim.

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Spring on the lapel of a jacket

It is worth paying special attention to elegant brooches: this is one of the key decorations that fashion designers are betting on this season. Spring motifs of such jewelry are expressed in streamlined bends of stems and petals, discordant arrangement of flowers, delicate color combinations.

Pin this brooch on the lapel of a jacket or blouse collar and see how your usual suit will be transformed. It is quite possible that for others you will become the standard of style and an example to follow.

Whatever accessory you choose, a delicate floral ornament will provide a charge of joy and positive - with such a mood, you won't have to wait long for spring.