Great Gatsby New Years Eve Party: Art Deco Decorations

Jewelery and bijouterie

The most luxurious, brilliant and glamorous style in the history of the last century costume - Art Deco celebrates its centenary anniversary. It is impossible not to fall in love with jewelry in the style of the “roaring 20s”! The glitter of precious stones, extravagant geometry, unusual shapes, fancy decor and many, many pearls ... Immediately I recall Fitzgerald's cult novel "The Great Gatsby" and images inspired by him from the film of the same name Baz Luhrmann starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan.

Exclaim earrings; Sokolov bracelet; Swarovski rings

Have a Great Gatsby Party on New Year's Eve? Shiny, incendiary, with champagne and sparkles? Perhaps this year we all deserve a bit of a holiday! And what kind of jewelry to choose to shine on New Year's Eve, like a real star - read our material!

Chandelier earrings

Earrings and rings - all Swarovski; necklace Madde

Art Deco chandelier earrings have been the main trend of world shows for many years now. And it is not surprising, because such jewelry is distinguished by a special chic, eccentricity and deliberate catchiness. That is why they are often chosen for their outings by Hollywood stars.

Today, long, tiered special occasion chandelier earrings are a must-have in every girl's jewelry wardrobe. And to wear them on the occasion of the New Year is especially appropriate. Your image will definitely not remain unnoticed!

Fancy earrings and necklaces

Earrings and ring - all Swarovski, De Fleur pearl necklace
Swarovski earrings

Another feature of the Art Deco style is manifested in the originality of forms and intricacy of design. The more bizarre and interesting the decor, textures, the brighter and bolder the image will be. Exotic motifs of flora and fauna are very popular. Decorations in the form of animals, plants, stars, and the sun will best convey the mood of the New Year's Eve.

Fancy earrings and necklaces will become a bright, dazzling highlight of your New Year's look!

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The luxury of pearls

Earrings and rings - all Swarovski; Madde necklace, Sokolov bracelet

Pearls There is never too much, especially when it comes to Art Deco jewelry. Even pearl parures are appropriate here - sets of 3-4, and sometimes more ornaments. Pearl necklaces in several layers in combination with a slave bracelet and a diadem with a floral ornament look especially impressive. This is the Tiffany kit that Carey Mulligan wore in The Great Gatsby. We also really like rings with large pearl inlays and their combination with rings decorated with crystals. Looks stylish and festive!

Cocktail rings

The girl on the left: earrings and a ring - all Swarovski, a De Fleur pearl necklace. Girl on the right: Majorica earrings, Swarovski ring

Cocktail rings - accent, massive, invariably eye-catching - another striking touch that reflects the mood of the rebellious and liberated Art Deco style. A glass of champagne in hand will add bohemian chic to your look and a little sparkle in your eyes. Such decoration will accurately convey the atmosphere of the "roaring 20s".

It is impossible to imagine any Art Deco evening look without a cocktail ring. Do you want to completely strike the guests on the spot? Then slip the rings over your long silk gloves. Yes, artistic and eccentric, but just right for a New Years party!

Swarovski rings, De Fleur pearl necklace

Everything at once!

The main rule of the Art Deco look is that the brighter and richer your outfit is, the better! Allow yourself more on New Year's Eve! There are no boundaries or prohibitions. Layering, shine, luxury, fun and beauty.

Left: Sokolov earrings, Majorica bracelet. Right: Exclaim earrings, necklace and ring are all Swarovski.

Combine a few large cocktail rings, pearls, chandelier earrings, fancy necklaces, and anything that glitters and shimmers.

Surround yourself with luxury items on this magical night. And even if your holiday, like most of us this year, will take place at home in the circle of those closest to you, let it turn out to be fun, bright and unforgettable!

The girl on the left: earrings and a ring - all Swarovski, a De Fleur pearl necklace. Girl on the right: Majorica earrings, Swarovski ring, Exclaim bracelet