Vintage jewelry in the new season

Creating beauty, whether it's doing art or composing an image, is a good way to get rid of the fall blues and cheer yourself up. A flamboyant piece or expertly crafted piece of jewelry will help you create an elegant ensemble. Moreover, in the new season, vintage items are more relevant than ever. Amazing little things - as if from a box with family jewelry - we found in the collection of the brand with the telling name "Vintage", let's take a closer look at them.

Silver pendant-pendant "Vintage" TJN136 with amethysts, mother of pearl, marcasites

According to and contrary to tradition

Smooth, rounded, soft lines, large size, a large number of elements - this is what the designers of the company focused on when creating their jewelry. And we got to the point - the volume and abundance of decor are in the spotlight this season and, we are sure, will be popular for a long time to come. It is a pleasure to combine such jewelry in various ensembles, even a single piece of jewelry can become the central detail of an image. The secret of execution is simple: in keeping with the traditions of classicism, rococo, baroque - jewelry from the past, jewelry "Vintage" nevertheless is things with character, they attract eyes, stand out, speak about themselves.

Silver long earrings "Vintage" TJE034 with garnets, marcasites / Silver pendant-pendant "Vintage" TJN033 with marcasites, crystals

Avant-garde touches

Meticulous detailing of the jewelry maintains a vintage feel. Pay attention to how clearly the notches are made, how the finishing stones are located - at an equal distance from each other, how the balance between large and miniature elements is precisely maintained, how color accents are carefully placed with the help of stones. A lot of time was spent on the development of sketches and the creation of these jewelry, just like the jewelers of past years, when some of the products were made to order. Rings, openwork earrings, pendants of the Vintage brand give the impression of such things with history.

Silver brooch "Vintage" TJBR088 with marcasites

Triumph of form

The shape and size of the jewelry matches the classic pieces of the past. Here the masters did not deviate a step from traditions. The oval and circle were chosen as the geometric foundations of the jewelry. The combination of these shapes gives the stunning effect of an antique luxury piece, possibly inherited. For example, the composition of earrings or rings is built around a central oval or round stone, the decorative elements match the main accent: semicircular and round metal weaving form a rhythmically correct pattern.

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Silver round earrings "Vintage" TJE031 with crystals, marcasites / Silver ring "Vintage" TJR032 with crystals, marcasites / Silver pendant-pendant "Vintage" TJN030 with marcasites, crystals

A pendant with a mother-of-pearl cameo, a brooch-bow, earrings with an openwork pattern - no personal collection of jewelry will be complete without such retro jewelry. A large brooch pinned to the lapel of a jacket or a ring worn over a glove is a good way to demonstrate elegance.

Silver long earrings "Vintage" TJE235 with cubic zirconias, marcasites / Silver ring "Vintage" TJR236 with marcasites, cubic zirconias

Metal notes, silver keys

Sterling silver is the basis of every Vintage jewelry - it is perfectly suited for creating antique items. The company's specialists often use gilding and blackening - these types of finishes are perfectly combined, creating a harmonious two-tone color composition. In each piece, the cold shine of silver is softened by so-called drip silver. This is the mineral marcasite, which has been used by jewelers to decorate their products for several centuries.

Small sparkling stones look great in bulk and are also great in a clear linear or curly structure. Along with drip silver cubic zirconia, garnets, amethysts, crystals, mother of pearl are used - they complement the compositional designs of jewelry, enhancing their attractiveness and vintage flair.

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