What ring is given when they propose to a girl: choose an engagement ring

In many countries there is a chic tradition. A young man or an already established man, when he wants his beloved to become an official bride in front of her parents and the public, presents her with an engagement ring as a symbol of her love and seriousness of intentions. This is a fascinating moment in the life of every person: after all, a man experiences so many emotions when choosing a ring, directly when it is presented. Or maybe the girl refuses? Or maybe she doesn't like the ring? Yes, any man, of course, is confident in his relationship with a lady, otherwise he would not have dared to take such a serious step, but women are so changeable.

Today we will try to help the strong half of humanity and figure out what kind of ring is given when a girl is proposed to marry, what is in fashion, how best to make a present, whether it is possible to give a silver product or it is better to choose a gold one with a diamond.

The tradition of giving engagement rings

We all know that the centuries-old history of mankind, as well as the symbol of the engagement, is quite contradictory. After all, we cannot yet look into the past to find out what happened and how. According to one of the versions of great scientists, the ceremony of wearing engagement rings originated in ancient egypt estimated at 2600 BC. In those days, both partners wore gold rings on their left ring fingers, but only the pharaohs did this. Since only they could afford gold. The rest of the common people were left to wear rings made of animal bones, plants or leather.

The engagement ring is a symbol of great love and the decision to start a serious relationship with the lady of the heart.

There is another popular version that has arisen in ancient rome. It was the Romans in the 2nd century BC who originated the tradition of asking for a hand and a heart, presenting a ring. At the same time, the groom did not wear them, like the ancient Egyptian, but he gave two rings for engagement. Why? One version claims that the bride herself had both rings: an iron one for wearing at home and a gold one for going out. The second version: one ring was given to the bride, and the second - to her father. The bride's ring was with a pattern in the form of a key, which meant trusting her chosen one to open any doors in the life of her future husband.

A little later, thanks to the spread of Christianity, Since the 12th century, giving an engagement ring has become a global tradition.. Now the symbol of the engagement that had taken place called for responsibility. It was believed that only the man who was able to find funds for the ring could create a full-fledged, not hungry family, which means that he could provide for his future wife and their offspring.

Next came into the world fashion for rings with stone. This happened thanks to the King of Germany Maximilian I. He gave his bride Mary of Burgundy a ring with a huge diamond. Rumors about such a beautiful gesture quickly spread throughout the nobility of different countries, and now men sought to show the ladies their wealth and power with this very gesture.

How and when to give an engagement ring

The tradition of accepting an offer in modern society varies depending on the preferences of the girl, her ties to her family and the nationality to which she belongs. All these points should be taken into account, because in our country there are so many people of different religions and nationalities that it is difficult to count.

Let's look at some cases. For example, if you are going to marry a girl who lives on her own, she does not have family traditions or grandmother's beliefs, she earns her own bread and does not depend on anyone, then you can safely make an offer in any place and atmosphere convenient for you. At the same time, the situation can be anything: a romantic dinner, a joint Sunday breakfast, going to the cinema, a walk in the park or boating (so as not to jump out). You can donate a ring in one of the following ways:

  • hiding it in flowers;
  • arranging a box in a luxurious bouquet;
  • putting the ring in the center of the bud;
  • covering the ring with a cup of morning coffee - the method is not new, but always touching;
  • carefully replacing one of the sweets in a beautiful box with a ring, which the girl will open in front of you.
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In the end, you can just present her with an open box. And do not be afraid to be excited, because the main thing at this moment is sincerity, not special effects. To be honest, what matters is not how you give the engagement ring, but what and how you say it. Let the words come from the heart, and the tenderness in the eyes will be genuine. And then, if a girl loves you, she will be absolutely happy and, of course, will agree.

An example text might look like this:

“I know there are many things that can come our way. I know that there will always be moments when you want to be alone with yourself. I know that we are all not perfect. But I also know such a thing that if you do not accept my marriage proposal, then you will make me the most miserable person in the world. After all, I sincerely love you and want to be close to you so that I don’t have to. I love. Kisses."

If you remove a note of sarcasm from this text (the last word), then the message will fit perfectly for an engagement. Men should also remember that a woman at the moment of engagement pays a lot of attention to the words that are spoken to her. Therefore, it is necessary to come up with a speech in advance and it is advisable to edit it with someone. But if you are Cicero (a Roman politician, orator, philosopher, scientist. He made a brilliant career thanks to his oratorical talent), then there should be no problems.

It is best to leave a record of the text of the sentence somewhere on paper, so that you can then re-read these words more than once.

What traditions say: if a girl belongs to a large family with a clear leader - it can be either a father or a mother, sometimes grandparents and traditions, then in this case it is necessary to come to the girl's parents in advance and take permission from them for the engagement. If the relatives of the young agree, they often arrange some kind of holiday. This is usually an excuse for an engagement.

As a rule, a large table is prepared with a magical number of dishes, all visible and invisible relatives are invited. The girl is buying a new dress. And then at a certain moment, when the head of the family speaks, the young guy asks for the floor, kneels down and proposes to the girl. She blushes, turns white, looks at dad, he shakes his head approvingly and she accepts the hand and heart of a man.

Someone will say that this tradition is already becoming obsolete. But many families still love such holidays. It's so good when you can share the joy with your loved ones, when the newly-made groom is respected by the family, and the parents are ready to support the young family, babysit their grandchildren, etc. Indeed, it often happens that parents do not accept a man, because they do not consider him worthy of their daughter, and in order not to incur hysteria and disapproval of the family, it is advisable to do everything right in advance, as our ancestors did.

How to give a ring for a marriage proposal original way? There are a lot of options here that will set your mood:

  • hide the ring in kinder surprise;
  • if you are a cook, you can lower the decoration into a glass of wine, you just need to carefully ensure that your chosen one does not swallow the decoration, which happens quite often;
  • the ring can be put in one of the balloons.

A fairly old method used by many lovers. For this it is necessary buy a beautiful envelope, put the ring in it, seal it and lower it into the box of your beloved. At the same time, it is better to refuse mail services in order to avoid various unpleasant “incidents” such as losing a letter, untimely sending it, etc. Simply, after it is in the box, the girl needs to hint that it is time for her to look there. By the way, if you wish, you can pre-arrange with the local postman so that he personally delivers your message to the hands of your addressee. It is beautiful, unusual and original.

Give your girlfriend matryoshka. She, of course, will be perplexed by such a present, for which you suggest that she disassemble the doll. When she finds a beautiful ring in the last figurine, her joy and delight will know no bounds! And she will definitely appreciate your resourcefulness.

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Some more extreme options:

  • give a ring on time skydivingif your girlfriend, of course, knows how to jump and enjoys this pastime;
  • organize an engagement somewhere on the trip, for example, collect money and take a trip to the romantic city of all lovers Paris. There you can go to the tower and make your offer;
  • you can present the ring in a hot air balloon. Such a romantic event will not be forgotten by any representative of the beautiful half of humanity. A beautiful landscape, a bottle of delicious champagne and real feelings will do their job, and the girl will definitely agree to marry a man;
  • organize romantic photo shoot with horses and at the end present your ring, everyone will be delighted, as this day will be remembered forever. Plus, you will have a huge number of beautiful photos taken by a professional.

There are a lot of options for presenting such a wonderful and iconic gift as an engagement ring. Some of them can be called beautiful and romantic, others - extreme and extraordinary, but they are all good in their own way. And in order to present the jewelry to your beloved in an effective and original way, you should listen to your feelings and heart. And your confession will definitely reach the heart of your chosen one and touch her to the core.

Is it necessary

Many men think that presenting a ring is trite. What can be given instead of a ring? After all, you never know what girl can resist a new smartphone, car or just another piece of jewelry.

So, dear men, remember that you can give anything instead of a ring. But the woman will wait for the symbol of the engagement. The smartphone gets old, the car breaks down, and the ring will remain with it forever as a symbol of your disposition towards a woman.

Giving a wedding ring for an engagement is a chic tradition that should not be abandoned.

There is still one side of the coin here. Imagine an engagement has taken place, and your lady of the heart really wants to tell all your friends. She does this, and the girls, of course, are waiting for confirmation with the phrase: show the ring. If it is not there, then the young woman will make excuses, talk about your originality, etc. But the girls want to see exactly the ring.

There is an exit. If you want originality, then buy your lady an inexpensive ring that she can show to friends and all other acquaintances along with relatives. But in addition, make also the gift that you have looked after. The same phone, car, plane (if there is finance for it), a trip to the sea or other jewelry. So you will kill two birds with one stone and be distinguished by originality.

How to choose a ring for an offer

Now the fun part is choosing your engagement ring. Which finger is it worn on? How to guess by size?

Wouldn't a diamond be too banal?

Many men, when choosing a ring, immediately run to the department with diamonds. Yes, this stone is now in fashion and it is simply impossible to choose something else, since a man can simply be perceived as a greedy man. But everyone wears diamonds, wouldn't that be too banal?

"No and no again". Unless your girlfriend suddenly mentioned it earlier. But then chances are you know about her other favorite gemstones, take your pick from them. If the fears are based on the fact that the future wife loves everything original, then you can choose a colored diamond. Yes, in most cases they will be significantly more expensive than their colorless counterparts. However, even a tiny but bright yellow, pink or blue diamond in a quality setting will look original. And a cushion cut champagne stone can fit into the same budget as a smaller colorless one.

Is it better to make a surprise or go to the store and choose a ring together?

It all depends on the situation. As a rule, modern girls themselves can inform about the desire to choose a ring. Your case? Then discuss the budget (this is important) and go to the store or to the jeweler together. Do you remember such revelations? Prepare a surprise. You have to do a thorough reconnaissance.

Very often, girls want a certain ring, so a joint trip to the store is always a great option.

Why talk about budget. There are a lot of options for rings on the counter. In order not to get into trouble, it is better to run to the jewelry store or to the website of some good manufacturer in advance and ask the price. So you can logically adjust your budget. Further, when you enter the store, name the number exactly, not the range, since the girl will definitely choose something more expensive, namely one number. After that, it will be easy for a woman to navigate the place. But remember that the amount in your pocket must be at least 10% more than you announced. Usually you like what is more expensive, so you will be asked to add a little to the amount and you will do it with a light hand. A woman will definitely appreciate such an act. Here you will see.

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How to choose an engagement ring by design

There is usually an unspoken rule here: classic is best. For the engagement symbol, this is a gold ring with one large insert. Everything. Nothing extra, nothing unnecessary.

It's different if your girl originality. For example, she loves rings with toads, crocodiles and butterflies. Then try to take a picture of several options for her accessories and stomp to the store with peace of mind. A professional saleswoman will tell you exactly what the girl will like. After all, the style of the rings will already be clear to her.

What if I'm wrong about the size or design of the engagement ring?

It's OK. Don't panic. First, a woman who values ​​you will never say that she did not like something. Because she doesn't want to upset you. Second, the size and design is always can be corrected.

And modern jewelry technology allows you to coordinate every detail at the stage of building a model. The master can show you a three-dimensional image of the ring in order to avoid an unpleasant situation, so that the reworking of the finished product is definitely successful.

But it's worth finding out beforehand., what preferences about the rings does your sweetheart have. Perhaps she just dreams of a diamond, or she likes jewelry with colored stones. Yes, you should not start such a conversation openly, but no one forbids you to walk around the jewelry store together.

How to guess the size of the ring

There are a lot of options for the turn of events that young people resort to. Namely:

  • The fastest way to find out the size of a ring is to measure its diameter. But for this, a similar ring is needed secretly withdraw from the casket of the beloved. Lay the ring on the paper and trace it around the inner rim. The diameter of the resulting circle is your ring size. Remember that you need to measure the ring from a strictly defined finger, because the thickness of the fingers is different;
  • you can also find out the size at home with a thread or a thin strip of paper, wrapping it around your finger. Mark where the two ends meet. Then measure the distance between the marks, and divide the result by 3,14. This will give you your diameter. But this method can be implemented if the girl is first given champagne to drink and she fall asleep;
  • another way is in advance go to the shop and offer to choose just a ring as a gift. So your lady will definitely reveal to you the size of her finger and you will no longer have to resort to any other barbaric methods. And she wouldn't be able to suspect anything.

On which finger is the engagement ring worn?

For engagement, the guy puts the ring on the girl's ring finger (2 fingers, counting from the little finger) finger of the right or left hand.

Newlyweds at the engagement ceremony Catholic country put each other's jewelry on the left hand. The finger, like the Orthodox, is ringless. This tradition is followed in Poland, Germany, France, England.

There is no tradition in Islam exchanging rings during an engagement. A beautiful and symbolic ritual was adopted from the Europeans. But they still don’t put a special meaning into this ceremony: jewelry is considered just a wedding gift from newlyweds to each other. At the same time, Muslim men are forbidden to wear jewelry made of gold. They choose silver or copper accessories.

We wish your engagement to be successful and no obstacles interfere. And for everything to go smoothly, you should also buy a huge bouquet of flowers that your chosen one loves. Here, simply banal roses are indispensable. It doesn't hurt to book a table in a good restaurant where you can enjoy delicious meals, a good glass of wine or champagne and a romantic atmosphere.


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