Heart-shaped jewelry - how to wear and what to combine

Jewelery and bijouterie

Let's be frank. In fact, heart-shaped jewelry is no less versatile than other shapes. In addition, they are just as easy to adapt to everyday style. Be sure to use it - now is the perfect time!

How to wear?

Depends on the size. If we are talking about a miniature product with a delicate heart motif, then any method of application is quite acceptable (including all kinds of jewelry combinations).

If we are talking about large items, then, of course, this is an accent decoration that should become a key element of your image. The most versatile solution is to wear it solo or complement it with basic products with a laconic design. Those who are not afraid to attract attention will definitely like the proposal to combine massive jewelry of different colors and motifs, broadcasting a defiantly playful mood and a desire for individuality.

In particular, combinations that are often found in the category of naive jewelry are still popular, when the most popular symbols are collected in one product (for example, a bracelet with pendants in the form of a heart, a smiley face, stars and other heavenly bodies). Use them as a visual example or guideline when putting together your personal combination of oversized ear cuffs, earrings or pendants.

What to combine?

It's simple, again look at the dimensions. Neat stud earrings or heart-shaped diamond pendants can be combined with anything, without restrictions. Moreover, they can be used as everyday decoration and worn without taking off.

The situation is slightly different with large items (especially if they are made in bright colors or have an unusual design). We complement them with either laconic outfits of predominantly one color scheme, devoid of an abundance of color, details or prints (solid floor-length dresses, long skirts + turtlenecks), or we refresh and add brightness to classic suits and gender combinations (t-shirt + relaxed trousers). Another option is to combine heart-shaped jewelry with airy blouses, flying dresses and an active floral motif.

Of particular importance - do not forget about personal style and individual preferences. Any, even the most daring combinations are appropriate as long as they make you happy.

What to buy?

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If you are actively looking for an everyday talisman jewelry that will emphasize your individuality and always cheer you up, then choose all kinds of pendants or neat diamond rings. They are incredibly easy to adapt to the basic wardrobe.

If the task is to find an expressive tool for self-expression or a loud statement, look towards jewelry made of crystals or other unusual materials (for example, bright enamel).