Choosing jewelry with sapphires

Precious stones are especially respected in the art of jewelry. Sapphire - one of the most popular minerals for the manufacture of accessories. Due to its luxurious appearance, it is ideally combined with any metal. Sapphire jewelry will impress any woman in the world.

History and origin

earrings with stones

According to historical data, such a stone has been known to mankind for a long time. King Solomon is also depicted in many images with a seal decorated with a blue sapphire. People of the highest estates loved this mineral, and poets sang its beauty in poetry. Sapphire is a type of corundum, or yahont, along with ruby.

The blue sapphire is famous for its greatest value. It is a corundum mineral, which got its hue thanks to the effects of titanium and iron.

There are also gems in other shades (for example, green, black or pink). However, they are not as common in use.

There are not so many blue sapphire deposits. At the same time, only three of them are known, where the quality of stones is at the highest level (India, Burma and Madagascar). In other places where they are mined, the quality can also be high, but the shade of the yacht is darker.

Characteristics and properties

The physical characteristics of corundum are extremely high. It is distinguished by its hardness. Only a diamond is stronger than him. It is for this reason that the mineral is prized in the jewelry industry. It wears out less than the rest of the stones, thus extending the life of the jewelry with it.

sapphire ring on hand

Medicinal properties

Sapphire has been famous for its healing powers for a long time. It has been used to treat various eye diseases. According to Ayuverde, it also has a beneficial effect on the general condition of the body, helping with neuralgic diseases. In lithotherapy, it is used to treat:

  • kidney and urinary tract;
  • of cardio-vascular system;
  • jade;
  • gynecological problems.
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Also, the use of such a mineral helps with insomnia, back pain, colds. Many are convinced that it even has beneficial effects on cancer treatment.

Magical properties

Particular attention should be paid on the magical properties of this gem. Its mystery and beauty made it a real mystical subject. Since ancient times, people have worn sapphire bracelets and pendants, believing that it is a source of wisdom and vitality.

pendant with sapphire

Modern astrologers and esotericists also distinguish this stone from the rest.

They are sure that sapphire can not only bring happiness in personal relationships, but even help find a purpose in life.

Decorations with it help make a person sensible and prudent, as well as less aggressive. Speaking about who suits the sapphire, experts say that it is practically universal stone, to one degree or another suitable for every person. For example, he protects women from slander and betrayal by men. And insecure people are endowed with decisiveness. Moreover, the gem is shown to lazy people. They should wear jewelry with a yacht without taking off.

It should be noted that the decoration with such a stone must be intact. Astrologers are convinced that a mineral that has defects will backfire, and may even become a source of unhappiness.

Application in jewelry

In the art of jewelry, sapphire is used very actively. You can endlessly talk about jewelry with this stone. They are are distinguished by sophistication and elegance, thereby winning the hearts of women. Jewelry with sapphire in gold is an ideal gift for any occasion that will definitely not go unnoticed.

Sapphire is compatible with almost any gemstone. The most successful combinations - with diamonds, cubic zirkonia and pearls

large ring

There is a misconception that this gem is only suitable for older women, but this is not the case: with the right design, the accessory looks spectacular on girls of any age. An excellent choice especially for young girls - a gem in silver on a pendant.

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Sapphire gold ring - timeless classics, relevant at all times. This is especially true for blue minerals. Surrounded by gold, they look even more luxurious.

Earrings made of precious metals can also be inlaid with these stones. And again, the most effective will be the use of blue gems.

Earrings with white sapphire will look no less elegant: they are ideal for both everyday wear and special occasions. Of course, this depends on the design of the accessory.

Sapphire is a unique precious mineral that deserves special attention due to its unique beauty and strength. With the right processing, it can become a real decoration for every woman, leaving no one indifferent.


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