Pearls, diamonds and a winter down jacket - how to survive the autumn-winter season without parting with jewelry?

Jewelery and bijouterie

Alas, the alliance of outerwear and jewelry did not always seem to be a good style solution, causing controversy and persuading people to believe that jewelry is, if not superfluous, then far from the most practical element of an autumn-winter wardrobe. The greatest concern was caused not so much by the fact of the coexistence of a gold chain and rings with a voluminous fur coat, as by the possibility, in general, to combine something functional and as universal as possible with something highly aesthetic.

Fortunately, time put everything in its place and proved that the change of seasons does not apply to decorations and, moreover, there are a lot of successful combinations that can be adopted right now! We show the most win-win options for any weather!

Minimalism with an accent

Large rings or rings of a laconic shape interspersed with a precious stone will be an excellent tool for self-expression (for example, if the stone corresponds to your date of birth) and will add the necessary color or semantic accent, given that most natural and artificial fur products have a limited color palette and a rather conservative mood.

Hoops forever

If you still haven't got your hands on hoop earrings of any size, now is the time! An absolute classic that will never go out of date, it goes especially well with textile jackets or raincoats that seem to have been taken off a man's shoulder. Thanks to one golden detail, the whole image acquires the necessary balance and logical completeness.

A boring classic

To refresh the classic black coat and avoid associations with something restrained and formal, we suggest adding dynamics and shine with crystals and diamonds. Give preference to multi-layered compositions of several products, which can be either absolutely identical or as contrasting as possible in shape, size and semantic content.

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The most versatile and popular decoration of both past and future seasons will logically complement one of the most characteristic winter products. Links of different colors, shapes and sizes will enhance the individuality of the sheepskin coat and add originality to it. In particular, this applies to everyday looks with an emphasis on increased comfort.

An abundance of massive forms

The abundance of massive shapes is especially appropriate in combination with leather goods in any style. Classic biker jackets with a vintage feel or bold leather trench coats with an accent on the waist take on a new dimension with oversized earrings or an imposing animal motif ring.

Naive art

Down jackets, dearly beloved by many, are constantly accused of the absence of any individuality and excessive simplicity. Pearls, beads or multi-colored beads in the most daring combinations, which can be embodied both in naive necklaces and multi-colored rings, will help to add expressiveness to them.