South Sea pearls in jewelry

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The warm, golden glow of South Sea pearls adds a touch of elegance to jewelry from Boodles, Solange Azagury-Partridge and Tiffany.

The color of South Sea pearls has been compared to shades of gold and is one of the most expensive and prestigious pearl varieties. Favorably standing out against the background of ordinary white pearls, magical golden pearls will add splendor and warmth to any jewelry, and we can only admire the beauty created by nature itself.

South Sea pearls form under the shells of the golden-lipped pearl oyster pinctada maxima in the warm waters of Australia, Indonesia and the Philippines. The unique color is obtained by itself, “without preservatives and dyes”, and ranges from the color of champagne to the rarest and most valuable shade - rich gold.

Pearls are grown on special farms with careful control of water quality and temperature. Each pearl grows within 18-30 months. South Sea pearls are also distinguished by their large size: the average diameter is about 13 mm, and some specimens reach 20–30 mm.

The mysterious brilliance of South Sea pearls continues to inspire jewelers in a wide variety of styles and looks, from classic Boodles to exploding spheres from Solange Azagury-Partridge.

Pearl necklace and pearl earrings by Boodles

Tiffany's Blue Book series uses pearls that have passed the strictest quality control. In 2015, the collection was replenished with a chic necklace made of honey-colored pearls with a clasp decorated with tanzanites.

Tiffany & Co. necklace with South Sea pearls

Pearl ring by Solange Azagury-Partridge

Pearl Ring by Solange Azagury-Partridge The use of premium pearls is the hallmark of the Australian brand Autore, and the Orange Blossom bracelet, as expected, exceeded all expectations and won this year's prestigious Couture Design Award.

Autore Orange Blossom South Sea Pearl Necklace and Bracelet

The designers of another Australian brand, Margot McKinney, used heart-shaped gold pearls to create a special romantic mood in jewelry exploding with ruby ​​flowers, tsavorites and sapphires. With Winterson earrings, the mesmerizing brilliance of South Sea pearls is encapsulated in a simple yet elegant setting that enhances the material's natural beauty.

Baroque pearl Margot McKinney necklace also set with diamonds, tsavorites, garnets and multi-coloured sapphires
Gold earrings with diamonds and pearls from Winterson

In Melanie Georgacopoulos' new Twist collection, the golden hues of South Sea pearls contrast with the cold luster of white gold, echoed by combinations of yellow and colorless sapphires. And German designer Brigitte Adolph combined South Sea pearls with green prasiolitescreating stunning earrings that are destined to be passed down from generation to generation.

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South Sea pearl earrings and bracelet by Melanie Georgacopoulos

Japanese Mikimoto brandspecializing in pearls also regularly creates stunning pieces with South Sea pearls. For example, in the World of Creativity collection, pearls are successfully combined with diamonds and yellow gold.

Pearl and diamond ring by Mikimoto
Earrings with pearls, prasiolites and diamonds from Brigitte Adolph

“All that glitters is not gold,” says the proverb, but in the case of South Sea pearls, everything is not so simple, because even precious metals are often inferior to it in price and exclusivity.

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