What are Swarovski pearls and why are they special?

Swarovski pearls Jewelery and bijouterie

Everyone has long been accustomed to the phrase "Swarovski crystals". Over the years of producing stones with flawless brilliant brilliance, it has become mega popular. But less is known about pearls. We decided to fill this gap.

Secrets of the production of Swarovski pearls

Many technologies for the production of artificial pearls are not perfect. The top layer applied on a plastic smooth surface is quickly and easily erased. In contact with perfume oils, cream, soap, the surface of many imitations immediately deteriorates, becomes dull, uneven. Swarovski pearls are more practical. High technologies and the use of high-quality materials allow products made from this pearl to live for a long time.

  1. Each bead is made on the basis of a crystal of the desired shape and size.
  2. On the round base of the crystal ball, a special coating is applied in even layers, information about the composition of which is kept in the strictest confidence.

It is not without reason that such pearls are called Swarovski Crystal Pearls (Swarovski Crystal Pearls). Thanks to the unique production process, the finished beads seem to shine from the inside. The unique technology allows you to achieve perfect shape, uniformity and shimmer.

Earrings with a bracelet on the hand of blue Swarovski pearls

Features of jewelry with Swarovski pearls

The crystal bead, coated in an innovative way, is very durable and resistant to various influences. And this means that jewelry with Swarovski pearls:

  • does not scratch and does not lose its luster;
  • not afraid of water and sunlight;
  • unaffected by sweat or perfume, great for daily wear.

As a conclusion, you can wear it even on a beach holiday, swim with it in the pool or in the sea and not be afraid to leave it in the sun. Recall that natural pearls are more capricious and demanding.

The appearance of natural pearls can be damaged by ultraviolet radiation, cosmetics, if the air in the room is too dry or you don’t wear jewelry with them often enough.

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Blue Swarovski Pearl

Swarovski was founded by engineer Daniel Swarovski. In 1891, Daniel introduced the first electric glass-cutting machine. He did not stop there and, having patented a “freshly baked” invention, he opened a factory with his name in the title. This event took place in 1895 in the Austrian village of Wattens. Since then, Daniel launches the first line of Swarovski crystals.

Already the first Swarovski stones resembled diamonds - perfectly polished, sparkling and transparent, they are gaining recognition. Demand for Swarovski products is growing, and crystal has gradually come into fashion, quickly gaining popularity around the world.

How to wear Swarovski pearls?

The color range of Swarovski pearls is replete with shades. Its spectrum is represented by 30 color options. Each pearl at the same time has an iridescent tint, characteristic of natural pearls. The most beautiful and fashionable are black, cream, pink and blue tones. But the color palette is not limited to them. Swarovski fans can choose a shade that is perfect for the dress, skin tone, event or mood.

You can wear jewelry with crystal pearls with any looks and styles, while natural jewelry is more typical of classic or business.

In muted or classic tones, Swarovski pearls are perfect for business or formal wear. To do this, you can make a set of earrings with a necklace or pendant.

This richly colored beaded bracelet is perfect for a flirty look in a cocktail dress or for an evening out. Swarovski pearls will make your image nobler, brighter.

Photo of beautiful jewelry with pearls